Children’s Living Co., Ltd. Convenient and cheap, which hotel would you like to stay at when traveling with children? / Occupancy rate No. 1 is “Tokyu Hotels”, Overall satisfaction No. 1 is “Mitsui Garden Hotel”

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Convenient and cheap, which hotel would you like to stay at when traveling with children? / Occupancy rate No. 1 is “Tokyu Hotels”, Overall satisfaction No. 1 is “Mitsui Garden Hotel”
A survey on “hotels for traveling with children” conducted by Shirmil Research Institute’s web content “Children’s Research” (2022)
Kodomo Ribing Co., Ltd. (located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuhiro Nakajima), which publishes information magazines for kindergarten children, moms and dads, “Enfan” and “Gyutte”, is developing a research business as “Sirumir Research Institute”. increase. At the “Silmir Research Institute”, we conduct a research project “Children’s Research” targeting moms and dads nationwide and disseminate it as web content. The theme of the 41st survey is about “hotels for traveling with children” selected by moms and dads nationwide. We conducted a survey in September 2022 and asked people with children about their usage rate and level of satisfaction. [Image 1

[Click here for Enfan Web article] #41 Hotel for traveling with children
More than 90% of people have traveled with children, and the accommodation facilities are “general hotels” and “ryokans”
With the implementation of nationwide travel support, interest in domestic travel is increasing. In this survey, 308 people who have children under elementary school age nationwide answered. 90.9% of the respondents answered that they have traveled with children of elementary school age or younger with an overnight stay. Regarding the experience of using accommodation facilities, 83.9% of them have used “general hotel, business hotel, leisure hotel”, 62.9% “ryokan”, 27.1% “luxury hotel”, 18.9% “campsite”, and 17.5% “leisure facility”. Yes (multiple answers). This time, we asked about satisfaction levels centering on “general hotels, business hotels, and leisure hotels,” which had the most experience.
◆ “Tokyu Hotels” ranked first in utilization rate, and “Mitsui Garden Hotel” ranked first in overall satisfaction.
“Hotel for traveling with children” chosen by mothers and fathers nationwide is “Tokyu Hotels” (Table 1). The hotel also received an award for price satisfaction). “Dormy Inn” (Table 4) ranked first in repeat rate. Here are the user reviews of each hotel.
[Image 2

table 1
[Image 3

Table 2
[Image 4

Table 3
[Image 5

Table 4
“I have a Tokyu card, so I can collect points. The location is good and convenient.” (40s, Kanagawa Prefecture)
[Mitsui Garden Hotel user’s voice] “It’s convenient because it’s right next to the facility I visit regularly. I like the breakfast buffet because I feel that it’s particular.” (30s, Tokyo)
[Comment from a Dormy Inn user] “There are large public baths with hot springs, and depending on the location, there are saunas, and ice cream and lactic acid beverages are available. There is a night barking soba service.” (30s, Kanagawa Prefecture)
When choosing a hotel for traveling with children, “location”, “cheapness” and “improvement of services for children” are emphasized The most common reason for staying at a hotel with children was “good access to the desired facility” (66.3%). Next, “Experience the extraordinary” (49.6%) and “Favorite or desired hotel” (36.1%) also ranked in (multiple answers allowed). It turns out that one of the purposes is to stay at your favorite hotel.
On the other hand, when choosing a hotel that they frequently visit, the most important things are “convenient location”, “cheap”, “good services for children”, “buffet”, and “hot springs and large public baths”. was the top (graph below).
[Image 6

◆ We are particular about beds, meals, and activities, and there are differences depending on the number and age of children.
When asked about the points they are particular about when using a hotel, they answered, “The size of the bed should be a king size so that everyone can sleep together, or if there are only twin beds, ask if you can put two beds together. (Aichi Prefecture, 30s), “We focused on the fact that the beds are low and the rooms are of the type where you have to take off your shoes to enter. Also, if meals are included in the plan, children should eat. There are many comments about beds and meals, such as “Is there something you can buy?” (30s, Hyogo Prefecture).
In addition, there are many people who place importance on activities within the hotel. “Because of the age difference between my siblings, it’s hard to plan a trip. It’s fun if there’s a buffet or a swimming pool in the hotel.” Traveling with a small child can be difficult, but you can also make memories of small conversations with hotel staff who look after you warmly and people who are also traveling with children. I would like to go again.” (30s, Hokkaido). We learned that the number of children and the age of the children differ in the emphasis placed on the hotel.
[Table 2: ]
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Kodomo Ribingu Co., Ltd. is a media that develops “research business” for women and people with children, such as issuing information magazines “Enfan” and “Gyutte” for kindergarteners and moms and dads in the Shogakukan Group, and women research. I am a business operator. “Children’s research” will continue to conduct surveys on various themes and announce them as content on the Enfan Web. We also propose the use of award-winning logos and survey data to award-winning companies. The award-winning logo can be used in a wide range of ways, including storefront tools, business negotiation materials, brand sites, and search engines. Please contact us for more information. Survey items can also be downloaded from the following URL.
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