Classi Co., Ltd. Over 1,000 adopted schools for “tetoru”, a parent contact service for elementary and ju nior high schools

Classi Co., Ltd.
Parent contact service for elementary and junior high schools “tetoru” exceeds 1,000 adopted schools

Classi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Michihiro Kato, hereinafter Classi), which develops the SchoolTech business, has announced that the parent contact service “tetoru” has been adopted by 1,000 elementary and junior high schools nationwide. I will let you know.

▽ Current state of digitization of parent contact | School DX From school units to local government units
While the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has announced an environmental improvement policy for the realization of the GIGA school concept, schools have promoted educational DX according to their respective circumstances and actual conditions.
In 2022, school affairs have become much more efficient, with the installation rate of the integrated school affairs support system (*1) reaching 79.9%. On the other hand, an expert meeting of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has pointed out that the burden of dealing with the new ICT environment due to the transfer of teachers due to the different systems used at each school. School DX is currently gaining momentum on a local government basis, with the aim of reducing the burden on teachers and realizing seamless guidance tailored to the situation of each student.
In response to this situation, the parent contact service “tetoru” released by Classi in April 2022 was selected by many local
governments, and was adopted by more than 1000 schools this November. I was.
(*1) The integrated school affairs support system includes academic affairs (grade processing, attendance confirmation, number of hours, etc.), health care (medical examination slips, infirmary management, etc.), student records such as guidance notes, and school
administrative work. A system with integrated functions such as ▽Introduction status (by region) All 1032 schools
Hokkaido: 11 schools / Tohoku: 64 schools / South Kanto: 112 schools / North Kanto/Koshin: 68 schools / Hokuriku: 166 schools / Tokai: 285 schools / Kinki: 80 schools / Shikoku: 2 schools / Kyushu: 244 schools ▽ About tetoru
tetoru is a parent/guardian contact service for elementary and junior high schools equipped with the basic functions of “notice delivery function from school” and “absence notification function from parents”. Since it can be used free of charge when introduced by public schools and local governments, it is easy to collectively introduce it on a municipal basis even if the budget of each school is different.
In addition, tetoru is equipped with a link function with the school affairs support system. By connecting the integrated school affairs support system “C4th” (* 2), which boasts the No. 1 share nationwide, we will centralize information about students and support the promotion of DX at schools.
[Service name] tetoru
[Detailed URL]
[Service overview] Guardian contact service for elementary and junior high schools
[Basic functions] Notification delivery from school, absence notification from parents
[Usage fee] Free *Limited to applications from public elementary and junior high schools and boards of education
[Additional function] Data linkage with integrated school affairs support system C4th
・A separate EDUCOM product option contract is required to use data linkage with C4th.
・If you want to link data with C4th, you need to apply for each municipality. [How to apply] If you are interested in tetoru, please contact us from this ( site.
(*2) EDUCOM research (as of October 2022)
We will continue to support the building of trusting relationships between schools and parents while adding various functions.
[About Classi]
Classi’s mission is to unleash children’s infinite potential and evolve the way they learn, and provides the educational platform “Classi” to high schools and junior and senior high schools
We are promoting “SchoolTech” that combines school and technology, and from April 2022, we will expand our business in the area of ​​public elementary and junior high schools, and start “tetoru”, a contact service for parents. Did.
Going forward, we will continue to work with teachers to provide support that nurtures each student’s willingness to learn
independently and the ability to continue learning.
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