CHET Group Popular V singers gather! The compilation cover album “V-TUNE ~ANISON~” adds limited songs for distribution, and the ban on subscribing is finally lifted!

CHET Group
Much-talked-about V singer gathers! The compilation cover album “V-TUNE ~ANISON~” adds limited songs for distribution, and the ban on subscribing is finally lifted!

CHET Group Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Koike, hereinafter referred to as CHET), which develops IP with the power of “creativity x technology”, has created a compilation album “V-TUNE ~” by seven popular V singers. ANISON~” has started
distribution of a flat-rate music streaming service (subscription). [Image 1d58915-226-72428063e91fe23240c5-0.jpg&s3=58915-226-f91b3bb1bf75c3f175c686de901a08b6-1500x1500.jpg

About the album
V-singer Upsilon casts V-singers for an anisong compilation album “V-TUNE ~ANISON~”.
Upsilon, Tama Kuon, Riririsaki, Kanon Masana, Umi Yuugasaki, Kokone Suzushiro, and Kasane Hibiki cover popular anime songs with their unique singing voices.
On April 27, 2022, it was released at more than 100 stores nationwide, including Tower Records, HMV, and Village Vanguard, and entered the Oricon TOP chart, making the VTuber world lively.
The popular album that caused a stir has finally lifted the ban on subs. In addition, one collaboration song sung by all seven members has been added for distribution only.
This is an irresistible album for anime song lovers.
Please listen by all means at this opportunity.
Stream here ↓
■ V-TUNE ~ANISON~ spin-off work, “V-TUNE mini” will also be distributed! [Image 2d58915-226-d2eceb3842612c47f226-1.jpg&s3=58915-226-b374d7312605e3c432174fe2c080a17c-3900x3900.jpg
Himari Shichigosan, Hina Shirogane, and Suzu Otomiya participated in the collaboration song of “V-TUNE ~ANISON~”.
The album “V-TUNE mini”, which contains solo songs and collaboration songs, will be released on November 12th, with the three of them as the main members.
Both are must-listen.
Stream here ↓
Participating artists
■ Kuon Tama ■
Twitter ■ Umi Yuuzaki ■
■ Dignified Saki ■
■ Kokotsuki ■
■ Masahana ■
■Collaboration Participation■
Suzu Otomiya Twitter
Shirogane Hina Twitter
-About Zooo Records-
[Image 3d58915-226-5ba24aecf5c1ab7d028f-2.png&s3=58915-226-536ca38a5d08870b14790b312043c3a3-800x188.png
“Zooo record” is a music label specializing in “Virtual Artists” such as VTuber and VSinger operated by CHET.
In addition to producing original songs and compilation albums, we will transmit a wide range of music activities by VTuber and VSinger, centering on live event planning, CD sales, and music distribution through various distribution services.
-Company Profile-
Company name: CHET Group Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yusuke Koike, Representative Director and CEO Location: Yamate Building 2F, 3-14-35 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Established: May 2020
Business description: Management and operation of corporate groups through ownership of stocks, etc., platform construction and operation, IP management and investment, corporate investment, digital agent, creative production, overseas expansion support
■ Recruit
We are looking for creators and partners to support VSinger’s activities. ・Song Creator
・Video creator
Click here to apply ↓
If you want to be active as a liver, Qooo!!
We provide full support so that even inexperienced people can continue to enjoy themselves.
Click here for application and details ↓
-Inquiries regarding this document-
CHET Group Public Relations Manager

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