Career Notebook 2023 cover design results announced Attractive art for people with disabilities x collaborative design of Osaka University of Arts | Sales start on November 17 (Thursday) through crowdfunding

fanfare Co., Ltd.
[Career Notebook 2023 cover design results announced] Attractive art for people with disabilities x collaborative design of Osaka University of Arts | Sales start on November 17 (Thursday) through crowdfunding
Career Techo 2023 is the realization of the idea that “I want to create a project that allows not only business people with a career techo but also a career experience from the process of making it.” To help the commercialization experience created by university students and people with disabilities.

Fanfare Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture; Representative Director: Yoko Okamoto), which develops planning and sales of career notebooks with online consultation, has launched an art career for people with disabilities with the cooperation of Osaka University of Arts. Implemented a notebook cover project. Along with the commercialization of the 2023 version of the career notebook, we will hold a web voting for the cover design, and we will announce the results on our website today, the 16th (Wednesday).
In addition, sales will start on crowdfunding from the 17th (Thursday). [Career Notebook 2023 cover design result announcement URL]
[Crowdfunding URL] (from 12:30 on the 17th)
[Image 1d74491-10-5a20f0e6d40ecd44f7cf-0.jpg&s3=74491-10-e889e20ba7e0d3325f64ce0e9f9e058c-3900x2925.jpg

Art for people with disabilities CAREER BOOK COVER PROJECT
Implementation overview
■ Event name: Art Career Book Cover Project for People with Disabilities ■Implementation period: Implemented in the first semester of the Osaka University of Arts Design Department from April 2022, WEB voting will be held until September 20th
■Selection criteria: ▽Is it in line with the theme? ▽Is it possible to commercialize the design?
■ Selection method:
・Closed online voting (up to 3 works per person)
Individuals with disabilities and their families who provided the original design drawings for this project
Individuals, corporations, and related parties using the 2022 Career Handbook Announcement of results: November 16, 2022 (Wednesday) Published on our website [Art Career Book Cover Project Implementation Details for People with Disabilities
From April 2022, we will create notebook cover designs for 24 students with the cooperation of Professor Hajime Tsushima, Associate Professor, Department of Design, Osaka University of Arts. After the first semester’s classes and summer vacation homework, we held an online vote in September.
We will select 1 Grand Prize winner and 2 Excellence Prize winners based on the selection criteria and selection method (web voting), and will commercialize the design of the grand prize as the cover design of Career Notebook 2023.
Art for people with disabilities CAREER BOOK COVER PROJECT Purpose of implementation
The Career Notebook is a business notebook for working adults to help them develop a positive attitude by adjusting the rhythm of their working feelings. In creating the 2023 version, we thought that it would be possible to provide career education and career experience from the process of creating a career notebook, and with the cooperation of Osaka University of Arts, we were able to realize this. For students, “career experience where design is commercialized” For people with disabilities, “as an initiative to increase the wage unit price” I thought that not only working people who have career notebooks, but also people who create career notebooks, would be able to gain something through a career experience that is related to society. carried out the project.
Art of People with Disabilities CAREER BOOK COVER PROJECT Grand Prize Winner’s Voice
≪Miyu Tominaga|Department of Design, Osaka University of Arts≫ [Image 2d74491-10-aa002057b80a3d5d6c41-1.png&s3=74491-10-165841c045ee47bacf7d43230effe29a-1748x1240.png
Before I started designing, when I saw art works by people with disabilities, I felt a strong sense of vitality no matter where I cut them. In particular, M I Y U U’s colorful elephant work felt like a collection of multiple creatures living in the wild world. From there, I expanded my image and solidified the design by cutting out the work and creating a new creature. It was especially difficult to adjust the design, where to cut and what to design. So what helped me with the design was playing with my hands. Combining hands and art, I created the design thinking that if I could express the sense of human vitality with animals, I would be able to better convey the strength of women.
≪Grand Prize Design Original Artist | MIYUU≫
[Image 3d74491-10-a41a61d5efdc29438710-2.png&s3=74491-10-df27aa70124f516280a1f8d3728d3de1-1748x1240.png
I am 23 years old and have Down Syndrome. I work in two places, a bakery and a dog food company. My hobbies are oil painting and eating. My oil paintings are currently on permanent display at four locations. It makes me very happy to receive praise from people who have seen my work. This time, I was very excited to participate in the creation of the career notebook. Thank you everyone.
the next deployment
We will commercialize it as a cover design for the career notebook beginning in January 2023.
[Image 4d74491-10-fd8a5277889fd8854570-3.jpg&s3=74491-10-0f282ea285bd6786860ff52debc7692d-1200x800.jpg
Crowdfunding will be held from 12:30 on Thursday, November 17th. URL
About fanfare Inc.
Based on the theme of “annual mental health checkup,” we provide career counseling about work-related worries and work styles, not limited to changing jobs, as “time to recover physical strength and adjust the rhythm of work.” increase.
Our mission is to “increase the number of business people with a high degree of health in their work”
Based on a total of 5,000 career consultations for 3,000 people, including working adults, students, employment consultations, and parent-child consultations, we have developed a “career notebook with online consultation” to make career counseling more familiar. We support business people who continue to work with a rich feeling, with an online career consultation that can be consulted at any time for a year, with a notebook full of career information such as
self-understanding and self-care methods.
【Company Profile】
Company name: fanfare Co., Ltd.
Location: 3rd floor, Aqua Dojima Fontana, 1-4-4 Dojimahama, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Representative: Yoko Okamoto
Established: July 2021 (Founded in October 2016)
Business: Career consulting business | Planning, operation, and sales of career notebooks with online consultation

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