Clare Life Partners Co., Ltd. “An opportunity to review the method of asset formation”-Many voices from pa rticipants-Report on the owner’s cask seminar by top UK leaders

Claire Life Partners Co., Ltd.
“An opportunity to reconsider the method of asset formation”-Many voices from participants-Report on the owner’s cask seminar by the top UK leaders
– A new form of tangible assets – “Owner’s Cask”, which is attracting a lot of attention overseas due to its high profit margin

Clare Life Partners Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Shotaro Kudo) announced that Mr. Neil Brown, CEO of a British whiskey supplier (located in the United Kingdom), who is familiar with the global whiskey market, will come to Japan. A special event was held at “Shinjuku BAR FIVE Arrows” on Saturday, October 29th.
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In recent years, the “owner’s cask”, which builds assets with whiskey barrels, has been attracting attention around the world. At this event, a special seminar was held by whiskey supplier CEO Neil Brown, who is also an expert on asset building with whiskey casks.
In “Online”, a special seminar on the latest whiskey market
information by Mr. Neil will be held. it was done.
State of the online event
At the online event, Mr. Neil gave a special seminar on Owner’s Cask. Mr. Neil talked about the attractiveness of investing in whiskey casks and analysis of the whiskey market based on detailed market reports. In addition, the forecast of distilleries whose value can be expected to rise in the future, the 200-year history of Scotch whiskey, and the production areas of Scotch classified into “Speyside, Highland, Campbelltown, Lowlands, Islands, and Islay” are enriched. It’s been a seminar.
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A question and answer session was also provided, and Mr. Neil answered questions from the participants, such as “Can you predict the future price of purchased casks?” and “What is the growth rate of each distillery?” .
Offline event
The offline event was held in two parts, the first part was a market report by Mr. Neil, the CEO of a British whiskey supplier, and the second part was a whiskey tasting and purchasing event. I will explain the details of the event below.
▼ Part 1 Market Report
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Many people with an interest in building assets with whiskey barrels attended and enjoyed the explanations given by experts on the global whiskey market. He talked about the advantages of owner’s casks and asset management due to market fluctuations and the details of distilleries in Scotland. He also made a point of mentioning the unique characteristics and values ​​of each of the six localities: Speyside, Highlands, Campbeltown, Lowlands, Islands and Islay. ▼ Part 2 Tasting party and purchase party No.
In the second part, a bottle of whiskey co-created by CLP and Mr. Neil was served. There was also a cask sales event where customers could taste and choose whiskey directly taken from casks stored locally in the UK. It was a valuable opportunity to evaluate whiskey from the two aspects of taste and asset value, and consider purchasing casks while actually tasting whiskey.
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At the offline event, in addition to the special seminar, there will be behind-the-scenes stories unique to the offline event, such as the history and relationship between the host CLP and Mr. Neil, and the jointly created bottle (distillery: Jura, aged: 10 years). was told. ▼Participant’s voice
・It was a valuable opportunity to ask questions to suppliers in my home country. ・It was a big advantage that I was able to consider the purchase of whiskey barrels while tasting them myself.
・I gained a deeper understanding of the relationship between the maturation period of whiskey and price fluctuations by looking at the list prepared by the supplier.
・I was very convinced by the story about “the value of assets with real things” in the corona vortex.
・I was able to reconsider my own asset formation from a new perspective. About event videos
We have posted a video on YouTube where you can see the whole story of the Owner’s Cask Special Seminar for Mr. Neil Brown.
▼Please take a look at the URL below (the main story starts at 9:10) [Local UK supplier CEO special event] Latest whiskey investment market information – YouTube
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About Clare Life Partners
We offer a fee-based asset formation consulting service, which is very rare in Japan. Over the course of 3 to 6 months, everything from life plans to money plans, selection of investment products, and procedures are all carried out in one stop. For details on this service with a satisfaction rate of 95% or more, 300 customers’ voices are published on the website!
This service, which covers a wide range of areas, from analysis of employment rules to efficient use of company shares and utilization of the social security system, is currently used by many individuals and business owners, and has recently been introduced as a corporate welfare service. also increased!
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【Company Profile】
Company name: Claire Life Partners Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 1-25-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0603 Shinjuku Center Building 3F
Representative Director: Shotaro Kudo
Business: Life money training business, and many others.
Established: July 2012
Official website:
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