Celebrating the New Year in Kumano, the land of revival, “2 nights and 3 days charter New Year’s Eve plan” released Kumano Kodo 1 building rental accommodation & container hotel “SEN.RETREAT”

Nihon Unist Co., Ltd.
Celebrating the New Year in Kumano, the land of rebirth, “2 nights and 3 days charter New Year’s Eve plan” released Kumano Kodo 1 building rental accommodation & container hotel “SEN.RETREAT”
Watch the New Year’s Eve bells and the first sunrise of the year on Mt. Nachi, and visit Kumano Hongu Taisha for New Year’s Day.
Nihon Unist Co., Ltd. (Nishi Ward, Osaka City, Representative Director: Nobutada Imamura) is a World Heritage Site in Wakayama Prefecture, Kumano Kodo, a whole rental accommodation “SEN.
“SEN.RETREAT CHIKATSUYU” (Chikatsuyu in the same town) will start accepting reservations for the “New Year’s Eve Villa Plan” where you can stay from December 31st to January 2nd, watch the New Year’s Eve bell at Kumano Sanzan and worship the first sunrise of the year. . [Image 1d75785-59-38a365199f9d98d04074-8.jpg&s3=75785-59-fd9cbc09506bec5b0ceb10e314506f1f-1773x1182.jpg
TAKAHARA, a one-building rental inn that can accommodate up to 10 people Book here – https://forms.gle/mxLtU8kTMBV2e9PS9
Since ancient times, Kumano has been widely worshiped as a place of resurrection. It is said that Kumano Hayatama Taisha purifies the sins of the previous life, Kumano Nachi Taisha connects the present world, and Kumano Hongu Taisha saves the next life. It has been said that by the time you leave Kumano after being purified, you will be reborn. Therefore, our inn on the Kumano Kodo has prepared a luxurious limited-time New Year’s Eve plan that allows you to stay in Kumano at the end of the year and welcome the new year with a new heart. Our inn is unmanned, but we have prepared ingredients such as toshikoshi soba and ozoni, so you can cook it yourself on New Year’s Eve and New Year. About 400,000 people visit Kumano Hongu Taisha every year for the first three days of the year.
[Image 2d75785-59-ed77a15013f86bff7e02-18.jpg&s3=75785-59-eb656bb5cb6c42ac35d8f1b7c86fc897-1773x1182.jpg
Container Hotel CHIKATSUYU for 2 to 6 people
■ Background of the birth of this plan
Our inn is unmanned, and all employees of the operating company, Nihon Unist, live in the suburbs of Osaka. Therefore, we hire local housewives as part-time workers to clean and prepare the inn. I always asked for their cooperation during the Obon holidays and Golden Week, but as part of my work style reforms, I would like them to relax and refresh themselves with their families and relatives during the year-end and New Year holidays. We have prepared a plan for
consecutive nights that does not require cleaning for days.
Recommended New Year’s Eve Itinerary in Kumano
December 31
・Enjoy New Year’s Eve soba and shabu-shabu hot pot with locally caught wild boar meat
・Look at the lit-up Nachi Falls and the three-storied pagoda of Mt. [Image 3d75785-59-04b9d41b8561260ae372-4.jpg&s3=75785-59-150a3dddd2027a0eff61a9eaa5d80126-1920x1280.jpg
[Image 4d75785-59-f0989b99cce34edff786-1.jpg&s3=75785-59-ff924f0875c360327f5875aea8ba28bb-368x450.jpg

January 1
・On the beach in front of Hanakutsu Shrine (Kumano City, Mie Prefecture), watch the fireworks that will be launched from midnight on January 1st.
・Worship the first sunrise of the year from Nachi’s Mt. Myoho Amidaji Temple ・Eating rice cakes at the inn
[Image 5d75785-59-49c9b79c8558d280eb37-2.jpg&s3=75785-59-2e4a1984f3525ffe7aaf34b51c2c7a07-650x410.jpg
[Image 6d75785-59-57cca1dc63191c0d7487-3.jpg&s3=75785-59-dcd387b20ca30756cbf9f7d5afe0149e-650x434.jpg
January 2nd
・New Year’s visit to Kumano Hongu Taisha
・We offer all-inclusive alcohol, soft drinks, and sweets from Wakayama. [Image 7d75785-59-92312d92ae994bf454e2-11.jpg&s3=75785-59-94a7492c575a7fe317fd9c5352eb0373-2592x1944.jpg
[Image 8d75785-59-9d7d88dd427f8a9c4d7b-6.jpg&s3=75785-59-5508fd21441754751903c67a2de2c552-1773x1182.jpg
Equipped with a kitchen, cooking utensils, and a washer/dryer, ideal for long-term stays
The spacious kitchen is equipped with various cooking utensils. Customers can prepare their own food from nearby supermarkets. A washing machine and dryer are also provided, making it suitable for long stays.
◆Cooking utensils: IH cooker, microwave oven, rice cooker, toaster, kitchen knife, cutting board, pot, kettle, various tableware [Image 9d75785-59-7680b56030891f7be8e1-7.jpg&s3=75785-59-54daa2586dd0ea19a1781571cac2d8f0-1773x1182.jpg

