Children grow up fast! Do you rent every time? Or is it a season rental? Rental ski is also a sub-Sook era. Started ski set season rental.

Nippon Ski Resort Development Co., Ltd.
Children grow up fast! Do you rent every time? Or is it a season rental? Rental ski is also a sub-Sook era. Started ski set season rental.
“Children grow fast and the size of ski equipment changes every year, so it’s hard.” We will support such worries.

Spicy Co., Ltd. (Location: Hakuba Village, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano Prefecture; President: Masanobu Tsukagoshi) is a ski/snowboard rental company that operates ski/snowboard rentals mainly in the Hakuba area of ​​Nagano Prefecture (Happo, Wadano, Iwatake, Ryuo). We are a snowboard rental shop company.
In recent years, rental equipment has diversified along with inbound demand, and we have skis and snowboards that meet the needs of beginners to advanced skiers, from high-performance skis and snowboards according to snow quality to rental gear for children. The number of entries from domestic families and young people is decreasing year by year, and through the “NSD Kids Program” to create future winter sports users, we have started a ski set season rental for children only.
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Rental Spicy (Hakuba)
●About season rental
Kids program season rental supports such worries as “children grow fast and the size changes every year.” It can be rented in just the right size according to the child’s growth.
*The ski set will be handed out during the season. Please manage it yourself and return it after the season ends.
[Benefits of season rental]
1. You can rent a perfect size ski set during the season according to your growth.
2. No need to stop by the rental shop every time you go to the ski resort. 3. It’s a shortcut to improve because it’s the same familiar equipment for each season rather than different equipment every time.
4. Maintenance completed at the time of rental.
[Season rental price]
Kids season rental ski set 9,800 yen (tax included) ~
*Available in limited quantities. We will close the application as soon as we run out.
*Shipping to your home will incur a shipping fee. Please select shipping when applying.
* To apply, you need to register for the NSD Kids Program and register as a new member of the Spicy Reservation Site.
・Application period
Until November 30, 2022
[Available period]
From the date of pick-up until the end of the 2022/23 winter season. [Receipt at stores/ski resorts]
It is possible to pick up and return at the following places only. ◆ Spicy Happo
◆Spicy Wadano store
◆Kashimayari Ski Resort Central Plaza 1130
Tsugaike Mountain Resort Village Tsugaike 2F Salomon Station
◆ Ryuoo Ski Park (Spicy Ryuoo branch)
◆ Sugadaira Kogen Snow Resort Grand Lift Next Hare Ski Resort Office 1st Floor Counter
* It is necessary to select a pick-up location at the time of application. [Receipt by delivery]
If you would like to receive your order by delivery, an additional delivery charge will be added when you place your order.
Please note that if you place an order with “delivery (round trip)”, we will not be able to issue a refund even if it is returned at a store, etc.
* Products will be shipped sequentially between December 1st and 10th, 2022. *Delivery destinations are limited to Japan.
[About return]
・The rental period is until the end of the 2022-23 season.
・Please return the product to one of the pick-up locations. No advance notice is required.
・Please contact the Spicy Wadano store for returns.
If you did not select “delivery (round trip)” when ordering, please bear the shipping fee yourself.
〒399-9301 4672-3 Hokujo, Hakuba-mura, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano Prefecture Spicy Wadano store TEL 0261-72-2857
●NSD Kids Program Contents of support
Take advantage of the NSD Kids Program, which offers free lift season tickets for elementary school students and younger (ages 4 to 12) at 10 ski resorts in Shiga, Gifu, Niigata, Nagano, Gunma, and Miyagi prefectures. Experience skiing and snowboarding.
[Image 2

1.10 Free lift season ticket for skiing anywhere
Season tickets for children (4 to 12 years old and below elementary school age) are available. With My Ticket for children, you can experience all 10 designated ski resorts as many times as you want during the season.
* Season ticket card issuance fee of 1,500 yen is required at the time of application. (Credit card payment only)
Application period: Until November 30, 2022
Recruitment number: Limited to the first 30,000 people
[Image 3

2. Children’s rentals are offered at a special price
At ski resorts where NSD Kids Program is held, in addition to seasonal rentals, we offer well-maintained rental gear at special rates for children registered in this program.
*Ski resort rental shops that can be used at special prices are specified by the ski resort.
●If you’re coming to Hakuba, rent the entire building, with ski and snowboard rentals included!
Staying space in Hakuba “Spicy Chalet”
A chalet is a wooden mountain hut-style building that is often seen in the Alps region such as Switzerland.In recent years, it has been attracting attention as a new luxury lodging style at snow mountain resorts all over Japan.
Unlike a hotel as a representative accommodation facility, there is no common area with other guests as the whole building is rented, so you can feel more privacy and relaxation, making it suitable for workcations.
[Image 4

Whole building rental accommodation facility
[Accommodation details/reservations]
(1F) LDK, 60 inch TV, bathroom, washbasin/toilet, dry room (with washer/dryer) (2F) 4 bedrooms (2 double beds, 4 semi-double beds)
Air conditioning installed in all rooms
Accommodation fee: Weekdays 68,000 yen (tax included) ~
Check-in: from 15:00 Check-out: from 10:00
[Image 5

【Use scene】
・Travel with 2 families or 3 generations
There are toilets and showers on each floor, and there are 2 double beds and 4 semi-double beds. It can also be used for trips with three generations of a family or trips with a friend’s family.
・Ski trip in a group of good friends
It can accommodate up to 8 people, making it perfect for a ski trip with friends.
[Accommodation privilege]
[Rental ski set/snowboard set included]
For guests who do not have skiing equipment, we will provide equipment free of charge. You can change skis and snowboards anytime during your stay. As an option menu, we also offer wax that matches the snow. *Normal ski/snowboard rental fee: 4,800 yen/adult, 3,200 yen/day for children Other clothing and helmets will be offered at discounted prices. The rental store also has a large selection of merchandise, so you can come empty-handed without worry!
[Image 6d31800-58-e9853e35ec7c8f3cb72e-5.jpg&s3=31800-58-c4a7a1a7eca03c22a406c03542226c8f-3856x2657.jpg
Anti-infectious disease countermeasure Kino Shield Whole antibacterial Kinoshield antibacterial construction is applied to all products and facilities that may come into contact with customers, such as rental wear, chalet accommodation facilities, stores, and courtesy cars that Spicy rents out. The Kinoshield coating agent used in many commercial facilities and accommodation facilities combines titanium oxide (photocatalyst TiO2), silver ion (Ag+), platinum (Pt), etc., and has antiviral, antibacterial, and deodorizing effects. Demonstrate. In order to protect the health of customers and employees as well as the safety of the local community, Spicy Co., Ltd. is operating with measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus at each ski resort / facility. There are places that can be temporarily crowded, such as restaurants, gondolas, and ropeways. For these areas, we are thoroughly implementing measures such as disinfection, ventilation, and antibacterial construction, and we ask for your cooperation in ensuring that customers also pay close attention to wearing masks. We will continue to strive to prevent infection so that you can experience the wonders of nature with peace of mind.
[Image 7d31800-58-c01153189c72ca4f4a0f-6.jpg&s3=31800-58-9b206f6f08d0b92e4440937bb2e34afd-1766x1179.jpg
Rental & Shop Spicy Wadano Branch
* Spicy Co., Ltd. is a group of Nippon Ski Resort Development Co., Ltd. Details about this release:


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