Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd. From Hanbini to South Korea Lucky bag gift campaign where you can win an air ticket and Korean goods

Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd.
From Hanbini to South Korea Lucky bag gift campaign where you can win an air ticket and Korean goods
Jeju Air x Hanbini x Centrair collaboration project! Reception starts from Tuesday, November 22nd

Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd. (Location: Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture) is a collaboration project with SEKAIE Co., Ltd., which operates Jeju Air and Han Bini, and a pair round-trip flight ticket between Centrair and South Korea and a lucky bag with Korean Bini products will be drawn by lottery. We will carry out a lucky bag gift campaign where you can win an air ticket and Korean goods from Hanbini to South Korea.
Regarding travel to South Korea, visa-free entry will be possible from August 2022, and will continue after November. Also, from November 22nd, Jeju Air’s Seoul route resumed its daily operations, and the reservations for the first flight departing from the resumption of operation were almost fully booked, and many passengers boarded. With this as an opportunity, this campaign was not possible even if I wanted to go on a trip to Korea due to the corona disaster! For those of you who are interested, if you answer the questionnaire, you will be able to win a lucky bag gift such as a round-trip air ticket to Korea and Korean goods by lottery.
For details of the campaign, please refer to the campaign details below. We look forward to receiving your application.

Campaign details
■ Implementation period
November 22, 2022 (Tuesday) to January 9, 2023 (Monday/holiday) ■ How to participate
Please answer the questionnaire from the URL below.
https://liff.line.me/1657436533-YwzD9e7e/edccd25728dc4a1e8811f63f15b62df8 ■ Participation conditions
1. Register as a friend of Centrair official LINE
2. After registering as a friend, enter the keyword “Serohan” on the LINE talk screen.
3. Answer the questionnaire
■ Gift contents
11 people
Prize A Nagoya (Centrair) – Seoul (Incheon) round-trip air ticket for 1 person B prize Korean vinyl product lucky bag 10 people
■Notes (Please agree to the following items before applying) ・ Prizes other than air tickets will be announced when they are shipped. ・ Prizes are scheduled to be shipped by the end of January 2023. ・ We will contact the winners by the end of January 2023 regarding the winning of the airline ticket.
・ There are terms and conditions for the prize ticket. Details will be sent to the winners.
・ If you win an air ticket, the travel is limited to the winner. In addition, fuel surcharges, airport usage fees, taxes, etc. will be borne by the winner.
・ Applications are limited to those who live in Japan and whose delivery address is in Japan.
・ The right to win is not transferable.
・ Prizes cannot be exchanged, returned or exchanged for cash. ・ Resale of prizes is prohibited.
・We do not accept inquiries about confirmation of input contents. ・If the customer information is incomplete (e.g. incorrect address), if the prize cannot be delivered due to the customer’s address being unknown or unable to contact the customer, or if there is any other fraudulent act regarding the application. will be invalid.
Inquiries regarding this matter
Chubu Centrair International Airport Co., Ltd. Aviation Sales Department Korean Vini _ Korea Gift Campaign Manager Mori, Nose, Okada Email: campaign-soratabi@cjiac.co.jp
・Centrair flight information (Centrair HP)
・Immigration information for Korea (Korea Tourism Organization website) http://japanese.visitkorea.or.kr/jpn/AKR/AK_JPN_2_COVID.jsp
・Information on returning to Japan (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website)
https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/seisakunitsuite/bunya/0000121431_00209.html Details about this release:


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