Children’s Smiling Project Occupational experience-based dietary education program “Vegetable harvesting experience and thinning experience at an organic farm”

[Children’s Smiling Project] Occupational experience-based dietary education program “Vegetable harvesting experience and thinning experience at an organic farm”
November 6 (Sun) Watami Farm Sanmu Farm, Hyuga no Mori (Sanmu City, Chiba Prefecture)

The Children’s Smiling Project (subsidized by The Nippon Foundation) is promoting the provision of a “work experience-type dietary education program” for diverse children.
As part of this activity, on November 6th (Sunday), we harvested vegetables at an organic farm together with cooperating companies Watami Co., Ltd., Watami Farm Co., Ltd., Save Earth Foundation, and Kamichiku Group, which agree with the purpose of this project. Watami Farm Yamatake Farm (Chiba Prefecture) offers an “Organic Farming Experience and Thinning Experience” where you can learn about sustainable agriculture by eating and learning about the necessity of forestry and the importance of biodiversity through tree pruning and thinning. Yokota, Sanmu City) and Hyuga no Mori (Mori, Sanmu City, Chiba Prefecture), with 20 children from Ota Ward, Tokyo
On the day, we learned about organic farming with the farm staff and actually harvested vegetables. On this day, we tried harvesting sweet potatoes, taro, carrots, spinach, and ginger.
We ate curry and rice made with vegetables from the farm, and as part of a dietary education program on meat, we listened to stories about the flow from farming to meat processing and eating it on the dining table, and compared the tastes of domestic and foreign beef. rice field.
In the afternoon, the children entered the forest, listened to a talk about forestry, and experienced tree thinning using a saw to pruning and pulling a rope to pull down a tree about 20m in height.
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[Image 2d53407-17-95cd91923dd5bc868f8b-1.jpg&s3=53407-17-ad49be4c6b6e79fca47f6c4b9ef31886-2048x1365.jpg
Noriko Momose of Watami Co., Ltd., a cooperating company this time, said, “I want you to feel a lot of nature and love nature.”
In addition, Ms. Sakiko Hoshino of the Kamichiku Group said, “Continuing food education programs is important for society and for companies.”
The Children’s Smiling Project delivers the experience of “food” and “jobs” related to food, which are necessary for children’s mental and physical growth, and promotes sustainable development through understanding of the various initiatives of food companies and contributions to the community. We will promote activities to expand the circle of such support, with the aim of building a system that aims to create a society that is more social.
State of the day
7:30 Bus departure
The bus leaves for Chiba, where there is an organic farm.
On the train, Watami staff talked about organic farming and food waste, and learned what they can do to promote ethical consumption. 9:30 Farm tour/harvesting experience
After arriving at the farm, we harvested sweet potatoes, taro, carrots, and ginger from the soil.
At the greenhouse, we harvested spinach as part of our leaf harvest experience. In each field, we listened to the cultivation process of each vegetable and learned how vegetables are cultivated.
[Image 3d53407-17-cae1a4a9b544d8d8c483-2.jpg&s3=53407-17-bcd0a4d7ef7547fdf70a53a9654458c7-2048x1365.jpg
12:00 Meat learning and lunch
While eating curry made with farm-harvested vegetables for lunch, we learned about the livestock industry and wagyu beef through
picture-story shows and quizzes by Kamichiku Group staff.
After that, we had a taste comparison experience of wagyu beef and foreign beef. [Image 4d53407-17-5200e31a622be76ee282-3.jpg&s3=53407-17-5f875c0958ae173f4eebb23f12e22d55-2048x1365.jpg
13:55 Forest thinning experience
After receiving an explanation about forestry from the staff of the Save Earth Foundation and the Chiba Forestry Cooperative, the participants went into the forest and experienced pruning to grow trees.
After that, they saw and experienced thinning, in which trees are cut and pulled with a rope.
[Image 5d53407-17-273b309e4ccb3631db15-4.jpg&s3=53407-17-3db8ffffdfd93481c8e49a81320658fb-2048x1365.jpg
18:15 Dissolution
We returned to Tokyo by bus and got a coaster made from forest thinnings as a souvenir.
The children who participated said, “It was fun to get in touch with nature,” and “It’s sad that delicious things get thrown away. I want to eliminate (food loss).”
[Image 6d53407-17-fbe9cf0fc2adda379b09-5.jpg&s3=53407-17-98bc41fa23b2ab9113eeeb3344cb23ca-1933x1166.jpg
It was a day of experiencing agriculture, livestock farming, and forestry, and learning about sustainable agriculture, forestry, and the importance of food.
Cooperating companies: Watami Co., Ltd., Watami Farm, Kamichiku Group, Save Earth Foundation
What is the Children’s Smiling Project?
Focusing on children who go to children’s cafeterias, etc., we will implement a food education program on ethical consumption and build a relationship of trust with a network that supports children in real and digital.
A system that aims to create a sustainable society by delivering experiences such as “food” and “jobs” related to food that are necessary for children’s mental and physical growth, and by
understanding the various efforts of food companies and contributing to the community. We aim to build a
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