“CECILE ET JEANNE” brand’s first fine jewelry will be released on November 23 (Wednesday) New pearl items suitable for Christmas will also appear

Carpe Diem Co., Ltd.
“CECILE ET JEANNE” brand’s first fine jewelry will be released on November 23 (Wednesday) New pearl items suitable for Christmas will also appear
Receive a jewelery box with any fine jewelery purchase before December 31st
Carpe Diem Co., Ltd. (Location: Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Akane Nitta) is a Parisian handmade jewelry brand “CECILE ET JEANNE” that is loved by first ladies and celebrities who represent the world. The third edition of the 2022 A/W collection will be released on November 23 (Wednesday) in time for the Christmas season.
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Precious Ethancel Collection
The focus is on the brand’s first fine jewelry collection made of 925 sterling silver and vermeil (*), “Precious Ethancel” (Ethancel = sparkle in French). The smooth texture of silver and gold gives off a deep and pure light. One type of necklace, one type of bracelet, and two types of earrings are available. The small and delicate design, which is different from costume jewelry, is perfect for daily style. (*) Vermeil: 925 sterling silver coated with 24 gold with a thickness of 5 μm or more
Founder Jeanne believes that women can shine beautifully no matter how old they are. The motif is a dove, which is a symbol of love and peace, and a star shape that shows the inner brilliance, adding a gentle dignity that fits adult women.
Available only at the Aoyama store and online shop. If you purchase “Precious Ethancel” by Saturday, December 31st, you will receive an original jewelry box that is perfect as a gift.
We are also planning to offer a 10% discount set for a necklace + pierced earrings or a bracelet + pierced earrings.
(Photo above) Necklace Vermeil ¥88,000/Silver ¥51,700, Bracelet Vermeil ¥44,000/Silver ¥29,700, Pigeon Earrings/Star Earrings Vermeil ¥33,000/Silver ¥25,300
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Peace Dove Collection
(From left) Fleur x Pearl Earrings Gold ¥24,200, Twin Dove Pearl Necklace Gold ¥36,300, Pigeon Pendant Gold Pearl ¥39,600, Pearl Earrings Gold ¥19,800
Two types of pearl items suitable for the Christmas season have appeared in the “Peace Dove” collection that represents the brand. An elegant and gorgeous Twin Dove pearl necklace with a twin dove motif and two chains swaying on the front, and a dove pendant gold pearl with a popular dove pendant with luxurious pearls.
The gorgeousness of pearls is added to the iconic dove motif, making it great for parties and formal occasions. Both are available in two colors, silver.
[Image 3

Arabesque Collection
Arabesque (from left) Bracelet gold pearl ¥ 29,700, earrings gold pearl ¥ 26,400 Earrings and bracelets have also appeared in the “Arabesque” collection, which imitates the arabesque patterns found in Arabian architecture and crafts. The pearls combined with the wavy and unique curved silhouette are an elegant accent, giving a presence and a gorgeous impression. It comes in two colors, gold and silver. [Image 4

leaf crown earrings
Leaf Crown Earring Gold ¥33,000
The leaf crown series, which has a strong presence with a design that combines leaves, has earrings following the bangle that was released last month. The majestic and royal feel of smooth gold is perfect for women with style.
Each piece is handmade by artisans and uses nickel-free materials. It is comfortable to wear and can be worn for a long time without stress. It comes in two colors, gold and silver.
This Christmas season, we added fine jewelry with a sophisticated elegance to gorgeous costume jewelry made with Cécile & Jeanne’s unique craftsmanship. Please take a look at the new products and new colors at the store and online shop.
*All prices include tax
◆Fine jewelry “Precious Ethancel”: Limited sale at the online shop, Cecil & Jeanne Aoyama store
◆Jewelry box gift: One gift per person will be given to those who purchase “Precious Ethancel” by Saturday, December 31st.
Bijou fantasy created by designer Jeanne’s artistry and craftsmen’s handiwork Cécile & Jeanne was founded in 1990 by designer Jeanne and her brother Ellie. Cecil is the name of their mother and the name of Jeanne’s daughter.
Jeanne, a designer, draws inspiration from people, nature, scenery and scents of travel destinations, gathers materials carefully selected from all over the world, and designs all accessories by herself. From balance and playfulness to the delicate treatment of details, Jeanne’s creations in pursuit of the finest jewelry are imbued with high artistry, refined beauty and positive energy.
Cécile & Jeanne items are exquisitely and durable made by highly skilled craftsmen (artisans) in their French atelier based in Paris. In consideration of skin allergies, all jewelry is nickel-free and the clasps of the earrings are made of titanium.
In addition to the design, this high quality and safety are trusted, and Cécile & Jeanne is today the top brand of bijou fantasy (costume jewelry) in France, and the traditional manufacturing method from the city of Paris. And it is supported as a successor of culture like Paris.
In Japan, the flagship shop “Cecile et Jeanne Aoyama store” in Omotesando, the permanent counter on the 1st floor of the Isetan Shinjuku store, sales at the official online shop, and special pop-up events every season. Placed on a pigeon symbol charm, it brings beautiful luck to those who wear it.
◆ Cecil & Jeanne Official Website: https://cecileetjeanne.jp ◆ Cecil & Jeanne Official Online Shop: https://online.cecileetjeanne.jp ◆ Instagram (Japan): https://www.instagram.com/cecileetjeanne.jp_official [Directly managed store information]
Cecil & Jeanne Aoyama
5-6-14 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
TEL: 080-9181-5183
[Isetan Shinjuku Store Main Building 1F Accessories Section] 3-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo 160-0022
TEL 03-3352-1111 (representative)

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