Cezanne Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Cezanne introduces a new high-adhesion lip that keeps freshly applied color and lu ster! The first pearl type of the popular “loved tint lip” and a limited quantity of transparent beauty essence lip that adds a fantastic

Cezanne Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Cezanne introduces a new high-adhesion lipstick that keeps freshly painted color and luster! The first pearl type of the popular “loved tint lip” and a limited quantity of transparent beauty essence lip that adds a fantastic shine to the lips will be released on the same day.

Cezanne Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshiyuki Ida) will launch a new product “Cezanne Lip Color Shield” (2 colors in total) from mid-January 2023. ※ will be sold in advance.
* Dealers only
In addition, one new color of the popular lip item “Cezanne Watery Tin Trip” and a limited amount of new serum lip “Cezanne
Watery Glow Lip” will be released on the same day.
[Image 1

It’s not a tint, but the “color” and “gloss” last! Birth of highly adhesive gel film lip
“Cezanne Lip Color Shield” is a new, high-adhesion lip that continues to have beautiful color and luster. It reacts with the moisture on the lips to form a gel film that protects the color and adheres firmly to the skin, making it difficult to remove and maintaining beautiful freshly applied color. It melts like a serum and keeps your lips moisturized.
The color lineup includes two nude colors, “01 Fig Brown” and “02 Orange Beige,” which give a moderate complexion. With a lip color that blends well with the skin and a simple square package, it can be used regardless of gender.
A new pearl-type color joins the popular Cezanne signboard tin trip with a light luster!
From “Cezanne Watery Tin Trip”, which has been well received for its fresh, wet and glossy finish and resistance to color transfer, the new pearl-type color “P1 Coral Bouquet” has appeared for the first time in the series. It is a coral color that is easy to use for anyone, regardless of personal color, and gives a bright and gorgeous impression to the skin tone. Since it keeps freshly applied, it is also recommended for shortened makeup.
A limited quantity of transparent beauty essence lip that creates lips with gorgeous and dignified glitter
“Cezanne Watery Glow Lip” is a new limited-edition lip item that gives your lips a sense of transparency and luster with fresh oil and close-fitting gel. The cool pearls, which are inspired by sparkling powdery snow, add a fantastic sparkle to your lips. It’s a clear type that doesn’t color, so it’s recommended not only to use it alone, but also to use it as a finishing touch to your usual lip makeup. Contains 5 types of beauty moisturizing ingredients. Protect your lips from dryness.

New product “Cezanne Lip Color Shield” 2 colors (tax included) each ¥660/01 fig brown, 02 orange beige
Even though it’s not a tint, the color and luster won’t fade! A high-adherence gel film lip that melts smoothly on your lips. [Image 2

01 Fig Brown
[Image 3

02 orange beige
-Product Features-
● Color shield prescription
[Image 4

It reacts with moisture on the lips to form a gel film that protects the color. It adheres tightly on the lips, so it is difficult to fall off.
Keeps freshly painted beautiful color for a long time
The vivid and beautiful color lasts for a long time, and the finish makes your lips beautiful that you will want to show off.
●Contains 5 beauty moisturizing ingredients.
Shea oil, argania spinosa kernel oil (argan oil), jojoba seed oil, Uraboshiyahazu extract, di(phytosteryl/octyldodecyl) lauroyl glutamate It feels as if you are applying a beauty essence, and it feels like it is moist and melting.
Keep your lips moisturized with a single light touch for dry lips. -Color introduction-
With an elegant luster and just the right complexion, it comes in two colors that are nude but not dull.
A sophisticated skin-friendly color that brings out the charm of your skin. ・01 Fig Brown
[Image 5

01 Fig Brown finished image
It’s a pink-brown that looks like a brown base mixed with ripe figs. A versatile color with a soft reddish brown that blends well with the skin and brightens the impression of the face while improving the sense of neatness.
・02 Orange Beige
[Image 6

02 orange beige finish image
Based on beige, it is an orange beige that looks like squeezed bitter orange juice.
A well-balanced color that combines the calmness of beige with the healthy elements of orange.

