Chance to get “Tokyo Banana” at UNIQLO Thanksgiving. Participate in a limited design ~!

Grapestone Co., Ltd.
Chance to get “Tokyo Banana” at UNIQLO Thanksgiving. Participate in a limited design ~!
November 18th (Friday) to 21st (Monday) Chance to get “Tokyo Banana UNIQLO Thanksgiving Limited Design” at UNIQLO Thanksgiving.

“Tokyo Banana World” developed by Grapestone Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) produced a special version “Tokyo Banana Uniqlo Thanksgiving Limited Design” in collaboration with UNIQLO Co., Ltd. in limited quantities. It will be presented to customers at UNIQLO Thanksgiving for four days from November 18th (Friday) to 21st (Monday), 2022. * It will end as soon as it runs out for the day. *UNIQLO Thanksgiving will be held from November 18th (Friday) to 28th (Monday).
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● Receive one “Tokyo Banana” at UNIQLO Thanksgiving Day!
“Tokyo Banana” will participate again in “Uniqlo Thanksgiving” ~! During the special event “National Confectionery Festival” held for 4 days from November 18th (Friday) to 21st (Monday), customers who visit UNIQLO stores will receive one “Tokyo Banana”. It will be done. Whether you are “nice to meet you” or “love Tokyo Banana”, please take this opportunity to “find” “winter fashion” and “Tokyo Banana” at UNIQLO. Please.
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[Present period] November 18th (Friday) to 21st (Monday), 2022 ● In connection with Thanksgiving, Tokyo Banana also has a special headband design!
We are giving away a special version made just for UNIQLO
Thanksgiving! “Tokyo Banana UNIQLO Thanksgiving Limited Design” is a packaging of the usual deliciousness of Tokyo Banana with a design only for UNIQLO Thanksgiving.
Instead of her trademark ribbon, she wears a bright red headband, and Tokyo Banana is in full swing. Tokyo Banana would be happy if we could give everyone a little bit of energy with the gentle taste of soft and fluffy bananas.
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●Let’s enjoy “Tokyo Banana” hot during this cold season! Try “Tokyo Banana French Toast”
There must be a lot of people who say “just eat” the Tokyo Banana they got. This time of year, I would like to recommend the official arrangement recipe “Tokyo Banana French Toast” that has spread among fans. Soak Tokyo Banana in milk and fry it in a buttered frying pan until it turns golden brown… Tokyo Banana turns into a hot sweet! It is an arrangement recipe with an irresistible crunchy texture. It’s perfect for breakfast and snacks, so please try it. Various arranged recipes are available on the Tokyo Banana World official website.
Product overview (not for sale)
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[Name] Tokyo Banana “Mitsuketa” UNIQLO Thanksgiving limited design * “Mitsuketa” can be omitted
[Gift location] UNIQLO Thanksgiving
*”Tokyo Banana Present” is not available at some stores and online stores. *For distribution store details, please check the UNIQLO website. ⇒
[Present period] November 18th (Friday) to 21st (Monday), 2022 *Present for customers visiting UNIQLO stores *Ends when supplies for the day run out
What is Tokyo Banana World?
[Image 5d25606-850-9ac8578772ccc1a9e115-1.jpg&s3=25606-850-5767c65717dc5459a2fd0d43d2732218-2362x1575.jpg
・Official HP
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“Tokyo Banana World” is a sweets brand that started with “Tokyo Banana”, the No. 1 Tokyo souvenir (*1), which was born in 1991 as a “new era Tokyo souvenir”. They have created a variety of sweets that are particular about the deliciousness of bananas, and have been awarded the “Delicious Banana Sweets Brand No. 1” (*2). Many Tokyo sweets that are loved by people of all ages are loved by tourists from Japan as well as overseas as “souvenirs that represent Japan.” *1: Ranked No. 1 in domestic souvenirs received from friends, colleagues, and family over the past year – INTAGE Co., Ltd. survey (survey period: February 5-7, 2019) –
*2: Japan Marketing Research Organization Survey Overview: Fiscal Year Ending March 2021_Brand Image Survey
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