Chocolate Co., Ltd. Chocolate’s next-generation character label “CHOCOLATE CHARACTER LABEL” has started. Recruitment of creators also started

Chocolate Co., Ltd.
Next-generation character label “CHOCOLATE CHARACTER LABEL” by chocolate started. Recruitment of creators also started

Content studio CHOCOLATE Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yusuke Watanabe, hereinafter referred to as Chocolate) creates, nurtures and supports the next generation of characters “CHOCOLATE CHARACTER LABEL” (abbreviation: C / C / L) ) was launched today on November 7th. In addition to the characters “Racco”, “Ketakuma”, “Blue Ham Ham”, “Opanchu Usagi”, and “Npo Cham”, which are currently produced and managed by our company, the 6-year-old puppet “Puppet Sunsun” is newly added to this label. In addition to participating in , we are also looking for creators who will work together to create the next generation of characters.
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■ “CHOCOLATE CHARACTER LABEL” announcement date:
Tuesday, November 8, 2022
■ “CHOCOLATE CHARACTER LABEL” introduction movie URL:

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A label that creates, nurtures, and supports the next generation of characters. Together with various creators, we aim to create characters that will continue to be loved all over the world.
About character creators
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■ Otters (Author: Takada Bear)
Cheerful sea otters. Full of curiosity.
Official website:
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■ Keguma (Author: Takada Bear)
“Kekakuma” for short.
Moving vigorously is my purpose in life.
Official website:
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■ Blue Ham Ham (Author: Yasushi Arimura)
A “space hamster” that lives by eating sounds. Unfortunately, he got lost during his trip to Earth and was picked up by Earthlings. Eating various sounds of human society, I was surprised at the deliciousness. My dream is to enjoy various kinds of music from all over the world.
Official site:
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■ Panty Rabbit (Author: Poor ni!)
Panty rabbits are creatures that live on Earth.
I’m not very blessed.
I feel like crying at any moment, but I will live wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly.
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■ Npochamu (Author: Poor ni!)
Npochamu is Yogurt Fairy Dayo!
Currency is using macaroons! (Other people are using Yen, so Npo-Cham can’t go shopping!)
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■ Puppet Sun Sun
6 year old puppet.
He lives in Tuhok, a land of puppets full of mysteries. I like to sing and dance.
Business development example of “CHOCOLATE CHARACTER LABEL”
Various genres such as SNS operation, merchandise development, holding limited-time pop-ups, holding collaboration cafes, collaboration items with apparel brands, song collaborations with overseas artists, commercials, MV / TV appearances, LINE stamp sales, etc. We will promote activities together with creators.
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Details about this release:


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