Chocolate workshop & self-cafe opens at Salon de Te Nagoya France Asahi Nagakute store

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Chocolate workshop & self-cafe opens at Salon de Te Nagoya France Asahi Nagakute store
Salon de Te, which offers freshly baked and freshly made sweets Nagoya France Asahi Nagakute store Chocolate workshop / self-cafe Opened in the same store on Friday, November 18, 2022

It is the main brand of Igetado Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture; President: Takeshi Hattori).
“Nagoya France” is a chocolate manufacturing workshop “Latelier de Chocolat”, A self-service cafe where you can enjoy a drink bar,
Each opened in the same store on Friday, November 18th.
◎ Salon Nagakute Chocolate Studio press release
[Image 1d34425-7-8751429e63e204852dd2-0.jpg&s3=34425-7-ef909ef924fbabebf95690f7f4fb09d5-1910x2700.jpg
Freshly baked. Salon de Te Nagoya France Asahi Nagakute branch offering freshly made sweets
Chocolate workshop, self-cafe
Open in the same store on Friday, November 18, 2022
Igetado Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, President: Takeshi Hattori)’s main brand “Nagoya France” has a chocolate manufacturing workshop “Latelier de Chocolat” and a self-service drink bar. A self-service cafe where you can enjoy yourself,
Each opened in the same store on Friday, November 18th.
■ What is Nagoya France?
Inspired by Nagoya’s mixed culture, it is a traditional French confectionery “Dacquoise” that uses home-ground fragrant almonds, and is a Nagoya standard “delicious” confectionery that sandwiches the Japanese material “mochi” with cream. . Since its release in 2004, it has steadily expanded its distribution every year, and has grown to become one of Nagoya’s western confectionery souvenirs. In addition to the standard chocolate and matcha cream, seasonal limited items and new flavors are appearing one after another.
What is Salon de Thé Nagoya France?
A sweets gift shop and café that opened in Miyoshi City, Aichi Prefecture in 2015 as a directly managed store for Nagoya’s classic sweets, “Nagoya France.” The exterior, which is characterized by a hybrid of the traditional style of the Alsace region of France and modern architecture, expresses “Nagoya France,” which itself is a “Japanese-Western confectionery.” You can spend a relaxing time while enjoying the calm furnishings and unique interior. In 2017, “Asahi Nagakute store” opened.
■ Store overview
◇Store name: Salon de Thé Nagoya France (Asahi Nagakute store) ◇Location: 16-1 Asahigaoka, Naneicho, Owariasahi City, Aichi Prefecture 488-0046 ◇ URL: (brand site)
◇Business hours: 9:00-18:00
* Eat-in is from 9:00 to 16:00 (LO 15:00).
* Due to measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, business hours may change without notice. For more information, please contact us to shop.
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[Image 3d34425-7-0d6a4899ec5d25b1c6d6-16.jpg&s3=34425-7-09dcee9207a6f9183b9965060f80bb29-2508x1672.jpg
■ Facility information
◎Chocolate workshop “Latelier de Chocolat”
At the new chocolate workshop that opened this month at Salon de Te Nagoya France Asahi Nagakute, we put our hearts into making delicious chocolates one by one every day.
It is sold at the product sales corner.
The studio is glassed, so you can enjoy it with your small children. You can watch how the chocolate is made.
[Image 4d34425-7-6796bfa5031a2c2e0c6a-3.jpg&s3=34425-7-ea44b0f035d85f01a8acdc5cadce808e-3900x2925.jpg
◎ Self cafe
We opened a self-cafe in the space next to the chocolate workshop. 250 yen (tax included) per person, 150 yen (tax included) for preschool children In addition to the drink bar, there are also cakes and freshly baked products on sale at the product sales corner.
You can enjoy it at eat-in.
It is also possible to use only at the drink bar.
Relax, relax, and relax in the spacious cafe space
It provides a relaxing time.
[Image 5d34425-7-9647be7eb70c80a176b6-14.jpg&s3=34425-7-788126bce251407bfe842d913c98e6ab-2025x2700.jpg

■ Information on sales products
◎Almond Rocher
Crispy almond slices from Nagoya France with plenty of chocolate It is a sweet that you can enjoy the feeling of chocolate mixed with. The sales method is bagged and sold by weight.
You can also get 5% off by selling chocolate by weight or bringing your own container.
We will hold events that are friendly to the earth such as
advantageous campaigns from time to time.
[Image 6d34425-7-272d35633b739c247a78-5.jpg&s3=34425-7-7f9b4a665a254b490660cb9e86a3d157-1000x636.jpg
◎Croissant Almond
A croissant topped with crocan (a mixture of egg white and powdered sugar) and roasted almonds. A dodekai croissant where you can enjoy the buttery flavor of croissants and the crunchy texture of almonds and crocans.
You can use it for both meals and snacks.
[Image 7d34425-7-08c5c44149f096ddfffc-6.jpg&s3=34425-7-e76bc0b8f7f56dd2c0b847aa90e63938-1708x1770.jpg
*Product image
◎Nagoya France (chocolate, matcha)
A typical Japanese confectionery, “Mochi”, at “Dacquoise”, a stylish baked confectionery born in France
The light sandwiched texture and authentic taste are very popular, and are said to be unique to Nagoya.
Nagoya’s specialty “Nagoya France” is great as a souvenir, but also for your usual tea time.
[Image 8d34425-7-3fbc03c6489cf0b380bd-7.jpg&s3=34425-7-f8da7f59d968b1c5e9c4660b575e14a2-3900x3240.jpg

[Image 9d34425-7-d49b60816ee1f7e5bd65-8.jpg&s3=34425-7-0480463990028c3cb252818587f101d6-668x668.jpg

■Company profile
Since its founding in 1974, Igetado Co., Ltd. has devoted itself to making confectionery with the motto of “delivering the excitement of deliciousness together with our customers” for about 50 years. In addition to planning, manufacturing, and selling meringue confectionery such as macaroons, baked confectionery, and jelly, the company also manufactures and sells the flagship product Nagoya France (R), and operates the cafe/restaurant Salon de Te Nagoya France. Together with group companies such as “Nagoya France corp Co., Ltd.”, which is in charge of the business, and “Hartley Co., Ltd.”, which is in charge of general sweets sales, we have grown into a presence that is loved by many people in Nagoya. “ALMOND MEISTER (R)”, which started with the desire to convey the charm of almond sweets throughout Japan, will continue to challenge to deliver moving experiences and joy to more people. I will continue. 《Igetado Co., Ltd.》
・Name: Igetado Co., Ltd.
・Foundation/Establishment: Founded in 1974, established in 1986 ・Representatives: Kozo Hattori, Chairman and Representative Director, Takeshi Hattori, President and Representative Director
・Location: 145-1 Matsuba, Takaoka-cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture ・Business description: Manufacture of baked confectionery and frozen confectionery, consignment OEM production of confectionery, luxury gifts,
Processing bag confectionery
・ URL: (corporate site) (Nagoya France (R) official website) Contact information for media
Hartree Co., Ltd.
TEL: 0565-40-9201/FAX: 0565-40-9210/MAIL: Details about this release:


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