Cidecus Co., Ltd. Next-generation konjac Ninja Foods Started providing free samples of ingredients for alternative protein manufacturers

Cidecus Co., Ltd.
[Next-generation konjac Ninja Foods] Started providing free samples of ingredients for alternative protein manufacturers
Aiming to utilize konnyaku as a “base” for alternative meat and alternative protein materials

Sydecas Co., Ltd. (reading: Sidekas, Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture, Representative Director: Masahiro Yoritama, hereinafter “our company”), which develops the next-generation food business Ninja Foods, will start selling alternative proteins (proteins) and alternatives from November 11, 2022. We will start providing free samples of our unique plant-based zero-sugar ingredient “NinjaPaste” to meat manufacturers. In addition to soy protein, which is currently the mainstream as an alternative meat material, we are researching and developing a variety of alternative materials, such as vegetable proteins such as rice and wheat, algae-derived proteins such as spirulina, and insect-derived proteins such as crickets and silkworms. Manufacturers are working on it, but we expect to use it as a “body (elementary body)” that provides “bite response” and “improved tactile sensation” for them. Application form:
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■ Situation surrounding alternative proteins (proteins)
Currently, in response to global population growth and climate change, and from the perspective of animal welfare, an increasing number of companies are researching and developing various alternative proteins both in Japan and overseas (as of 2010). In 2021, the number of alternative protein companies increased from 190 worldwide to 608 *1). In Japan, in addition to soy protein, which is currently becoming mainstream as an alternative meat, there are various materials such as vegetable proteins such as rice protein and wheat protein,
algae-derived substances such as spirulina, and insect-derived substances such as silkworms and crickets. is being explored. ■ Current issues
As mentioned above, even in Japan, various companies, from major food manufacturers to university startups, are developing and providing alternative protein products.
Yosama, our company representative, has encountered startups that develop alternative proteins at various events so far. I feel that there is a problem in that it is necessary to overcome independent variables such as cost.
■ The role that next-generation konnyaku material NinjaPaste should play Our NinjaPaste is a next-generation konnyaku material that has succeeded in keeping regular konnyaku in a paste form without completely solidifying it. By mixing it with other materials to reinforce the target fibers and form a konnyaku gel, it is possible to create a streak-like texture and binding molding, which are difficult to achieve with ordinary konjac paste.
By using this NinjaPaste as a “body” of an alternative material, it is expected to play the following roles in addressing the above issues. Nutritional aspect … Because it is mostly dietary fiber, it is possible to bind and mold pure protein without increasing sugar or calories.
Taste: Unlike wheat flour, it does not easily affect the taste. Therefore, there is a high degree of freedom in flavoring.
Texture: Dietary fiber derived from konjac is revealed, reproducing the texture. By adjusting the overall moisture content, a wide range of applications are possible, from juicy hamburgers to chewy jerky and simple protein bars.
Cost: At present, we have achieved a unit price equivalent to that of domestically produced pork. Reduces the high cost that is common with plant-based alternative materials. In addition, costs are expected to decrease once the increased production system is in place.
[Image 2d29701-51-159201ae69ddb65a5a80-5.jpg&s3=29701-51-ccc5b73b9c2c1c8233cd5020e4958f05-750x500.jpg
The purpose of this initiative is to have many companies, who are responsible for the future nutrition of the earth, touch NinjaPaste first and feel its potential.
By starting with open innovation using NinjaPaste, we believe that we can get closer to realizing our goal of “a world where everyone can enjoy delicious food without restrictions”.

■ Next-generation food NinjaFoods that “exceeds all food restrictions” There are many people in the world who have dietary restrictions such as diabetes, high blood sugar, obesity, and allergies.
Therefore, we focused on konnyaku, an ancient Japanese plant-based healthy food. We aim to realize “a world where everyone can enjoy delicious food without restrictions” by utilizing “NinjaPaste”, a material that keeps konjac paste in a unique technology, as a next-generation ingredient.
In cooperation with various companies, by combining NinjaPaste with soy meat and discarded vegetables, we have developed next-generation NinjaFoods that match various eating habits, such as low-sugar, low-calorie, allergen-free, halal-friendly, and vegan-friendly. . We are disseminating various products such as SDGs snacks and Otsumami to the world.
About NinjaPaste
[Image 3d29701-51-2eb0243690787b62bd90-6.jpg&s3=29701-51-3fc31d47f2e245f71b152420e18f48b3-2500x1668.jpg
Application form: References)
*1 NRI Public Management Review November 2021 issue “Analysis of alternative meat industry and direction Japan should take”

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