Recommended makeup steps when using “Lip Color Shield” ♪
STEP1. Lip: After applying base makeup, apply lipstick first. STEP2. Eye makeup: Matching the eye makeup to the color of your lip makes it easier to create a unified look.
STEP3. Cheeks/Highlights: Lastly, look at the makeup balance and add cheeks and highlights.
“Cezanne Watery Tin Trip” 1 new color (tax included) ¥660/P1 Coral Bouquet The first pearl-type new color “P1 Coral Bouquet” joins the group of tint trips that are fresh and moist as if they were wet with water and are hard to remove!
[Image 7

-Product Features-
●Tint type that does not easily transfer color
The tint ingredient dyes the lips and coats them with a thin film. Resistant to color transfer and keeps the freshly applied color luster for a long time. It can be conveniently used as a lip coat or as a preparation lip.
After application, use a tissue to prevent color transfer, so it is also recommended when eating, drinking, or wearing a mask.
●Contains 4 types of moisturizing ingredients
Contains honey, sodium hyaluronate, royal jelly extract, and water-soluble collagen.
Even though it is not sticky, it gives you a moist and moist lip. No fragrance, no mineral oil
Soft tip for easy application
[Image 8

Easy-to-use square tip designed to fit your lips
A square tip that bends moderately and fits your lips.
Good liquid content and easy color adjustment.
By layering, you can freely achieve the color you want.

-Color introduction-
New color (1 color)
・P1 Coral Bouquet
A bright and fresh coral color inspired by a field of flowers blooming in the spring sun.
Contains red and yellow pearls to add a fresh color to your lips. Also recommended for overrips.
Existing color
(Non-pearl type 8 colors)
[Image 9

From left (non-pearl type): 01-08
・01 Natural Pink: A pink that gives a feminine and gorgeous impression ・02 Coral Red: A red that gives a sophisticated and stylish impression ・03 Beige Brown: A brown that gives an intelligent and mature impression ・ 04 Camel Orange: Orange that gives a mature impression
・05 Plum Red: A bluish red that gives a sophisticated impression ・06 Pink Beige・・・A versatile beige that gives a calm impression ・07 Bitter Red: A deep red that gives a cool and sexy impression ・08 Cafe Brown ・Mellow brown with soft depth
(Soft matte type 2 colors)
[Image 10


Limited Quantity “Cezanne Watery Glow Lip” All 1 Color Tax Included ¥660/P0 Frozen Clear
Introducing a limited quantity of beauty essence lip that gives you a clean, glossy and clean lip.
[Image 12d42040-54-60adcde1afea4eb41f24-12.jpg&s3=42040-54-0f6d3e34b788c8ac87d40130c8238a75-563x845.jpg
-Product features-
Uses a gel that adheres well
Keeps lips with a plump, three-dimensional effect* for a long time. *Depending on makeup effect
●Applies smoothly and is not sticky
Because it is based on a fresh oil that is light and comfortable to wear, it has a moist and glossy finish without being sticky. ●Contains 5 beauty moisturizing ingredients
Formulated with squalane, sodium hyaluronate, mango seed oil, olive fruit oil, and macadamia seed oil.
Protects the moisture of your lips.
No fragrance, no tar dyes, no mineral oil, no alcohol, no surfactants Soft tip for easy application
A square tip that bends just right and fits your lips.

-Color Introduction-
・P0 Frozen Clear
A clear color with fantastic cool pearls, inspired by the glittering powder snow in winter.
Blue and green pearls add transparency and luster to dull lips. How to use
[Image 13d42040-54-ee388363697f61c3fe34-19.png&s3=42040-54-46a5d5418adb593037b117cb0b95cc7c-372x412.png
*Finished image
1. Use alone to cover dull lips. (due to makeup effect)
2. Add luster to your lips by layering.

Recommended makeup coordination
[Image 14d42040-54-0f5dcade6b2436d90416-18.png&s3=42040-54-a412f0ec7917b97fca399d0867be97d9-760x606.png
When using “Watery Glow Lip”,
It is recommended to add sparkle to your skin and eyes as it will balance your entire face.
Highlight your skin with “Face Glow Color”. If you add sparkle to the eye bags with “Glow Liquid Liner”, it will create a fleeting look that is not too sweet and stylish.
*For details on recommended existing items, please see the official website. https://www.cezanne.co.jp/
About Cezanne Cosmetics
[Image 15d42040-54-65ac7c7846399a892d19-20.jpg&s3=42040-54-6e26a95c7a0abf3c3e5ccb80654e310c-835x189.jpg
Always safe, always beautiful.
Cezanne Cosmetics is committed to quality and price that can be used every day, A total make-up brand that puts safety and security first.
The reason why Cezanne Cosmetics was born was the desire to provide high-quality, low-priced products to Japanese women. Half a century has passed since its birth in 1964. There are many long-selling items that have been on sale for over 10 years.
By eliminating wasteful packaging and using a common container, we have achieved a price that can be used every day. We do not cut corners on quality, we are particular about making all products made in Japan*1, we conduct patch tests*2 on all of our products, and we continue to make improvements based on customer feedback.
*1 Excluding miscellaneous goods *2 Excluding remover. This does not mean that skin irritation will not occur in everyone.
【Inquiries about the product】
Cezanne Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
TEL: 0120-55-8515 (Mon-Fri 9:00-17:30, excluding public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, and summer holidays)

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