Chuo Electric Power Co., Inc. Contribution and investment in technological development of transparent solar cells that can be used for window glass in condominiums, etc.

Chuo Electric Power Co., Ltd.
Donated and invested in technological development of transparent solar cells that can be used for window glass in condominiums, etc. – Contributing to the provision of carbon neutrality and safety and security by utilizing it for condominium DER and disaster prevention services –

Chuo Electric Power Co., Inc. (President and CEO: Yasuzumi Tanji, Address: Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku) is conducting a Transparent Solar Cell Research Project*1 (led by Associate Professor Sakamoto of Kyoto University) that enables the window glass of apartments and buildings to be used as solar cells. research group), and to OPTMASS Co., Ltd. (President: Toru Nakagawa, Address: Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture), which develops, manufactures, and sells this technology for practical application and commercialization We will also invest in the company and provide consistent support from element development to product mass production.
*1 Kyoto University website:
[Image 1d85002-14-0ceff3d21ca8ed5a41e8-0.jpg&s3=85002-14-91901521ccb29af2dbbe6782f3b88f9e-3900x2194.jpg
Associate Professor Sakamoto (left) holding a transparent solar cell and Kitagawa, director in charge of energy business
[Image 2d85002-14-c87b6d63aadfea0ca952-1.jpg&s3=85002-14-a319d04b00c2563f4d70b6759709494a-809x654.jpg
Transparent solar cell (100×100mm)
■ Donation/investment background
Since the current solar cells target visible light, their use is limited to unused land (roofs, etc.), and it is becoming difficult to spread them continuously from the viewpoint of coexistence with nature and landscape. Since this device uses infrared light, in the future it will be possible to use it on the window glass of urban apartments that consume a lot of electricity. This technology is highly compatible with *3. We will support the development and mass production of this technology as part of our long-term efforts to decarbonize condominiums and create an environment where electricity can be used even during power outages.
■Overview of “Transparent Solar Cell Research Project”
This project aims to create new energy resources through the development of transparent devices (transparent solar cells) that convert infrared light, an undeveloped energy resource that accounts for about half of sunlight, into electricity. This research project aims to reduce material costs and improve conversion efficiency through further research and development of conversion materials. ■ Comments from Associate Professor Sakamoto on donations and investments OPTMASS and I aim to “make the world a better place” and Chuo Electric Power’s philosophy of “Happo yoshi” are in line with each other. Another decisive factor in the selection was the fact that this technology is not directly related to business, as is the case with construction materials, automobiles, and glass manufacturers. In the future, this technology will be used for window glass in condominiums and buildings with the aim of turning the city into a forest. The cities in which we live emit enormous amounts of CO2 every day. Considering the impact on the global environment, many people may feel guilty about living in cities. Applying this technology enables both “energy saving” and “energy creation” with a single glass. By simply living in a building with this glass in it, you can absorb the infrared rays that cause global warming, and as a result, you can contribute to solving global environmental problems. If so, I think that living in the city itself will lead to the prevention of global warming. In the future, we would like to see the effects of the heat ray shielding film that we have been working with Chuo Electric Power Co., Ltd. on a trial basis in apartments that have been introduced in batches.

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