CCC Media House Somegoro Ichikawa, Goro Miyazaki, Chim↑Pom, Tomoe Shinohara, Kyohei Sanda, and Tsubasa Yamag uchi. The January issue of “CREATOR AWARDS 2022” Pen is now on sale.

CCC Media House
Somegoro Ichikawa, Goro Miyazaki, Chim↑Pom, Tomoe Shinohara, Kyohei Sanda, and Tsubasa . The January issue of “CREATOR AWARDS 2022” Pen is now on sale.
In addition, we plan to broadcast live with the winners at “Pen Meet”! “Pen Meet” is a community of learning and experience by specialists in each genre with the theme of art, design and creativity.

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Established in 2017, the “Pen Creator Award” honors creators who have been active in the year.
This time, the 6th edition, 6 winners selected by the editorial department and 10 special award winners recommended by professionals in each field, a total of 16 creators were selected.
Compared to other years, creators in the fields of manga and animation have attracted attention, and everyone who felt the arrival of a new era appeared.
What kind of scenery is reflected in the eyes of those who create works that move the hearts of many people?
Let’s take a closer look at their most brilliant creations.
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Pen January 2023 issue (released November 28, 2022)

Somegoro Ichikawa
Kabuki actor
Somegoro Ichikawa
Born in Tokyo in 2005. Kabuki actor. Debuted in 2007 with Kyokyaku Harusamegasa. In 2009, he introduced himself as the fourth generation Kintaro Matsumoto in “Monde Shukuju Renjishi” and made his stage debut. In 2018, he succeeded the name Ichikawa Somegoro 8th in Kanjincho.
Goro Miyazaki
animated film director
Goro Miyazaki
Born in Tokyo in 1967. After working as a construction consultant, in 1998 he was in charge of the overall design of the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka. In 2006, he made his debut as an animation film director with “Tales from Earthsea”, and since then he has worked on topical works such as “Aya and the Witch”.
Chim↑Pom from Smappa!Group
artist collective
Chim↑Pom from Smappa!Group
An artist collective formed in 2005 by members who met through Makoto Aida. He has released a series of works imbued with the times and sociality, and has provoked many hot controversies involving not only the art industry but also the mass media and the general public. Tatsuki Ikezawa + Tomoe Shinohara / STUDEO
creative studio
Tatsuki Ikezawa + Tomoe Shinohara/STUDEO
Ikezawa: Born in Tokyo in 1981. After working at Hakuhodo, became independent in 2020 and established STUDEO. In charge of many art directions, from logo/product development to advertising. Shinohara: Born in Tokyo in 1979. In parallel with her singing activities, she attended Bunka Women’s Junior College Department of Clothing and Graduated in 2001. Working as a designer/artist.
Kyohei Sanda
Kyohei Sorita
Born in Tokyo in 1994. In high school, he won the Japan Music Competition. In 2014, he entered the Tchaikovsky Memorial Moscow Conservatory at the top of his class. Enrolled in Frédéric Chopin College of Music since 2017. In October 2009, won the 2nd prize at the Chopin International Piano Competition.
manga artist
Born in Tokyo. After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts, in 2014, he received an honorable mention in the “Four Seasons Award” of the monthly magazine “Afternoon”. Her debut work was “Nude Model” published in the monthly magazine “good! Afternoon” in 2015. The 13th volume of “Blue Period” has just been released on November 21st. 10 notable creators praised by professionals in various fields Selected by Kashiwa Sato Ryoji Ikeda|Artist/Composer
Selected by Noriko Kawakami Haruka Misawa|Designer
Selected by Sou Fujimoto Maki Onishi + Yuki Momota / o + h|Architect Selected by Naoko Igawa Kanji and Arimi Kobayashi | Chef
Selected by Daito Manabe Shunsuke Takao|Creative Coder
Selected by Nobuyuki Sakuma Yukino Kishii|Actor
Selected by Shu Eisuke Tachikawa|Evolutionary Thinker/Designer Selected by Chiaki Hayashi Hiroyuki Murase | Creative Director Selected by Kundo Koyama Shota Itoi|Chef
Selected by Fram Kitagawa Michiko Nakatani|Artist
[2nd special feature]
beyond the new door
Swim in the world of Makoto Shinkai
Atsushi Shison’s splendid journey with Gucci
Questioning the viewer and approaching the essence of human beings, Giacometti sculpture
Brighten up the holiday season
Cartier’s finest
[Separate volume appendix]
Audemars Piguet Creativity, Spinning Time into the Future
Other publications, etc.
★ Latest issue data
Pen January 2023 “CREATOR AWARDS 2022”
Released on Monday, November 28, 2022
Paper version special price: 950 yen (tax included) / Digital version price: 730 yen (tax included)
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