“Children’s Benefits-New Enrollment Support 2022-” Survey Results International NGO Save the Children

Public Interest Incorporated Association Save the Children Japan “Children’s Benefits-New Enrollment Support 2022-” Survey Results [International NGO Save the Children]
Approximately 80% of junior high and high school guardians answered that “uniform fee” was a particularly burdensome expense: the national average is junior high: 75,630 yen, high school: 89,602 yen

International NGO Save the Children Japan (Chairman: Junichiro Ida, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as Save the Children) specializing in child support, as part of its efforts to solve the problem of child poverty We have announced the results of a questionnaire survey of households using the “Children’s Benefits-New School Support 2022-” conducted in the spring of 2022.

https://www.savechildren.or.jp/scjcms/dat/img/blog/3843/1668667218674.pdf – What was revealed from the survey results – (Number of valid responses: 349 households, 631 households with valid responses only for 1 and 2)
68% of the households using the benefits answered that “either the eligible child or guardian has an illness or disability.” *
27.6% of the households using the subsidy responded that “the subject child is caring for a sick or disabled family member who lives with them on a daily basis.” *
Regarding expenses related to graduation and attending school, 77.5% of the guardians of junior high school and high school freshmen answered “uniform fee” as a cost that felt particularly burdensome. The national averages for school uniforms and athletic wear for junior high school students and high school students were 75,630 yen and 89,602 yen, respectively. The average amount in the Kanto region was the highest, about 10,000 yen higher than the national average, and more than 15,000 yen higher than the national average.
Of the 1 guardians who answered that they were using the tuition assistance system, 68.9% answered that the tuition assistance system “does not cover much” or “does not cover the cost of school at all.” 44.1% of 1st grade guardians answered that their child may not be able to continue attending high school due to economic reasons. Among them, 23.7% answered that “school trip expenses” were the biggest burden in continuing their studies.
*This time, “Children’s Benefits ~New Enrollment Support 2022~” will be applied to children or guardians who have illnesses or
disabilities, children who take care of family members, those who have difficulty communicating in Japanese, and those who are residing in Japan. It targets households who are not eligible or who are applying for refugee status. (For details, see page 3, “Reference Materials” Eligible Condition B).
Based on these results, Save the Children has decided to encourage the national government, related ministries and agencies, and local governments to increase public spending on children, including educational expenses, in the medium to long term, in order to guarantee children’s rights. In addition to requesting the national government, related ministries and agencies, and local governments to promptly take measures for the following as urgent issues to be addressed.
Proposal 1: Investigate the actual situation of regional differences in the burden of private expenses related to school attendance and share examples of initiatives
Proposal 2: Grasp the actual situation of children in more difficult situations and strengthen support
Proposal 3: Review to reduce the burden of private expenses related to school attendance, spread awareness of school attendance assistance, improve application methods, and increase the amount of benefits Proposal 4: Expanding financial support for high school students – extending the eligibility age for new entrance fee benefits and child allowances
Proposal 5: Additional budgetary measures for high school student scholarships, improvement of operation methods
-Future activities based on the results of this survey-
Based on the results of this survey, Save the Children will encourage the national government and local governments to implement the recommendations in order to improve policies and measures for children and child-rearing households in economically difficult situations. increase. We also plan to work on social enlightenment through holding seminars and disseminating information. In January 2023, we plan to start accepting applications for “Child Benefits-New School Support 2023-”.
-Efforts of Save the Children to solve the problem of child poverty in Japan- From 2016 to 2021, Save the Children implemented a benefit project in Yamada Town, Iwate Prefecture, and Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture (also implemented in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture from 2020). By 2021, we have helped a total of 2,606 children with some of the costs related to their new admissions, and delivered a total of 1,278 children with stipends to support their high school life. From 2022, the target will be expanded nationwide, and we will continue to implement the child benefit project related to new enrollment. * 2021 “Child Benefits-New Enrollment Support / High School Life Support 2021-” User Questionnaire Survey Results
・ Digest version:
・Full version: https://www.savechildren.or.jp/news/publications/download/tohoku_202108_full.pdf -Overview of Save the Children-
Save the Children is an international NGO that works to create a world where children’s rights to live, grow, be protected and participate are realized. Founded in England in 1919, it currently carries out child support activities in 120 countries around the world. In Japan, Save the Children Japan was established in 1986 and has been developing activities both in Japan and overseas.
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