Central Japan Exis Co., Ltd. E19 Chuo Expressway Tatsuno PA (Inbound) will be reopened!

Central Japan Exis Co., Ltd.
E19 Chuo Expressway Tatsuno Parking Area (Inbound) will reopen! – Please look forward to further improved “convenience” –

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Central Nippon Exis Co., Ltd. Shinshu Branch (Matsumoto City, branch manager Kunihiro Mochizuki) is located at E19 Chuo Expressway (Chuo Expressway) Tatsuno Parking Area (PA) (inbound, Kamiina District, Nagano Prefecture). Tatsuno Town) commercial facilities will be reopened at 7:00 on Friday, November 25, 2022.
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In this renewal, the convenience store chain “Daily Yamazaki” will open a store. At Daily Yamazaki, in addition to standard products such as rice balls and bread, we also offer Ichida persimmons, a specialty of the Nanshin area (= southern Nagano Prefecture), from the local Shinshu region in response to the needs of customers using the expressway. There are many souvenirs from the Chukyo area, such as the “Ichida persimmon mille-feuille” that was used, the famous confectionery “Raicho no Sato”, Nagoya’s famous kishimen and miso nikomi udon, and the famous confectionery representing the Tono area (= eastern part of Gifu prefecture). We have a store with a wide range of products.
In the PA, there is a baby corner with a nursing sofa, a crib, and a trash can for diapers. It is a PA that you can use with all your heart.
[Image 3d5505-457-b57ab676bf721e43b562-2.png&s3=5505-457-6b8e3fa8731596d553a45b8113ec2cd4-682x155.png
*The image is an example of an open sale.
In addition, for three days from November 25th (Friday) to 27th (Sunday), an open sale will be held, including a 30 yen discount for rice balls and a 50 yen discount for pasta and noodles. (*Limited quantity)
Please come and visit the Tatsuno PA (Inbound), which has become even more convenient and comfortable than ever before.
■ Efforts and requests to customers to ensure that customers can use the Tatsuno PA (inbound) safely and securely
Tatsuno PA (Inbound) will implement the following measures to support the “new lifestyle” to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. When entering the building, please cooperate in
disinfecting your hands and wearing a mask.
-Tatsuno PA (Inbound) “New Lifestyle” Efforts-
・Installing antiseptic solutions at entrances, etc.
・Thorough infection prevention measures for staff
・A splash prevention sheet is installed at the cashier counter. ・Set up a waiting position mark on the floor in front of the cash register ・Thorough ventilation in stores
・Implementation of money transfer using coin trays

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