Catch-up delivery start! “Online Learning Forum 2022” (former e-learning award forum) until 11/25 (Friday) 23:59 for a limited time

Japan Online Education Industry Association
Catch-up delivery start! “Online Learning Forum 2022” (former e-learning award forum) until 11/25 (Friday) 23:59 for a limited time
“Online Learning Forum 2022” ( held by the Online Education Industry Association (JOTEA) (address:
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Toru Kishida) will be held this year. Missed seminar delivery has started. Until 11/25 (Friday) 23:59 for a limited time. The viewing password is common to all lectures and is “Forum2022”.
Notice of missed delivery of “Online Learning Forum 2022”
We have started streaming the missed lectures delivered at this year’s forum. For courses that have received approval for missed delivery, it will be delivered for a limited time until 11/25 (Friday) 23:59.
The viewing password is common to all lectures and is “Forum2022”. Check out lectures you missed or want to see again.
▼ Missed delivery!
[Keynote Speech] GIGA School Concept, Moving Forward!
[Image 1

●About how the “GIGA School Concept” started, its progress, future development of the GIGA School Concept, etc.
Speaker: Mr. Tetsuya Yamada, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Details: [Keynote Speech] “Future Classroom” through Educational DX -From the Interim Report of the Educational Innovation Subcommittee-
[Image 2

● “Autonomous learning/individual optimization”, “inquiry and STEAM learning”, and the form of education that will be required in the future
Speaker: Mr. Hitoshi Shibata, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Details: [Special Lecture] How will AI change education? ~ Hints for new education created by humans and AI ~
[Image 3

● How should human education be in the age of AI, what should be educated, and how should AI be educated?
Speaker: Hitoshi Matsubara, University of Tokyo
Details: [Special lecture] “Cisco’s DX human resource development and talent management that fosters job satisfaction”
[Image 4

●This is a lecture from Cisco Systems, which was ranked 1st and 2nd in the “Great Place to Work” category for two consecutive years. Speaker: Ms. Ai Miyagawa, Cisco Systems G.K.
Details: Accelerate self-sufficient self-propelled learning Information education technique using LMS corresponding to the difference in deviation values
[Image 5

●Formation of an independent self-propelled mindset in a remote environment ● Input 2: Output 8 training without teaching
● Switch mindset as a business person
Speaker: Yohei Takahashi, Morioka Information Business & Design College Mr. Shota Nitta, Gibbly Co., Ltd.
Details: Click here for other programs
* The viewing password is common to all lectures and is “Forum2022”. In addition, we plan to release presentation materials for some of the lectures that have received the consent of the lecturers.
Please stay tuned.
◆Overview of Online Learning Forum 2022
Date November 1 (Tue)-2 (Wed), 4 (Fri)-5 (Sat), 8 (Tue)-11 (Fri), 2022 9:30-18:20
Venue Online distribution
Organizer Japan Online Education Industry Association / Fuji Sankei Business i Participation fee: Free
Official site
◆ What is an online learning forum?
The only comprehensive forum in Japan that introduces, presents, and discusses the current status and future of online education and training, including e-learning, with a wealth of case studies. Held every year since 2011. From 2020, it will be held in a hybrid format, and the total number of attendees has exceeded 13,000 for the third consecutive year, making it a success every year.
The name has been changed from the “e-learning award forum” up until last year, and it will be held in a hybrid format just like last year! We expanded the session to 8 days, the longest ever, and delivered about 150 lectures over 2 weeks including Saturday.
In addition, the award ceremony for the “Japan e-Learning Award” and the “IMS Japan Award”, which honors excellent cases of technology in education, will be live-streamed, bringing together the latest know-how and solutions related to online education. It has been held. ◆ “Online Learning Forum 2023” will be held!
The next online learning forum will be held in Fall 2023.
Details will be announced as soon as they are decided.
While making use of this year’s reflection,
The secretariat will work hard to make the forum even more satisfying for everyone.
Thank you for your kind support.
About Japan Online Education Industry Association
“General Incorporated Association e-Learning Initiative Japan” was renamed to “General Incorporated Association Japan Online Education Industry Association” on April 1, 2021.
In light of the recent rapid changes in the education and training industry, in order to ensure the sound development of the education industry, which utilizes online technology centered on e-Learning, we will expand our activities as an organization and expand into companies, organizations, and schools. I will contribute. The Japan Online Education Industry Association will change its name and aim to be an association that is one step ahead of the times.
[Inquiries regarding the Online Learning Forum 2022]
Japan Online Education Industry Association Kato
Official website:
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