Central Japan Exis Co., Ltd. Enjoy with a motorcycle or private car. Introducing the Shizuoka sightseeing route with a video

Central Japan Exis Co., Ltd.
Enjoy by motorcycle or private car. Introducing the Shizuoka sightseeing route with a video
~Promotion of tourism around Shizuoka prefecture~

Central Nippon Exis Co., Ltd. Suruga Branch (Numazu City, Branch Manager: Naoki Yamazaki) and Tokai Branch (Shizuoka City, Branch Manager: Tsuyoshi Aizawa) are Kushitani Co., Ltd. (Hamamatsu City, Representative: Kushitani). I created a tourism promotional video with Junichi Kutani for the purpose of promoting tourism in Shizuoka Prefecture. In consideration of traveling by motorcycle or private car from the perspective of preventing infection with the new coronavirus, we introduce a model course where you can fully enjoy Shizuoka Prefecture, which is rich in nature, starting from E1A Shin-Tomei Expressway NEOPASA Shimizu (aggregate). It is We will take measures to prevent infection in the corona wreck, and we will disseminate information so that you can enjoy sightseeing with peace of mind as a whole community.
-Introduction of video content-
Sponsored by: Shizuoka Tourism Association, Numazu City, Photography Cooperation: Mishima City
■Course description
(1) Have a good day NUMADU & MISHIMA Route https://youtu.be/igc94tIoe7Y  Starting from NEOPASA Shimizu (consolidated), the course focuses on tourist spots in Numazu and Mishima.
[Video 3: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=igc94tIoe7Y]

(2) Have a good day KAKEGAWA & FUKUROI Route https://youtu.be/jcPtdhv0ohs A course to fully enjoy the popular temples and shrines of Kakegawa and Fukuroi
[Video 4: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcPtdhv0ohs]

■ Video release date
Friday, November 25, 2022
■ Video delivery destination
[NEXCO Central Japan Service Area Facebook]
[Shizuoka Tourism Association HP] https://hellonavi.jp/index.html [Numazu City, Shizuoka Tourism Portal] https://numazukanko.jp/ -Spot introduction-
(1) Have a good day NUMADU & MISHIMA Route
[Drive/Touring Course]
NEOPASA Shimizu (consolidated) → Bikers Paradise Minami-Hakone → Numazu Port (Numazu Port Pleasure Boat, Numazu Minato Shinsenkan) → Suminobo Honmachi Store → Mishima Taisha Shrine → Mishima Skywalk → EXPASA Fujikawa “Ferris Wheel Fuji Sky View” → NEOPASA Shimizu (consolidated)
●Numazu Port
Numazu Port, the gateway to Izu, has restaurants that use fresh local fish, a souvenir shop that sells dried horse mackerel, which Numazu boasts of being the largest producer in Japan, and a large 360-degree panorama of the Numazu Port observation water gate. Viewo”, a popular spot where you can enjoy sightseeing boats that can tour around Numazu Port.
[Image 1

●Mishima Skywalk
With a total length of 400m, it is the longest suspension bridge for pedestrians in Japan. The official name is “Hakone Seiroku Mishima Suspension Bridge”. From the bridge, you can see Mt. Fuji, Suruga Bay, and the mountains of Izu. You can also enjoy activities such as the long zip slide of 560m round trip that slides down at once towards the suspension bridge.
[Image 2

(2) Have a good day KAKEGAWA & FUKUROI Route
[Drive/Touring Course]
NEOPASA Shimizu (consolidated) → Kotomama Hachimangu Shrine → Kakegawa Kachoen → KIMIKURA CAFE → Tenryu Futamata Station → Totomikuni Ichinomiya Oguni Shrine, Oguni Kotomachi Yokocho → Hattasan Soneiji Temple → NEOPASA Shizuoka (Inbound)
●Kakegawa Flower and Bird Garden
Kakegawa Kachouen is a theme park where you can enjoy interacting with colorful flowers and various birds that bloom all year round. The vast grounds are equipped with air-conditioned glasshouses, water lily pools, ponds, farms, and other facilities, where visitors can take commemorative photos with birds and enjoy bird shows.
[Image 3d5505-460-e8a0f1b94be1421fb43c-4.jpg&s3=5505-460-16e3e26eef0e05dd74f86dd9b19181bf-3900x1614.jpg
● Hattasan Soneiji Temple
A temple of the Koyasan Shingon sect special head temple located in Fukuroi City, Shizuoka Prefecture. It is more widely known under the mountain name ‘Hatasan’ than the temple name ‘Soneiji.’ One of the Enshu Sanzan. The principal object of worship is Shokannon (Shokanzeon Bosatsu, Yakuyoke Kanzeon).
[Image 4d5505-460-b6007e29c18f5d3d09aa-5.jpg&s3=5505-460-043aa75c3299f7e14a23d43ea9276059-3900x1614.jpg

■ Efforts and requests to customers to ensure that customers can use service areas and parking areas safely and securely
Central Japan Exis will take the following measures to respond to the “new lifestyle” to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. Please cooperate in disinfecting your hands and wearing a mask when entering the building.
– Efforts for a “new lifestyle” –
・Installing antiseptic solutions at entrances, etc.
・Thorough infection prevention measures for staff
・Regular disinfection of places in the store that customers touch directly ・A splash prevention sheet is installed at the cashier counter. ・Set up a waiting position mark on the floor in front of the cash register ・Acrylic plates are installed in the food court seats
・Thorough ventilation in stores
・Implementation of money transfer using coin trays

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