Cloud 9 Seisei Gakuen Soccer Club, a business alliance partner of Cloud9 Co., Ltd., which realizes the fusion of sports and technology, will participate in the national high school soccer championship for the first time in 17 years!

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The Seigakuen Soccer Club, a business alliance partner of Cloud9 Co., Ltd., which realizes the fusion of sports and technology, has decided to participate in the national high school soccer championship for the first time in 17 years!

Cloud9 Co., Ltd. (Location: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kitamura), which operates an AI camera rental service business, has announced that its business alliance partner Seigakuen High School Soccer Club (Kita-ku, Tokyo) will We are pleased to inform you that we won the final of the 2019 National High School Soccer Championship Tokyo 2nd Preliminary Round and decided to participate in the national tournament for the first time in 17 years.
Seisei Gakuen is a strong school in Tokyo that operates with the team slogan, “We aim to develop independent people through soccer. Let’s aim for the national level together!” After considering the
introduction of the sports AI camera “Veo” with the main purpose of strengthening the team and the growth of individual players and students, we signed a business alliance agreement with Cloud9 in October 2021.
In the Tokyo area, where there are several strong and powerful schools, there was a long period of time when they were just one step away from making it to the national level. As a result, this fiscal year, we finally achieved a feat for the first time in 17 years. [Image 1d81830-37-ac47a06dc1bb53f0ca52-3.jpg&s3=81830-37-a289218dc40a24f9208dd28fef2f15aa-1112x509.jpg
Since the rental service of the sports AI camera “Veo” started in July 2021, it has been highly evaluated for its convenience that allows teams to analyze and share practices and games using the latest technology, and a live distribution function will be available this spring. Delivery of “Veo Cam2” to which is added has also started. With the main concept of “updating sports with the power of
technology”, Cloud9 provides unprecedented growth and excitement to everyone who enjoys sports through the recording and analysis of plays made possible by AI cameras. In the midst of this, the boys
representing Kanagawa Prefecture, led by the Kanagawa Prefecture Sports Association National Athletic Committee, which I introduced last month, participated in the 77th National Athletic Meet “Ichigo Ichie Tochigi National Sports Festival”. Following the news that the division won the championship, I am truly proud that I was able to contribute to the achievement of Seisei Gakuen’s soccer club. Comment from Seisei Gakuen High School Soccer Team Coach Kota Morioka We have introduced veo to the team since last year, and we have introduced veo2 from this year.
As league games are the main focus these days, it is very useful to grasp the whole when analyzing the game from the position of the coach.
Also, I can watch the players, so I watch it at my own timing and it is useful for sharing information.
The team was able to share the joy of watching the game even when parents could not watch the game due to the corona disaster. We were able to participate in the 101st National High School Championships for the first time in 17 years this year.
Cloud9’s rental service is not only for sports clubs, but also has a track record of providing to educational institutions.
In addition, sports clubs that are trying to use the Veo camera with originality and ingenuity in the teams that have introduced it are starting to see steady results, and I am proud that it is becoming one of the essential tools for coaches who strengthen their teams in the medium to long term. We are here.
When considering introduction, we are available for consultation, and free trials are also available. Please consider introducing the sports AI camera “Veo” on this occasion.
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◆ About AI camera “Veo”
The AI ​​camera “Veo” automatically tracks the match, shoots, edits and analyzes everything automatically. In addition, highlight scenes such as goal scenes can be automatically extracted, and the data can be easily managed and shared. With the introduction of this “Veo”, teams can analyze and share practice and game scenes, enabling them to share a common understanding of future issues and areas for
This is expected to improve the “cognition” of each team member and foster quick and accurate judgment in daily practice and games. [Image 2d81830-37-787bd385167962bdf5e9-2.jpg&s3=81830-37-dee6c914e5b18fee0b4fe48273c916ab-567x401.jpg
■Company profile
Company name: Cloud9 Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kitamura
Location: 2-18-9 Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Ma Chambre Minami-Ikebukuro 603
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