Chojuso Co., Ltd. China Terrace Goken Supervised by Chef Miyuki Igarashi ☆ Sale of limited-time menu with plenty of winter taste

Chojuso Co., Ltd.
[China Terrace Goken] Supervised by Chef Miyuki Igarashi ☆ Sale of limited-time menu with plenty of winter taste
I want to eat it in winter, eat up the seasonal taste in Mito!
“China Terrace Goken (Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture)”, which offers authentic Chinese cuisine supervised by Chef Miyuki Igarashi, offers a winter taste course and recommended menu using plenty of seasonal ingredients until January 31, 2023 (Tuesday). We will sell it. [Image 1d77419-67-3acfc611558742c9428c-4.jpg&s3=77419-67-0f70507f08dae12e4f3e743eaf1936cf-650x450.jpg
Winter is the season when warm dishes become delicious. Supervised by Chef Miyuki Igarashi, we have prepared 4 types of course meals that make use of the original taste of healthy ingredients that you want to eat only in winter, using plenty of local ingredients such as Mirai Pork and frozen konnyaku from Hitachiota. Winter is also a busy season for year-end and New Year holidays, but there are plenty of
opportunities to eat delicious food at end-of-year parties and New Year’s parties. Please spend a pleasant time with your family, friends, and work colleagues in an open space with large windows to warm your body and soul.
– Click here for menu details –
[Image 2d77419-67-e1ec4b74bbcfdfcd5782-5.jpg&s3=77419-67-ba1e2d70424cba8ca82b95903a5d94e0-650x240.jpg
Recommended winter menu
Food that warms your body in the cold season. “Abalone ankake okoge” using “Abalone”, which has been prized as an ingredient to enjoy the texture and flavor since ancient times. “Hamaguri Ramen” finished with a soup full of the flavor of large clams.
[Image 3d77419-67-5783867fef648a7d6ca1-6.jpg&s3=77419-67-13e9e060a3d3b0d2a38fe6bc3c8185ce-650x240.jpg
-Supervised by Chef Miyuki Igarashi Special-
Shanghai crab, a specialty of Chinese cuisine in autumn and winter. In China, by mid-October, crabs that are full of meat and ready to eat appear on the market. Luxurious fried rice with plenty of Shanghai crab paste “Shanghai crab fried rice”. “Shark’s fin and Shanghai crab stir-fried rice” with a rich taste using the finest ingredients of Chinese cuisine, shark’s fin and Shanghai crab. It is a luxurious dish unique to this season.
*You can choose fried rice or noodles as you like.
[Image 4d77419-67-cc66d7e27ff0f7954fb0-7.jpg&s3=77419-67-d9af213ae22981aa7b359400b17b9f12-650x240.jpg
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China Terrace Afternoon Tea & Weekend Buffet
■China Terrace Afternoon Tea ☆Includes non-alcoholic sparkling wine China Terrace Afternoon Tea where you can enjoy sweets with the essence of Western cuisine and homemade scones for 90 minutes all-you-can-eat. Western-style sweets that are colorfully finished using seasonal fruits, and Chinese-style sweets such as sesame dumplings, egg tarts, and apricot tofu expand the variety of tastes. We offer 3 different flavors of scones with Chinese jasmine and various dipping sauces. We have a rich lineup of drinks, mainly Chinese tea, that we deliver as a set.
Offer time: 14:30-17:00 (L.O 16:30) / Offered every day
Price: 2,500 yen per person
– Click here for menu details –
[Image 5d77419-67-0458924c35aa0447b2df-14.jpg&s3=77419-67-8fae1c8605f21c1b2981f1592896e1d1-650x450.jpg
■ Weekend buffet
A 90-minute weekend lunch buffet with all-you-can-drink soft drinks, with a lineup of about 25 types of Chinese dishes and a main dish of your choice. For the main dishes, you can choose from a wide range of menus such as dishes using Ibaraki brand meat “Hitachi Beef” and “Mirai Pork”, seasonal ingredients, and fried rice and noodle dishes that use plenty of seafood. You can choose The buffet offers a wide variety of cold dishes, hot dishes that are served hot, dim sum that allows you to enjoy the texture and deliciousness of the ingredients, China Terrace specialty dandan noodles and various desserts. You can enjoy Chinese food as much as you like.
