Chance to win a set of “Ichiban Lab Detective Conan” A to G Awards! Detective Conan Seminar Twitter Campaign Starts Today!

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Chance to win a set of “Ichiban Lab Detective Conan” A to G Awards! Detective Conan Seminar Twitter Campaign Starts Today!

“Shogakukan Correspondence Education Detective Conan Seminar” operated by Shogakukan-Shueisha Production Co., Ltd. commemorates the appearance of the new concept lottery “Ichiban Lab Detective Conan”, which is cooperating in the production of the commentary, on November 25 ( “Detective Conan Seminar Twitter Follow & RT Campaign” has started from Friday)!
Commemorating the release of “Ichiban Lab Detective Conan”! Detective Conan seminar Twitter follow & RT campaign overview
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A chance to get all the A to G prizes of the new concept lottery “Ichiban Labo Detective Conan”!
Please take this opportunity to apply for the campaign and get a set of 7 A to G prizes!
Application period: Friday, November 25, 2022 to Wednesday, December 7, 23:59 How to apply: 1. Follow Detective Conan Seminar [Official]
(@conan_zemi) on Twitter
2. Retweet the corresponding tweet
●Prizes: 1. “Ichiban Lab Detective Conan” 7 prizes A to G for 1 person (We will present the prizes in the image. *Please note that you cannot choose the type of each prize.)
2. Detective Conan seminar original sticker 50 people
*We will only contact the winners. For details, please read the notes on the corresponding tweet.
* Please apply after checking the application rules from the official website (
“Shogakukan’s Correspondence Education Detective Conan Seminar” Members-only Project is Also Held!
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Application period: December 6, 2022 (Tuesday)-December 21 (Wednesday) 23:59 Application target: Members of the December 2022 issue of Detective Conan Seminar
(* During the application period, members of the December issue of the Detective Conan Seminar are eligible.)
● How to apply: You can apply from the dedicated form on the Detective Conan seminar member site.
Please look forward to the start of the guidance.
●Prizes: “Ichiban Labo Detective Conan” 7 prizes A to G 3 winners (* We will present the prizes in the image. Please note that you cannot choose the type of each prize.)
What is “Ichiban Labo Detective Conan”?
BANDAI SPIRITS Co., Ltd. (President: Nanou Udagawa, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) uses the anime “Detective Conan” to develop a new concept lottery “Ichiban Kuji”, a character lottery with no loses “Ichiban Labo” ”, “Ichiban Lab Detective Conan” will appear on December 9th (Friday). “Shogakukan Correspondence Education Detective Conan Seminar” cooperates with the production of commentaries from a unique perspective in order to answer familiar questions of children. 【Product Summary】
Release date: Scheduled to be released sequentially from Friday, December 9, 2022
Dealers: Seven-Eleven stores, Ito-Yokado stores
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 650 yen (10% tax included) Lineup: 26 types in all 7 grades + last one prize
[Prize A] Bow tie type voice changing machine Voice clock All 1 type [Prize B] Jumping Conan! Mochi Mochi Ball Cushion All 1 type [Prize C] Warm reversible blanket All 1 type
[Prize D] The background spreads out! ? All 4 types of glasses *Cannot be selected
[Prize E] Microfiber towel 5 types to choose from
[Prize F] Three primary color magic clear file set, 4 types to choose from [Prize G] Phosphorescent rubber charm 10 types *Cannot be selected [Last One Prize] Shinichi Jumps! Sticky ball cushion
[Double chance campaign] 1 type of bow tie voice changing machine voice clock (50 in total)
* The prize and package will be the same as the A prize.
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〇 Ichiban Kuji Club “Ichiban Lab Detective Conan” special page
*All prizes come with a commentary.
* Target age 8 years old and over
*Some stores may not handle it.
* Depending on the circumstances of the store, the handling may be canceled or the release date may differ.
It will end as soon as it is gone.
*The image may differ from the actual product.
*Contents posted are subject to change without notice.
* “Ichiban Kuji”, “Last One” and “Double Chance” are registered trademarks. “Detective Conan Seminar” cooperates in producing commentary books attached to all awards of “Ichiban Lab Detective Conan”!
“Why do people have different voices?” “Why does microfiber dry faster than cotton?”
Questions that arise in daily life, and an inquisitive mind that wants to know them. The attitude of questioning and inquiring is an important power that will be useful even when you grow up.
“Shogakukan’s Correspondence Education Detective Conan Seminar” cooperated with the production of the commentary for “Ichiban Lab Detective Conan” from the desire to value the inquiring minds of elementary school students and foster the ability to think for themselves.
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About “Shogakukan Correspondence Education Detective Conan Seminar” ―Correspondence course (teaching materials delivery)―
[Image 5

We offer a total of 6 courses from small 1 course to small 6 course. The workbooks delivered every month feature characters from “Detective Conan,” and are teaching materials that motivate children to learn. The workbook consists of “Japanese language”, “Arithmetic”, “Multi-subject problems” that learn across subjects including science and social studies (lifestyle studies), and “Thinking expert tools” that learn how to deepen thinking. increase.
“National Language” and “Arithmetic” each consist of a “basic” page navigated by Conan Edogawa and the Detective Boys, and an
“application” page navigated by Kaitou Kid and Shuichi Akai. has become
With a question format that is full of originality, such as problems using crossword puzzles and geometric problems that you learn by moving your hands, and the world view of “Detective Conan”, children are devised everywhere to work positively.
According to a member questionnaire survey conducted by Shogakukan’s correspondence education Detective Conan seminar in 2021, 90% (* 1.) of those who answered that they were “good to join” and answered that “the basics and basics will be established.” We have received high user satisfaction with the result of 90% (* 2.).
[Image 6

*1.Those who participated in the elementary school 1st course in the member survey conducted in May 2021 and answered “Very good, okay” to the question “Are you glad you joined the correspondence course?” ratio
* 2. Percentage of respondents who answered “I think so” or “I think so” in the member survey conducted in October 2021, “I can establish the basics and basics”
-Introduction of Nazotoki-
Detective Conan Seminar Nazotoki is a learning material that you can enjoy on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. There are two types of courses according to the grade of elementary school students: “Basic Course (target: 1st to 3rd grade)” and “Advanced Course (target: 4th to 6th grade)”. While watching the “Detective Conan” anime, a wide variety of puzzles that are useful for learning Japanese and math will be delivered. Each person has their own way of working, whether it is a child’s spare time or a reward for studying. There is no doubt that children will be able to concentrate on working on puzzles while watching carefully selected animations! It is a teaching material only for the Detective Conan seminar that can be enjoyed by parents and children.
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■ Detective Conan seminar Nazotoki target
Basic course: (1st grade to 3rd grade)
Advanced Course: (4th grade to 6th grade)
■ 5 powers that you can acquire with “Nazotoki”
“Spatial cognition” Ability to correctly grasp planes and solids “Reasoning ability” The ability to derive an answer from regularity and calculation
“Reading comprehension” Ability to use vocabulary and read and understand sentences
“Logical ability” Ability to think logically based on clues
“Intuition” The power to create inspiration
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[Image 9

Shogakukan’s Correspondence Education Detective Conan Seminar official website has released a trial workbook (download version) for about a week and a trial version of Nazotoki.
Shogakukan’s distance learning Detective Conan Seminar is operated by Shogakukan Shueisha Production Co., Ltd.
◎ Click here for Shogakukan’s Correspondence Education Detective Conan Seminar Official Website
● Correspondence education / Trial of Mysterious Toki is here
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