Chuo Jyutaku Co., Ltd. Mind Square Division Using Tsukuba Express “Rokucho” station “Mind Square Rokucho Kitchen Styles” (7 houses in total) Space design that connects everyone, a house with a kitchen in the middle of the family

Chuo Jyutaku Co., Ltd. Mind Square Division
Tsukuba Express “Rokucho” station use “Mind Square Rokucho Kitchen Styles” (7 residences in total) Space design that connects everyone, a house with a kitchen in the middle of the family
Notice of sales start

Chuo Jyutaku Co., Ltd. (Head office: 1-21-2 Minamikoshigaya, Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture; President: Norihisa Shinagawa; hereinafter: Chuo Jyutaku) is pleased to announce the launch of the newly built detached condominium “Mind Square Rokucho Kitchen Styles” (Tokyo). We are pleased to inform you that we have started selling all 7 residences in Adachi Ward, Tokyo.
[Image 1d47572-164-8610d9bf6754bb53853a-0.jpg&s3=47572-164-ee860d3d1a772c5ba67dd0f53e1bd741-1200x828.jpg A townscape of all 7 residences with a sense of openness
“Mind Square Rokucho Kitchen Styles (7 houses in total)” can be used at two stations: Tsukuba Express “Rokucho” Station and Tobu Skytree Line “Takenotsuka” Station. There is also a convenient bus service to both stations from the bus stop, which is a 3-minute walk away. The area around the subdivision is full of commercial facilities such as supermarkets that can be used daily within a 10-minute walk, and there are spots that families can enjoy, such as Motofuchie Park, which has a biological garden, a gymnasium, and a multipurpose ground. exists. A 4-minute walk to an elementary school and an 8-minute walk to a junior high school.
The townscape of all 7 residences is located in an open corner block with a 6m wide road on the north and south sides and an 11.9m wide road with a sidewalk on the east side. When it gets dark, the external LED lighting will automatically turn on, making the cityscape stand out beautifully. By brightly illuminating the house, we can expect the effect of increasing crime prevention, and we have adopted the “Akari no Enami Agreement (R)” that leads to peace of mind for the family. Kitchen Styles, where families are connected around the kitchen [Image 2d47572-164-f09368307a4da1ad5f1a-1.jpg&s3=47572-164-990bc5d9309c388fc2426e07ac91284e-1200x590.jpg
In the kitchen, which was previously only a place to do housework, we designed an open space that considers the connection with the living room. By improving the design and making it stylish as an interior, it will be a presence that will make you feel excited and excited just by standing there. We will create a space where nature and families can gather and spend time happily.
Graphtec’s kitchen, which looks like furniture, is an easy-to-work excursion style, and the flow line is smooth even when the family comes and goes. The kitchen is easy for children to help with, such as cooking and cleaning up.
In addition, the kitchen utensils and tableware can be stored in an easy-to-use place for the back set, which has a sense of unity with the kitchen. It is easy to care for, and has excellent practicality. Ingenuity of + α to spin irreplaceable “family time”
In addition, we have devised ways to make your daily life more comfortable. A counter with a bookshelf is installed near the dining kitchen and in the corner of the master bedroom. It can be used as a space for work or study. The LDK, which is a place of relaxation, has a ceiling height of 2.7M and a spacious area of ​​over 18 tatami mats. With a 4LDK plan with 4 rooms on the 2nd floor, you can use the space in your own way according to your family’s lifestyle.
■ Detailed property overview of “Mind Square Rokucho Kitchen Styles” is available on the official website. ■ Click here to request materials ■ Click here to make a reservation Details about this release:


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