Service hours: 11:00-15:00 (L.O 13:30) / Available only on Saturdays and Sundays Price: Adult ¥3,800 / Child (elementary school student) ¥2,000 Infants (preschoolers) Buffet & soft drinks 800 yen / Free for children under 3 years old
*Children are charged the buffet and all-you-can-drink soft drinks. [Image 6d77419-67-6bc0062b8ce3f8f7adcd-13.jpg&s3=77419-67-4e4a75ccaff4fe11195736c26a0b691a-650x240.jpg
*All prices shown include tax and service charge.
*The content of the dishes may change depending on the season and purchase situation.
*Advance reservations are recommended.
Chef Miyuki Igarashi
[Image 7d77419-67-99cf7385e0add131daa3-3.jpg&s3=77419-67-1099442ec24b6969bce27553609c80c0-900x1350.jpg
Appeared on Fuji TV’s “Iron Chef” as the youngest challenger at the age of 22. He is in the spotlight as a newcomer in the Chinese cuisine world. In 2008, he became independent and opened “Chinese Cuisine Mitora” in Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Currently, while appearing on numerous TV programs, he develops products and recipes and holds cooking classes. In August 2014, he opened a limited-time restaurant in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture, which is also the birthplace of his partner. In July 2021, the long-awaited “Atami Mitora Main Store” will open.
▼Miyuki Igarashi Official Website
China Terrace Goken
[Image 8d77419-67-f7837043af5d907c91cc-16.jpg&s3=77419-67-3768ca684f9544f460aece8d541ca5d5-650x450.jpg
“China Terrace Goken” is a Chinese restaurant located on the premises of “Mito Art Tower”, which is loved by the citizens of Mito. The cuisine is completely supervised by Miyuki Igarashi, the owner chef of the Chinese restaurant “MIYU”. We are committed to the idea of ​​“medicine and food from the same source” and the importance of food. Business hours: 11:00-20:00 (closed on Mondays)
Address: 1-6-8 Gokencho, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture 310-0063 (on the premises of Art Tower Mito)
Phone number: 029-297-3110
Official website: [Image 9d77419-67-77299c5d9e82995c2845-12.jpg&s3=77419-67-35a080974b1e5b1bb2edbeacdccd7d66-800x292.jpg
■ Efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection At Chojuso Co., Ltd., based on the hygiene guidelines, we will measure the temperature when visiting, wear a mask, and disinfect your hands when entering the building so that all customers can use it with peace of mind as a measure to prevent infectious diseases caused by the new coronavirus. I’m begging you.
Click here for information on measures to prevent infectious diseases.
■ The latest information is being distributed on SNS
Official LINE: (first time friend registration benefits available)
Chojuso Co., Ltd. (CHOJUSO GROUP)
[Image 10d77419-67-88c425a7731d414e5262-2.jpg&s3=77419-67-cdbd9f6083dbb083578e6b1fee5c8b00-842x595.jpg
Chojuso Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture / Representative Director: Taiji Unno) is a group company that develops five hotels in Ibaraki Prefecture based on the experience and achievements of over 70 years since its establishment. With the group mission of “SMILE EXPERIENCE – Making everyone involved smile”, we thought about what we could do to make everyone involved, including customers from the region, outside the prefecture and overseas, and group staff smile, and started a new business. We will provide an impressive experience.
《List of Chojuso Group Hotels》
Hotel Crystal Palace (Deputy general manager: Tatsuya Osono Number of guest rooms: 100)
Address: 1-22-1 Ohira, Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture TEL: 029-273-7711 Official website:
Hotel Terrace The Garden Mito (General manager: Katsuhito Unno Number of guest rooms: 164)
Address: 1-7-20 Miyamachi, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture (directly connected to the south exit of Mito Station) TEL: 029-300-2500 Official website:
Hotel Terrace The Square Hitachi (Deputy General Manager: Yasushi Kido Number of guest rooms: 121)
Address: 1-20-3 Saiwaicho, Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture TEL 0294-22-5531 Official website:
Terrace Inn Katsuta (Manager: Masakazu Mizukoshi Number of guest rooms: 101) Address: 1-3 Katsuta Chuo, Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture (next to the rotary at the east exit of Katsuta Station on the JR Joban Line)
TEL 029-219-7211 Website:
Hotel Crystal Plaza (Manager: Tsutomu Igawa Number of guest rooms: 59) Address: 3-4 Katsuta Chuo, Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture TEL 029-275-1111 Official website:
■ Inquiries about articles
Chojuso Co., Ltd. Digital Marketing Office
TEL: 029-273-7711

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