1 building rental New Year’s Eve villa plan overview
Check-in from December 31, 2022 to check-out from January 2, 2023 【price】
▼SEN.RETREAT TAKAHARA, a one-building rental accommodation
(accommodates up to 10 people)
[Image 10d75785-59-6599f9bf1f179d79d5ad-15.jpg&s3=75785-59-c9d7a7f533878d8b2ae240acd1f8b8e8-3900x2600.jpg
12 years old and over: 24,000 yen/person 12 years old and under: 12,000 yen/person 3 years old and under: Free
Apply here – https://forms.gle/E68nJKTsx375Biok6
▼Container hotel “SEN.RETREAT CHIKATSUYU” (for 2 to 6 people) [Image 11d75785-59-5c82853fd6ef47017c0b-17.jpg&s3=75785-59-674a6ac9545c156cb42c6932031109b2-1773x1182.jpg
6-person building…12 years old and over: 20,000 yen/person, 12 years old and under: 10,000 yen/person, 3 years old and under: free 4-person building…12 years old and over: 18,000 yen/person, 12 years old and under: 9,000 yen/person, 3 years old and under: free Apply here – https://forms.gle/E68nJKTsx375Biok6
・We have wild boar hot pot and toshikoshi soba for 12/31, and mochi for New Year’s.
・Please make your own arrangements for meals other than the above. ・Cleaning is not included during the stay.
About the inns “SEN.RETREAT” scattered along the Kumano Kodo “SEN.RETREAT” is a brand of unstaffed lodgings where you can experience a “retreat experience” to reset your stress in nature. The brand concept is “RETREAT Walk, play, and rest.” We offer an experience filled with relaxation that will make you love yourself tomorrow. The plan is to build a total of four lodgings along Nakahechi, the main pilgrimage route of the Kumano Kodo. The building rental accommodation “SEN.RETREAT TAKAHARA” opened in October 2021. SEN.RETREAT TAKAHARA-https://sen-retreat.com/stay/takahara/
[Image 12d75785-59-a393b7d22d917cf2d30d-9.jpg&s3=75785-59-91081167478c1864d4cb798de5ad0a61-1773x1182.jpg
On April 28, 2022, we opened “SEN. The concept is “an inn where you can play, smile, and connect.” It has a private garden where you can have a barbecue, a terrace where you can surround the bonfire, and a pizza kiln where you can knead and bake the dough yourself. It is a space where you can get excited about the extraordinary, relax with your friends and family, and relax. In addition, since one container building is one guest room, you can enter and exit the room directly from the outside, avoiding crowds. In order to change the current situation that “tourists who visit Kumano Kodo are only for trekking”, we aim to be an inn that can be enjoyed by people with various sightseeing purposes.
SEN.RETREAT CHIKATSUYU- https://sen-retreat.com/stay/chikatsuyu/ [Image 13d75785-59-3902d5529b4b9f2919fc-13.jpg&s3=75785-59-ce247aff25b7a126b5fba721df137c6d-1500x1000.jpg

Background of opening
Before the pandemic, the Kumano Kodo was popular with people from Europe, the United States, and Australia who came for trekking to experience Japanese religious views and nature. However, since there are many small family-run guesthouses, there is a shortage of lodging facilities that can accommodate them, and during the high season, reservations were booked up to two years in advance. Four nights are required to complete the Nakahechi route, the main route of the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Route, but there was also the problem that the trip itself would not be complete if a hotel was not available for even one of those nights.
Imamura, the representative of Nihon Unist, whose wife is from Tanabe City, learned about this problem in 2019 and decided to “use the power of real estate to solve the problem and create an inn where you can stay overnight on the Kumano Kodo.” Unlike major developers who operate only in urban areas, we have started the lodging business in rural areas by making use of the speed and flexibility unique to a venture company. We purchased four plots of land along Nakahechi, and just as we were about to open SEN. The lack of lodging turned into the opposite situation of a shortage of tourists.
While the opening was forced to be postponed, the issues facing Kumano Kodo after the corona disaster became apparent. There are two reasons for this: “there is no place other than trekking”, and “while it is gaining popularity from around the world, its charm is not known to Japanese people”. Based on this issue, SEN.RETREAT offers the experience value of “reuniting with your honest self surrounded by nature”, and as an inn where you can fully enjoy yourself without trekking, we are attracting customers from all over the country. You are welcome.
[Image 14d75785-59-bc631e19e13a328e75f6-10.jpg&s3=75785-59-cd146fcc305544cebad4d09f9347d0a7-2880x1920.jpg
Equipment outline
Location: 1966 Takahara, Nakahechicho, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture TEL: 0739-64-0556
Guest room: All 3 rooms for rent
Access: 40 minutes by car from Kisei Expressway “Kamitonda IC” ◆SEN.RETREAT CHIKATSUYU
Location: 1806 Chikatsuyu, Nakahechicho, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture TEL: 0739-65-0227
Guest rooms: 7 rooms in total (7 buildings)
Access: 40 minutes by car from Kisei Expressway “Kamitonda IC” Details about this release:


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