Carstay Co., Ltd. Start of “Carstay Christmas Gift 1 Million Yen Campaign”

Dear members of the press,
Carstay Co., Ltd.
“Carstay Christmas Gift 1 Million Yen Campaign” started
~ An Amazon gift certificate worth up to 30,000 yen will be presented to newly registered campers for rental and car sharing! Aiming to revitalize domestic travel by increasing a wide variety of vehicles
Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture; Representative Director: Koki Miyashita), which operates one of the largest camping car rental / car sharing and car accommodation reservation platform businesses in Japan, will start operating on Carstay from today to December 16th. We will carry out the “Carstay Christmas Gift 1 Million Yen Campaign” to distribute 1 million yen of Amazon gift certificates to the first 100 camper owners who have completed the car share registration of the camper.
Currently, about 340 vehicles are registered on Carstay Car Share, which specializes in vehicles such as campers that can be used for overnight stays. Carstay and camper/van life* will be made more appealing and offer more options for domestic and international travelers, who are becoming more and more popular. to excite the market.
Due to the recent impact of travel avoiding the 3 Cs due to Corona and the popularity of outdoor activities, more and more travelers are seeking experiences different from conventional travel styles using public transportation and hotels. record high. However, since it takes one to two years to deliver a camper, more and more people are looking for used cars, or buying one-box vehicles such as vans and light wagons, and making their own “DIY” cars for overnight stays. Carstay expects the number of camper rentals and car shares to increase further in the future, and plans to further increase the number of registrants by developing campaigns for camper owners.
In fact, during the summer vacation period, the total number of bookings and sales for Carstay’s car-sharing services have tripled compared to the previous year. A freewheeling travel style that combines the functions of “lodging” and “foot” to move private spaces, travel that avoids the 3Cs, a workation that combines work and travel, and living and working in a camper・ The number of camper users is increasing through Carstay, which allows you to reserve a wide variety of vehicles, such as the “van life” experience of traveling. Some of the camper owners registered with Carstay earn additional income of about 100,000 to 300,000 yen per month. Some owners, such as buying a second vehicle.


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