Castle EXPO Executive Committee “Castle EXPO 2022” Largest number of exhibitors ever!

Tohokushinsha Co., Ltd.
“Castle EXPO 2022” Largest number of exhibitors ever!
~ Castle-related groups from all over Japan, including the Five National Treasures, will exhibit! Sales of castle stamps from all over Japan

The Castle EXPO Executive Committee (Executive Committee Chairman: Tetsuo Owada) will hold “Castle EXPO 2022” on December 17th (Sat) and 18th (Sun), 2022 at Pacifico Yokohama North and others. The largest number of exhibitors ever has been decided for the “Castle Tour Tourist Information Zone” and “Castle Town Product Sales Zone”, which are also the highlights of the exhibition.
One of the highlights of “Castle EXPO 2022” is the “Castle Tour Tourist Information Zone” and “Castle Town Product Sales Booth,” with the largest number of exhibitors ever, including municipalities with castles from all over Japan and companies that sell castle goods. has been decided. The “Castle Tour Tourist Information Zone” is a popular corner that attracts many people every year as it is lined with booths that disseminate useful information for castle tours as well as tourist information around castles.
[Image 1

Castle tour tourist information zone” (2021)
This year, the five national treasure castles (Himeji Castle, Matsumoto Castle, Hikone Castle, Inuyama Castle, Matsue Castle), castles related to Ieyasu Tokugawa, the main character of next year’s historical drama, and Gusuku in Okinawa, which is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will be on display. , Castles all over Japan are gathered. At each booth, you can enjoy the explanation of the castle information by the curator, as well as the hospitality of the local characters and military commanders. In addition, there is a booth that distributes and sells castle stamps limited to “Castle EXPO 2022”, which is a must-see for castle fans.

At the “Castle Town Product Sales Booth”, you can enjoy the castle and history. [Image 2

In addition to a large number of waru goods and books, we will sell original castle EXPO goods such as original castle stamps, castle stamp books, and tote bags that can only be purchased here in the castle EXPO official merchandise sales area.

In addition, from this time on, we will set up a photo spot in the venue so that you can enjoy the castle EXPO even more. We also welcome cosplayers dressed as military commanders, ninjas, princesses, samurai, town girls, etc. in armor. There is also a space for changing clothes in the venue, so please enjoy “Castle EXPO 2022” as a warrior of the Sengoku period, a princess who visited the castle town incognito, or a ninja who seeks information on other countries. ■Castle Tour Tourist Information Zone Exhibitor Groups
[Image 3

[Image 4

[Image 5

[Image 6

■Castle town product sales booth exhibition group
[Image 7

*In no particular order
[Overview of “Castle EXPO 2022”]
Name: Castle EXPO 2022
Date and time: December 17th (Sat) and December 18th (Sun), 2022 9:00-18:00 (until 17:00 on the last day) *Until 30 minutes before final entry December 16, 2022 (Friday) Premiere eve 17:00-21:00
Venue: Pacifico Yokohama North, etc. (1-1-2 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa)
Organizer: Castle EXPO Executive Committee
(Japan Castle Association, Shirobito -Tohokushinsha Co., Ltd.-, Murayama Co., Ltd., Pacifico Yokohama)
Contents: ● Theme exhibition
Castle tour tourist information zone, Elementary and junior high school students Free research contest for castles Exhibition of excellent works,
Castle theater, castle model exhibition, etc.
Carefully selected program
A valuable program by castle specialists, including a lecture by Mr. Tetsuo Owada, Chairman of the Japan Castle Association.
●Premier Eve
Castle EXPO official goods pre-sale, book sales / Special concert by members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra / Talk by Mr. Tetsuo Owada and Mr. Yasutsune Owada “Castle’s 10 major news 2022” Lecture by Mr. Masaru Hirayama “Enshu Taiga and Imagawa-Matsudaira Conflict” URL:
*Contents are subject to change.
-Ticket Information-
●Premier Eve Ticket
-General/Elementary/junior high school students-2,900 yen on the day / 2,600 yen in advance
*Limited quantity
●Admission ticket
You can view the “theme exhibition” where you can enjoy castle information such as the castle tour tourist information zone, material exhibition, and castle theater.
– General – 2,000 yen on the day / 1,700 yen in advance
-Elementary and junior high school students-1,000 yen on the day / 700 yen in advance
-Castle EXPO 2022 with original castle seal book-Advance sale only 4,000 yen *Preschoolers are free *Castle EXPO 2022 original castle stamp book with admission ticket is limited
Carefully selected program reserved ticket
You can participate in the “selected programs” (lectures, talk shows) of your choice.
-General/Elementary/junior high school students-Same day/advance 1,200 yen (per lecture)
* Please specify one of the carefully selected programs before purchasing. *This ticket is purchased together with the admission ticket. Handling window: Ticket Pia/Lawson Ticket/Eplus/Rakuten Ticket *All ticket prices include tax.
*One-day admission tickets and Castle EXPO 2022 original admission tickets with castle stamp book are available only at Ticket Pia. *Rakuten tickets are only available for admission tickets.
*Castle EXPO 2022 original castle seal book will also be sold at the venue on the day.
*The design of the castle seal is subject to change.

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