Central Japan Exis Co., Ltd. E1 Tomei EXPASA Ebina (Inbound) “Hokkaido Products Exhibition” open for a lim ited time!

Central Japan Exis Co., Ltd.
E1 Tomei EXPASA Ebina (Inbound) “Hokkaido Products Exhibition” open for a limited time!
-Delivering a lot of the best in the north! ~

Central Japan Exis Co., Ltd. South Kanto Branch (Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Branch Manager Hiroya Watanabe) is on the E1 Tomei Expressway (Tomei Expressway) EXPASA Ebina (up, Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture). “Hokkaido Products Exhibition” will be held.
“Shiroi Koibito,” “Jaga Pokkuru,” and “[ROYCE’] Raw Chocolate” will be on sale for a limited time. We have Hokkaido products.
Please stop by when you come to EXPASA Ebina (Inbound).
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★Special event information★
[Shop name] Hokkaido Products Exhibition
[Holding period] Friday, November 18, 2022 to Monday, January 16, 2023 [Location] EXPASA Ebina (Inbound) 1F Central Exhibition Hall [Business hours] 10:00 to 21:00
★Recommended products★ ※All prices include tax※Photo is for
illustrative purposes only
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●[ROYCE’] Raw chocolate (ole)
-Limited time sale: November 18th (Friday) to December 1st (Thursday), 2022- ROYCE’ raw chocolate is characterized by its “softness” and silky smooth “melting in the mouth”. Please enjoy our popular products. ■ Sales price: 777 yen
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●[ISHIYA] Shiroi Koibito (white) 18 pieces
-Limited time sale: December 9, 2022 (Friday) to January 16, 2023 (Monday)- “Shiroi Koibito”, a sweet chocolate sandwiched between soft cookies, is a classic Hokkaido souvenir filled with sweet memories.
■ Sales price: 1,425 yen
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● [Calbee] Jaga Pokkuru
-Limited time sale: December 22, 2022 (Thursday) to January 4, 2023 (Wednesday)- Cut the potatoes whole, leaving the skin on, to retain the flavor. In addition, it is a very popular souvenir from Hokkaido that has a crispy texture and the original taste of Hokkaido potatoes created by a potato farm’s unique manufacturing method.
■ Sales price: 1,051 yen
[Image 5

● [Ryugetsu] Sanpo Roku
“Moist baumkuchen” that expresses white birch bark with milk chocolate and white chocolate.
The butter, sugar, and eggs are all made in Hokkaido, making this a masterpiece. ■ Sales price: 680 yen
[Image 6

● [SHINYA] Furano snowmelt cheesecake
Sweets that represent SHINYA, which has become a hot topic in the media. Rich but refreshing taste. Accented with sweet and sour jam. ■ Sales price: 1,540 yen *Prices are scheduled to be revised from December 1st (Thursday)
*Products may be out of stock. note that.
■ Efforts and requests for customers to use EXPASA Ebina (inbound) safely and securely
EXPASA Ebina (Inbound) will implement the following measures to support the “new lifestyle” to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. Please cooperate in disinfecting your hands and wearing a mask when entering the building.
-EXPASA Ebina (Inbound) “New Lifestyle” Efforts-
・Installing antiseptic solutions at entrances, etc.
・Thorough infection prevention measures for staff
・Regular disinfection of places in the store that customers touch directly ・A splash prevention sheet is installed at the cashier counter. ・Set up a waiting position mark on the floor in front of the cash register ・Acrylic plates are installed in the food court seats
・Thorough ventilation in stores
・Implementation of money transfer using coin trays

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