CBD oil “beonaroll” is now on sale at two “b8ta Tokyo” stores from Silicon Valley where you can experience the latest gadgets

MG Company Co., Ltd.
CBD oil “beonaroll” is now on sale at two “b8ta Tokyo” stores from Silicon Valley where you can experience the latest gadgets
Launched in October 2022, the brand “beonaroll” that develops CBD oil “for a refreshing morning” has started selling at two b8ta Tokyo stores.

MG Company Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) will launch two types of beonaroll CBD oil from November 16, 2022 with the motto of “Retail designed for discovery”, “a store where you can discover and experience” b8ta Tokyo. Sales will start at two stores (Yurakucho and Shibuya).
“beonaroll” shop.beonaroll.co.jp (official site)
“beonaroll” is CBD oil made in Japan. It is a new-age self-care item that delivers that overwhelming power to everyone living in a stressful society.
You can choose from two types: the highly concentrated type, which is recommended when you want to feel deeply refreshed, and the daily type, which is gentle and refreshing.
[Image 1

To welcome the morning, which is the beginning of the day, positively and live a richer life.
To control stress and create a comfortable rhythm.
Developed at 2 “b8ta Tokyo” stores where you can meet fresh surprises beonaroll will be available at two stores, b8ta Tokyo-Yurakucho and b8taTokyo-Shibuya, from November 16, 2022.
The development on b8ta will be the beginning of store handling, which has received many requests. Please take a look at the stylish store surrounded by the fresh air of new products.
[What is b8ta]
b8ta opened an experiential store in Palo Alto near San Francisco in 2015. Leading new solutions for about 6 years as a pioneer of Retail as a Service. Our mission is to “Retail Designed for Discovery.” We make listing in physical stores as easy as advertising online, giving consumers a place to discover, experience and buy innovative products from around the world.
b8ta Tokyo – Yurakucho
Business hours: 11:00 – 19:30
Closed: Irregular holidays
Yurakucho Electric Building 1F, 1-7-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006 [Image 2

b8ta Tokyo – Shibuya
Business hours: 11:00 – 19:30
Closed: Irregular holidays
〒150-0002 1-14-11 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Kobayashi Building 1F [Image 3

Launched at b8ta Tokyo where you can meet hot brands and new items! [Image 4

b8ta Tokyo is lined with brands that have just been born from startup companies and products that cannot be experienced at other shops. In Silicon Valley, the birthplace of b8ta, it is said that many workers who are leading the times are incorporating CBD for a comfortable life. While experiencing the hottest newest gadgets, don’t forget to check out Vionaro’s CBD oil.

《6 commitments of beonaroll CBD oil》
1. Super simple prescription with 100% plant-derived ingredients because we are confident
Only three ingredients are used: CBD, CBG, and MCT oil. 100% natural super simple prescription. No other ingredients are added to deliver the phytopower of cannabinoids directly.
2. Contains CBG, the cannabinoid of interest
In addition to “CBD”, it contains a notable cannabinoid “CBG” called “mother of cannabinoids”. CBG is a powerful sprout energy
phytochemical that can only be harvested from hemp shoots that are less than 1m long.
3. W isolate formula that prevents THC contamination and leads to a high quality lifestyle
Adopted “W Isolate Formula”, which is a combination of only CBD and CBG extracted from hemp. Prevents contamination with THC (a type of cannabinoid that is said to cause highs and intoxication, and is illegal in Japan), and leads to a richer and higher quality lifestyle through the synergistic effect of cannabinoids. . (obtained a THC completely undetected certificate by a third party)
4. Lineup of high-concentration types with a total of 40% CBD & CBG As a signature product, we have a lineup of high-concentration types with a total concentration of 40% CBD & CBG (CBD 3000mg + CBG 1000mg). From the staff and those who used beonaroll CBD oil, we hear a lot of voices such as “I had a refreshing morning”, “It was a positive morning”, and “I was straight into my dreams”. Free your mind and body and welcome a refreshing morning. The concentration and composition unique to beonaroll have arrived as such a special care item. 5.Domestic production using no pesticides, USDA certified hemp-derived CBD & CBG, and organic JAS certified MCT oil
In the United States, we use CBD & CBG extracted from native fixed hemp, which is the first hemp to be USDA certified, genetically modified and without breeding. The carrier oil uses MCT oil that has acquired organic JAS certification. Manufactured in a domestic factory that meets the standards.
6. Easy to drink without the bitterness of hemp
CBD & CBG carefully extracted from hemp grown without pesticides on healthy land without soil contamination does not have the bitterness peculiar to hemp. Easy-to-drink CBD oil with no peculiarity will be close to your lifestyle 365 days a year, regardless of mood or scene.

[beonaroll CBD oil is recommended for such people and scenes] ・For those who want to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed ・The night before an important meeting or presentation
・Those who do not feel tired ・At rest after a hard day’s work ・People who have a stressful daily life・After training or exercising ・People who drink a lot and eat out, and have disordered eating habits ・For camping and traveling
・Those who feel depressed on rainy days or during their period ・Preparing for lunch the next morning
-Inquiries regarding this release-
MG Company Co., Ltd.
E-mail: mgc_pr@beonaroll.co.jp

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