Chino City, Nagano Prefecture We will hold an event to promote and sell the charm of Chino City in the Tachikawa area.

Chino City
An event will be held to promote and sell the appeal of Chino City in the Tachikawa area.

Yatsugatake POP UP SHOP, which was well received last year, is back with a power up.
Introduces sales of special products (apples, craft beer, buckwheat noodles, bacon, etc.) from Chino City, Nagano Prefecture, which can be reached in about 100 minutes from the Tachikawa area and the foot of Mt. increase. Please come and visit us.
Aiming for Chino City to be “a city chosen by young people”, we aim to create a non-resident population and a related population. We will open a limited-time pop-up shop “8 Peaks market – Chino City, Nagano Prefecture -” with the aim of improving awareness and promoting visits.
8 Peaks market -Chino City, Nagano Prefecture-
November 23 (Wednesday/holiday) to 27 (Sunday), 2022 10:00-20:00 place
Lumine Tachikawa 2 East Concourse
(Address: 2-1-1 Akebonocho, Tachikawa, Tokyo)
(1) Product sales
・Sales of specialty products from the foot of Mt. Yatsugatake, such as Chino apples, craft beer, and bacon
[Image 1d67875-55-9be6b1d9a4ecaea645d3-1.png&s3=67875-55-2f4ae6d353db101c5037ec4f358e0d8e-800x530.png
Shinshu apples
[Image 2d67875-55-21af9bcf866fe265b702-2.jpg&s3=67875-55-93f2f4d8658dc0b020badd65212b0955-2105x1403.jpg
craft beer
[Image 3d67875-55-721d18031dc67b793f56-3.jpg&s3=67875-55-d4cf5d4ad5f9e4e3b9f6c29605ebc6f8-750x750.jpg
[Image 4d67875-55-e9c951a40f050fca0acc-4.png&s3=67875-55-b1044ade6be710c527d3496e737208f7-800x530.png
Shinshu soba
(2) Attraction promotion at tourism PR booths
・Winter tourism PR including Chino City
(3) Sending out information from Chino City
・PR for disseminating information that conveys the charm of Chino City, such as hometown tax payment and Fun! Yatsugatake
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