C’Bon Co., Ltd. Starting the ‘C’Bon Pal Pal Project’ to support the true self; actress Mai Fukagawa appointed as brand ambassador; key visual and concept movie released

C’bon Co., Ltd.
“Cibon Palpal Project” to support one’s true selves begins; actress Mai Fukagawa appointed as brand ambassador; key visual and concept movie released

C’bon Co., Ltd. (Securities code 4926) launched the new brand “C’bon Pal” in July 2022. The “C’Bon Pal Pal Project” supports everyone to grow and express themselves as they are. start. At the same time, a key visual featuring actress Mai Fukagawa, who was appointed as a brand ambassador, will be released on November 16, 2022 (Wednesday). [Image 1

C’Bonpal is based on the concept of “Love it as it is. Let’s nurture it.” Emphasis is placed on removing care, and the desire to experience the difference in penetration* of lotion applied to clean bare skin. It is a brand that has been put into it.
This time, after the product name “Pal” = (friend) in English, “Pal who felt the existence of Pal (friend) who lives as it is, was released from skin troubles with the power of Pal (product), and felt positive. Sharing the joy of beautiful skin with (friends) We will start the project “Sea Bon Pal Pal Project” to support everyone’s self-expression. With the start of the project, the key visual and concept movie featuring actress Mai Fukagawa will be released on November 16, 2022 (Wednesday) on the official website, mail order site, and official YouTube.
In the future, we will continue to transmit activities from the following SNS. Cbon. Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cbon_jp/ * Penetration: up to the stratum corneum
Overview of concept movie
Title “Pal (friend) is always by your side.”
Release date: November 16, 2022 (Wednesday)
Official website https://www.cbon.co.jp/net/products/pal_series.aspx Official YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-Os6n5RXOA Mail order site https://www.cbon.co.jp/net/onlineshop/pal.aspx ■ Story
If you live every day, there are many days.
There are days when everything is fun, and there are days when everything seems boring.
Pal will always be there for you every single day.
I hope that you can feel confident that your unadorned bare skin is just like you.
And I hope that all the friends who use Pal will like themselves more. Mai Fukagawa talks about such thoughts in the video.
[Image 2

[Image 3

[Image 4

Reason for appointing Mai Fukagawa
“C’Bonpal” is based on the concept of “Let’s love what we are. Let’s grow.” This is the brand.
Mai Fukagawa’s image of both transparency and natural and supple beauty matches the brand image, so we appointed her as a brand ambassador who embodies a life-sized woman.
Interview with Mai Fukagawa
Q. How did it feel to be selected as a Palpal member?
A. I was very happy.
This is the concept of C’Bonpal, and it appears in the movie. I strongly sympathized with the words, and it would be ideal for me to accept and love myself as I am.
Q. How was your experience with Sea Bonpal?
A. It was very comfortable to use, and I liked the texture of the lotion, which was refreshing but still moisturizing.
I would like to use it in combination with milky lotions and creams according to the coming season and the condition of my skin! Q. What kind of self do you want to raise with C’Bonpal?
A. I started pottery from this year. I still haven’t been able to do what I want, but the pottery time I can concentrate on is a break from work.
I would like to improve my pottery skills so that one day I can give my pottery to a friend as a gift!
Q. Lastly, would you like to say something to your friends (customers) who use Sea Bon Pal?
A. I feel happy when my skin is beautiful, and on the contrary, I don’t want to see anyone when my skin is rough. The condition of your skin is greatly related to your daily mental state.
I would like to take care of my skin, nurture it with care, and enjoy my daily skin care with everyone so that I can love myself more as I am!
Performer profile
[Image 5

[Mai Fukagawa]
Born in 1991. Active as an initial member of “Nogizaka46” and graduated in 2016. The following year, she starred in the stage for the first time, and in 2018, she won the Best Emerging Actress Award at the TAMA Film Awards for her starring movie “Bread and Bus and the Second Hatsukoi”. Currently, BS-TBS October term “Sawako ~ Sore wa Endenaki Revenge” and TX October term starring “Completely packed Ichiko has no choice but to become charismatic” are being broadcast.
[Image 6

[Kazuho Ishida]
After working as a reader model, gained experience in bridal and IT-related companies, and became independent in 2017. Currently directing various items related to clothing, food and shelter as a freelance director.
[Image 7

[Yo Miyazaki]
A model who appears in many commercials and fashion brand visuals. It also has a reputation for simple and casual outfits. A talented group who also participates in national cheerleading competitions. [Image 8

While working as a dental hygienist, she has also expanded her field of activity as a model.
artist profile
[Image 9

[Rei Yasuda]
Born in America. 2013 solo debut.
In 2021, “Not the End” was evaluated for its expressiveness and singing ability, and recorded its biggest distribution hit.
Released the latest song “Kaze no Naka” in August this year. Song title: “A beautiful world”
The brand concept of “C’bon Pal”, “Let’s love what we are. Let’s grow.” I myself can’t do it well, and I often worry about it, so I wrote the lyrics as it is. Rather than living while deceiving yourself, accept yourself as you are, forgive yourself when you’re not feeling well, and make yourself more and more happy. This is a song I made with such an image.
“Sea Bon Pal Pal Project” Activities
Through each SNS, the three PAL PAL members will share their efforts toward “who they want to be” through the project and their honest feelings.
Why don’t you try growing yourself as you are with PAL members? [Image 10

-PalPal Member-
・ Kazuho Ishida: https://www.instagram.com/ishidakazuho/
・You Miyazaki: https://www.instagram.com/you_miyazaki/
・ Tomii: https://www.instagram.com/miyutomii88/
■ Inter-live: Let’s talk with Pal’s friends!
Sea Bon Pal Pal Project Special Live
Delivery date: Scheduled around 22:00 on Friday, December 8
*Start time is subject to change. Please check the official account for details. “Sea Bon Pal” Lineup
Sea Bonpal Treatment Masé [Cleansing & Massage Cream]
110g ¥4,950 (tax included)
A cleansing cream that cleanses and purifies the dirt accumulated during the day and leads to clear skin.
[Image 11

Sea Bonpal Clearing Lotion [Toner] Refreshing type
200mL ¥4,400 (tax included)
Moisturizes and creates a healthy skin environment for fresh, translucent skin [Image 13

・ MAQUIA ONLINE recommended certification * Cleansing category (October 2022) *MAQUIA ONLINE: Official website of Shueisha’s beauty magazine “MAQUIA” About C’bon.
C’bon. is a national c-bon. We are a cosmetics manufacturer that sells cosmetics and provides after-sales services, mainly through facialist salons (96 directly operated stores, 4 distributors).
Based on our corporate philosophy of “creating and staging beauty,” we have developed a unique method that maximizes the power of cosmetics: home care (skin care at home) + salon care (regular professional care at a salon). ) is the shortcut to beautiful skin.
C’BON will continue to develop as a brand that provides beautiful skin with a one-of-a-kind beauty system.
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