Chuo Jyutaku Co., Ltd. Mind Square Division 8 minutes on foot from Tobu Urban Park Line “Toyoharu” station “Mind Square Toyoharu Connected Town” Enrich your daily life by “connecting”, all 8 residences designed by resi dence

Chuo Jyutaku Co., Ltd. Mind Square Division
An 8-minute walk from Toyoharu Station on the Tobu Urban Park Line “Mind Square Toyoharu Connected Town” Enrich your daily life by “connecting”, all 8 residences designed separately
Notice of sales start

Chuo Jyutaku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 1-21-2 Minamikoshigaya, Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture; President: Norihisa Shinagawa; hereinafter: Chuo Jyutaku) is pleased to announce the launch of the newly built detached house “Mind Square Toyoharu Connected Town” (Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture). We are pleased to inform you that we have started selling all 8 residences in the city.
[Image 1 A comfortable living environment that “connects” people to the city and people to people
“Mind Square Toyoharu Connected Town (8 residences)” is an 8-minute walk from Toyoharu Station on the Tobu Urban Park Line. Direct and smooth access to “Omiya” station and “Kasukabe” station.
There are many parks within a 10-minute walk around this subdivision, and it is a living environment where you can feel nature close at hand. Furthermore, the convenience of commercial facilities, including a supermarket within a 2-minute walk, is attractive. There is a clinic nearby, and elementary schools and nursery schools are within walking distance, so it is a location where you can find everything you need for your daily life.
In addition, it is highly accessible to National Route 16 (240m from the site) and smoothly connects to Iwatsuki IC, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable car life.
In addition to the two-sided public road (including sidewalks) connected to the subdivision, the subdivision has an open exterior structure, creating a sense of openness in the townscape. Tie the car spaces of each house together to create even more space.
[Kasukabe, “a town where three generations are connected”]
In Kasukabe City, aiming to be a town where three generations of parents, children, and grandchildren are connected, we are
implementing the “Fureai Family Home Purchase Encouragement Project” to connect child-rearing households and their parents’ households. Gift certificates are issued to households that have acquired a house for the first time so that the child household and the parent household live close to each other or live together in Kasukabe City. (Source: Kasukabe City HP)
“Connected” excursion plan that realizes comfortable living
[Image 2d47572-168-de07b6a08aff8af88788-2.jpg&s3=47572-168-a9eb9f1dbba95c5e16dc234e3f324f5d-1200x901.jpg
We planned a “migratory plan” for each residence that connects the residences in a series of flows.
In addition to the kitchen, the plan allows you to go around Skip DEN from the living room, so you can watch over your children, so you can rest assured. Easy access to the 2nd floor from the kitchen and SKIP DEN, so you can do housework smoothly. In addition, the plan that allows you to roam around the kitchen is not only convenient, but it is also a party type plan where family and friends can gather around the kitchen.
In addition, a smooth housework flow plan that allows you to move around the water from the kitchen to the washroom and the entrance hall will lead to a reduction in housework time.
A plan that “connects” to a fulfilling life
[Image 3d47572-168-7b5248b9cbe32ce9f551-3.jpg&s3=47572-168-3f562e83c382eeba0cd2ed10b5e2660b-1200x900.jpg
We designed a comfortable space for the family, focusing on contact and private time.
A variety of products that lead to a fulfilling life, such as SKIP DEN where you can enjoy your own time, a textile floor room that colors various aspects of your life, a share counter where you can quickly handle your hobbies and work, and a plan with 4 rooms on the 2nd floor that creates space for your life. space.
The living room, where the family rests and comes and goes, has a ceiling height of 2.7M and a sweeping window of 2.2M. It captures sunlight and creates a space with a sense of openness.
In addition, as an environmentally friendly item, we have adopted the hybrid hot water/heating system “Eco One”. It boils hot water efficiently with electricity, and provides sufficient hot water supply whenever you want to use it with gas. By using different hot water and floor heating depending on the usage, you can reduce utility costs and realize an eco-friendly and comfortable life.
■ For a detailed property overview of “Mind Square Toyoharu Tsunagaru Machi”, please visit the official website ■ Click here to request materials ■ Click here to make a reservation Details about this release:


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