Charcoal-grilled Yakitori Oogiya Yokohama Kannai store, remodeled open on 11/25 (Friday)! Three skewers of yakitori grilled with passion by a chef are available for 30 yen to commemorate the opening! !

Via Holdings Co., Ltd.
Charcoal-grilled Yakitori Oogiya Yokohama Kannai store, remodeled open on 11/25 (Friday)! Three skewers of yakitori grilled with passion by a chef are available for 30 yen to commemorate the opening! !

Ogiya East Japan Co., Ltd. and Ogiya West Japan Co., Ltd.
(Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Jiro Nakai), which operate about 200 stores nationwide, mainly “Yakitori no Ogiya”, have remodeled the traditional Ogiya, and opened a new store from Kannai Station on the JR Line. The Yokohama Kannai store, which is a 3-minute walk away, will be remodeled and opened as “Charcoal-grilled Yakitori Oogiya”. The Yokohama Kannai store opened in 2007 and has been open for 15 years, and has been supported by many customers, mainly office workers and residents living in the area, for charcoal-grilled yakitori grilled by a master. In this remodeling, it coincides with the timing of the 30th anniversary of Ougiya, and we will make it even more popular than before as a remodeling business format “Charcoal Grilled Yakitori Oogiya” that integrates our knowledge, experience and technology so far so that it will be loved by local customers. We welcome our customers with our charcoal-grilled yakitori, which pursues deliciousness, a bright store environment where you can spend time with peace of mind, and lively and energetic service.
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Opening commemorative service
We offer “Yakitori 3 Yakitori” (one plate per person).
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3 commitments
1. Commitment to “domestic chicken”
We provide safe and secure domestic chicken every day
2. Commitment to “hand-made skewers in the store”
  Transforming our love for yakitori into deliciousness
3. Commitment to charcoal grilling
   Please enjoy our special charcoal-grilled yakitori
Best 3 I want you to eat only this
・Ogiyaki: 160 yen (176 yen with tax)
A domestic brand of chicken that is skewered in-house and wrapped around the skin, with a crispy surface and a juicy charcoal-grilled meat that you can enjoy.
[Image 3d54788-66-1cd3084201f084d39496-5.jpg&s3=54788-66-c757c4fe848621d0b92b6394b51137b9-3900x2194.jpg
・Awarded the highest award Grand Prix 2 sticks of original Baliteva 300 yen (330 yen including tax)
Ogiya’s famous bariteba, which won the grand prize at the Tebasaki Summit (R) 2022 (8th) held every year in Nagoya, the home of fried chicken wings. Twice-fried crunchy texture and sweet and spicy spices are addictive.
[Image 4d54788-66-38dcc287fb0dc4a3fa3f-2.jpg&s3=54788-66-73c7fa36b1e55f392b01cde75c35fb32-960x540.jpg
・Charcoal Grilled Neo Kushiyaki: From 180 yen (195 yen including tax) You can order from a single charcoal-grilled skewer, from the standard menu to creative menu items. I might be able to discover my favorite skewers! ?
[Image 5d54788-66-c584d401063efd029b47-3.jpg&s3=54788-66-9296adbcf1d3924f9e823cbb6348c9b4-1444x812.jpg
In addition, there are about 70 dishes on the menu, such as a dish that goes well with alcohol and a feast that can be enjoyed by the whole family.
From Yakitori Ogiya to Charcoal-grilled Oogiya
In this remodeling, in order to renew the brand image so far, the logo uses “white” that is associated with light and innocence, “orange” that is associated with energy and appetite, and “black” that is honest. , “Ogiya”, which had been written in kanji until now, has been written in katakana as “Oogiya”, so that the attitude of
“Charcoal-grilled Oogiya” that goes straight to the charcoal-grilled grill, and dishes and services that will enrich the hearts of customers. expressed. In addition, the interior of the store has been redesigned to be brighter and more spacious than before, so that families can relax, and the appearance of the store can be seen from the outside. The food is also the same as before, and you can enjoy the best charcoal-grilled yakitori with peace of mind, as you can see the yakitori grilled by Ogiya’s proud yakitori from the audience. Furthermore, this year, Ogiya’s specialty Bariteba won the Grand Prix, the highest award, at the 8th Chicken Wing Summit (R) 2022. The appearance, interior and logo have been renewed, and the cuisine and service have been refined more than ever, so you can enjoy it as a yakitori restaurant that can be enjoyed by all generations.
 Future renewals and store openings will be based on the remodeled “Charcoal-grilled Yakitori Oogiya” and will be progressively promoted according to the characteristics of the region and location. store information
Charcoal-grilled chicken Oogiya Yokohama Kannai store
Location: Sugiyama Building 1F, 2-3-1 Horai-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Phone number: 045-250-1502
Business hours: Weekdays and days before holidays 11:30-23:00       Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 15:00-23:00
Operating company
Company name: Ogiya East Japan Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 519 Tsurumaki-cho, Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Jiro Nakai, President and CEO
Established: July 2001
Capital: 50 million yen
Store information:
Ogiya East Japan Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Via Holdings, operates “Bincho Ogiya” and “Yakitori no Ogiya.”
We operate and develop “Honjin Kushiya” and “Oogiya and Una Toto”. Details about this release:

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