Christmas Coffret 2022 Mao Gel’s first “magnet gel” that colors the holy night is now available!

pucklin Inc.
[Christmas Coffret 2022] Mao Gel’s first “magnet gel” that colors the holy night is now available!
Popular nail salon “mao nail” with 140,000 Instagram followers
pucklin Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka), which operates mao nail, sells a limited number of three types of Christmas-only products of the gel brand “Mao Gel” that only makes colors that make the skin look beautiful. November 30, 2022 (Wednesday) morning part 10: 00-/night part 21: 00-on a first-come, first-served basis.
Christmas coffret special page▶︎ [Image 1d95980-3-bfc7fa0a2e11034801e5-0.jpg&s3=95980-3-77e149062ee68bba27a2b62da1d1bb98-1182x1182.jpg
Mao Gel is a gel brand born from manicurists that only creates colors that make your skin look beautiful. In order for more people to use our products with the best performance, we are generously sharing nail techniques for free through SNS.
(Instagram:, YouTube:, Blog:
Not only the gel inside, but also the limited edition products that are particular about the packaging and novelties are always sold out in a few minutes! “Christmas coffret” is very popular among such limited products. This year, we will sell 3 types including Mao Gel’s first magnet gel.
Product Details
With the desire to “create a story together with our customers,” we have created three products that are wrapped in a book-like design package and contain the story of Christmas night!
~ Mao Gel Christmas Coffret 2022 ~
Price: 14,300 yen (tax included)
Set contents: 3 colors of gel (4g each) Magnetic gel x 2 Aurora pearl gel, magnetic stick
All purchasers will receive a limited novelty “knit hat” as a gift! [Image 2d95980-3-c7c99813da1110b53dca-4.jpg&s3=95980-3-6e534c665ba0dd7feacc64e338bbe2eb-1182x1182.jpg

Introduction to color
~Santa comes to Maoneil Village on the night of Noel~
[Image 3d95980-3-061866794624c88ee0f4-1.jpg&s3=95980-3-8c05f1862bcff623689690dcae913c00-1182x1182.jpg
[Image 4d95980-3-2c4b8768fe363912b539-8.png&s3=95980-3-fef7ae1f237e6edd7e44d50b347b2256-1080x200.png
Silver magnetic gel with blue glitter.
Layer it on top of the color and enjoy the shimmering glow like an aurora with the included magnetic stick.
[Image 5d95980-3-2bb0e6530ce6ae21722a-2.jpg&s3=95980-3-c29ec63639ffbfd5d3d2ea8995223537-1182x1182.jpg
[Image 6d95980-3-3eeef319e6dd7102cca0-9.png&s3=95980-3-c0379c4ef93f53d815d4935c4ba49acb-1080x200.png
A gel that contains aurora real pearls in a light blue color like ice blue. If you layer it on the tip or the whole, you will have a beautiful blink like a snowy landscape that lights up on Christmas night. [Image 7d95980-3-1a4f126e36b2752398f9-3.jpg&s3=95980-3-c0f5c7acdb9dde52816ab144557b7316-1182x1182.jpg
[Image 8d95980-3-865fad67df07888330be-10.png&s3=95980-3-86e897945e7991bc74aada5f6c01a1ae-1080x200.png
Magnetic gel in a gentle and pale rose pink.
Delicate magnets have an elegant shine like velor fabric. Use the included magnetic stick and enjoy the warm sparkle of your heart on Christmas night in the cold.
~It’s the beginning of a wonderful day when the morning sun shines and you’re excited to receive the presents from Santa~
About sales method
1) Sales date and time
Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Morning session from 10:00 / Night session from 21:00
First-come, first-served basis.
2) Purchase method
Please purchase from the online shop below
* Up to 2 per person
3) Delivery time
2.We will ship within 3 business days.
What is mao nail
We operate nail salons and also manufacture and sell nail gels, brushes, and other tools for enjoying your nails.
1) Nail salon operation business
“mao nails”
A reservation-only nail salon limited to 3 people per day.
We operate under the concept of “Let us help you become beautiful”. 2) Gel manufacturing and sales business
“mao gel”
A gel brand born from a manicurist. With a discerning eye and sense cultivated through actual salon work, we have a lineup of only carefully selected colors that make your hands look beautiful. 3) Brush manufacturing and sales business
“Mao brush”
It can be used not only for nails but also as a makeup brush. Each piece is carefully made by hand by a craftsman.
4) Manufacture and sales of salon products and nail art products Manufacture and sale of products that match our gel colors for nail art 5) Household goods and sales business
Manufacture and sale of maoap aprons that combine practicality and design Concept: “Add color to your daily life. I want to wear it forever, and I will love myself when I wear it.”
【Company Profile】
pucklin Inc.
Location: 〒530-0047
2-6-8 Nishitenma, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

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