Cezanne Cosmetics Co., Ltd. New colors that make your seasonal face come true in Cezanne’s eye makeup series! An elegant beige color from “Glow Liquid Liner” that adds shine to the eyes of adults, and the first color mascara f rom “Durable Curl Masc

Cezanne Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Cezanne’s eye makeup series has a series of new colors that will make your seasonal face come true! An elegant beige color from “Glow Liquid Liner” that adds shine to the eyes of adults, and the first color mascara from “Durable Curl Mascara” are now available!

Cezanne Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshiyuki Ida) will release a new color of “Cezanne Glow Liquid Liner” with delicate glitter from mid-January 2023.
In addition, from the “Cezanne durable curl mascara” that strongly keeps upward eyelashes, a new color mascara will be released in advance at Hands, PLAZA, and LOFT* nationwide from the same day, and will be released in stores sequentially from early March. * Dealers only
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A mellow beige color appears in the glow liquid liner with a delicate sparkle. The new color “20 Moon Beige”, newly born from “Cezanne Glow Liquid Liner”, a popular lame liner that is easy to use even for adult women, has a delicate lame that melts into the eyes. Formulated with four familiar types of glitter. The water-based high-adhesion formula keeps the glitter from falling off and keeps a beautiful finish. The tip of the brush is extremely fine, so you can apply glitter with pinpoint accuracy. If you use your finger to blend it in, it will give you a natural glittery finish. The new color is more elegant than the existing clear type “10 Clear Sugar”, and is recommended for glitter beginners.
The first color mascara joins the lineup of powerful curling mascaras that can be used in 3 roles!
The new color “03 Mauve” is now available from “Cezanne Durable Curl Mascara”, which has been well received for its high staying power and the convenience of being able to use a single mascara base, mascara, and top coat. In order to respond to the voice of customers who said, “Isn’t it difficult to see if you use colored mascara?”
The mascara base color has a calm tone that tightens the eyes, while the exquisite mauve color gives the eyelashes a slightly sexy nuance. “Cezanne Glow Liquid Liner” 1 new color tax included ¥638/20 Moon Beige From the delicate glow liquid liner that melts into the eyes, a new color “20 Moon Beige” that elegantly colors the eyes of adults joins the ranks!
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-Product features-
●Fits around the eyes! Water-based high-adhesion formulation Two types of highly adhesive film agents are blended, and delicate glitter adheres firmly.
The moist texture of the water-based base makes it easy to apply, and it keeps the moisture even after a long time, so the finish is not crispy.
●Extra-fine brush
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An ultra-fine brush that makes it easy to apply lame with pinpoint accuracy Adopts an ultra-fine brush that allows pinpoint lame to be applied. With a firm brush that adjusts the skin contact, you can easily put glitter on places where you want to gather light, such as eye bags and eye creases.
Contains 3 types of beauty moisturizing ingredients
Contains sodium hyaluronate, bilberry leaf extract, and hibiscus flower extract. It is a prescription that considers the eyes that tend to be dry. No fragrance, no mineral oil, no tar dyes, no surfactants, no parabens -Color Introduction-
New color (1 color)
・20 Moon Beige
4 types of lame (2 types of yellow, silver, and brown) are added to a beige base that blends well with the skin.
Delicate lame like powdered sugar looks modest at first glance, but it sparkles beautifully to match your facial expression. When placed on the lower eyelid, the tear bag is completed. It gives off a subtle glow when you smile, so it’s recommended for adults who want to get rid of the dullness around their eyes.
Existing color (1 color)
・10 Clear Sugar: Versatile clear color that can be used with any eyeshadow color How to use
[Image 4

Recommended makeup coordination
[Image 5

Nuance On Eyeshadow “01 Warm Coral”
The new color “20 Moon Beige” is a perfect match with the 4-color eyeshadow palette “Nuance On Eyeshadow” that creates elegantly glossy eyes!
In particular, if you combine it with warm eye makeup such as terracotta or reddish colors, you will have a fashionable sense of the season.
“Cezanne Durable Curl Mascara” 1 new color (tax included) ¥638/03 Mauve A new color “03 Mauve” is now available from the powerful curl mascara that blocks bleeding and curl loss.
Mauve color that tightens the eyes and creates a calm tone while creating a nuanced eye area.
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-Product features-
●Strong curl
A special base prescription that contains a lightweight base with a shape-keeping component that holds its shape.
Creates curled, upward eyelashes and keeps them strong.
● Multi-proof * x Moisture-proof formula
In addition to water resistance and sebum resistance, it also has excellent moisture resistance, and strongly blocks panda eyes and curl loss even in humid environments when wearing a mask. Keeps beautiful eyelash makeup for a long time.
*Resistant to water, sweat, tears, and sebum
A multi-purpose mascara that can be used in 3 roles
A convenient 3-way specification that can be used not only as a curl mascara, but also as a mascara base and a finishing top coat. ●Fragrance-free, alcohol-free
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●Double comb for even application from roots to ends
*We recommend using “Mascara Remover” to remove “Durable Curl Mascara”. [Image 8

mascara remover
A mascara remover that easily removes stubborn mascara.
It quickly blends into the lashes and can easily remove stubborn waterproof mascara.
(Use hot water to remove mascara.)
Designed with the eye area in mind to prevent dripping. Contains 7 beauty moisturizing ingredients.

-Color Introduction-
New color
・03 Mauve
A gentle mauve color that gives the eyelashes an elegant and slightly sexy nuance.
The black base blends well with your own eyelashes, but it has an exquisite color that gives you a faint mauve.
Existing colors (3 colors)
[Image 9

From left: 00, 01, 02
Color types 01 and 02 contain fibers that add a long effect. ・00 Clear: A clear type that does not interfere with the color of the mascara that is layered on top.
・01 Black: Sheer black that naturally emphasizes the eyes
・02 Brown: Soft brown that softens and tightens the eyes
Recommended makeup coordination
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About Cezanne Cosmetics
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Always safe, always beautiful.
Cezanne Cosmetics is committed to quality and price that can be used every day, A total make-up brand that puts safety and security first.
The reason why Cezanne Cosmetics was born was the desire to provide high-quality, low-priced products to Japanese women. Half a century has passed since its birth in 1964. There are many long-selling items that have been on sale for over 10 years.
By eliminating wasteful packaging and using a common container, we have achieved a price that can be used every day. We do not cut corners on quality, we are particular about making all products made in Japan*1, we conduct patch tests*2 on all of our products, and we continue to make improvements based on customer feedback.
*1 Excluding miscellaneous goods *2 Excluding remover. This does not mean that skin irritation will not occur in everyone.
【Inquiries about the product】
Cezanne Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
TEL: 0120-55-8515 (Mon-Fri 9:00-17:30, excluding public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, and summer holidays)
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