“Clark’n LLC”, a venture company from Hiroshima University that is taking the world by storm

Clark’n Limited Liability Company
“Clark’n LLC”, a venture company from Hiroshima University that is taking the world by storm
It is a venture company from Hiroshima University that is taking the world by storm, “GK Clark’n”!

Founded Clark’n, a venture LLC from Hiroshima University. We are a company that specializes in producing overseas, and we will help companies expand overseas!
Clark’n Limited Liability Company
Clark’n Limited Liability Company is a venture company originating from Hiroshima University, mainly engaged in talent development, video production, and creator development.
What is the image you are aiming for?
We support the construction of a system that enables promotion to the world, and the first step for Japanese companies to enter the world. Our greatest strength “Internationality”
Our company has members who can speak various languages, and it is possible to approach overseas. The representative (Chida) also has experience growing up in Singapore, making the company rich in internationality.
One of the difficulties in expanding overseas is to grasp the culture, booms, and moods of the country. In order to respond to that, we have connections with people in various countries, and we can take marketing strategies for those countries.
Business structure
1. Talent development and support business
It is a production business that nurtures and supports talents centered on SNS. We mainly plan and compose videos, etc., shoot and edit, market analysis, and help talent.
2. Video production and SNS operation business
We shoot and edit PVs, etc., and operate SNS such as YouTube and Instagram using them.
3. Creator training and support business
This is a business that nurtures and supports behind-the-scenes talent, such as editors and photographers. We mainly provide guidance to enable the work associated with the above two businesses, and introduce them to other businesses.
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About talent development and support business
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We are currently running a production project called Be the Starring. This project is a project to support those who want to become talents or influencers in the future so that they can concentrate on their activities.

Representative: Futoshi Senda
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Hiroshima University Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences Department of International Co-Creation. Born June 21, 2002. Lived in Singapore from 6 to 16 years old. Inspired by the business views of those around him in Singapore, he returned to Japan alone to start a business and started a video business. It will be incorporated in October 2022 and will try to expand the video business. To date, he has been involved in a wide variety of projects and businesses, including video production, photo production, music production, event planning and management, and graphic design for famous YouTubers and companies. At Hiroshima University, classes and daily life are conducted mainly in English, deepening exchanges with people from various countries. He is also a member of the Entrepreneurship Club of Hiroshima University.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chip.taishi
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chip.taishi/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/chip_taishi
Company website: https://clarkn.co.jp/
Email address: info@clarkn.co.jp

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