Cloud attendance management system “AKASHI” starts cooperation with “Jasmy Secure PC”, a robust security solution utilizing blockchain provided by Jasmy.

Sony Biz Networks Inc.
Cloud attendance management system “AKASHI” starts cooperation with “Jasmy Secure PC”, a robust security solution utilizing blockchain provided by Jasmy.
– It is now possible to register PC log information as the time of arrival and departure –

The cloud attendance management system “AKASHI” provided by Sony Biz Networks Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) is a robust security solution utilizing blockchain provided by Jasmy Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) “Jasmy Secure.” We will start linking services with APIs with PCs.
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With this API linkage, on a computer with “Jasmy Secure PC” installed, log-in/logoff time information can be automatically registered as attendance information of “AKASHI”, or the difference from normal attendance time can be output as a total value. becomes possible. With this collaboration, companies using “Jasmy Secure PC” will not need to clock in and out on the “AKASHI” side. It can lead to time saving.
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■ What is the cloud attendance management system “AKASHI”?
“AKASHI” adopts a design that can be operated intuitively. A cloud attendance management service that allows you to easily check attendance records, correct performance records, and approve various types of work. We flexibly respond to various legal revisions and complicated work rules, such as setting 36 agreements, annual leave management books, and understanding working hours.
URL: [Image 4d36584-82-2602e1c98aab490a8a6e-3.png&s3=36584-82-7721c91c8440d84ff48724927f0078b5-1865x344.png
■ What is “Jasmy Secure PC”, a robust security solution that utilizes blockchain?
Equipped with a “drive recorder function” that visualizes the work situation, a “ghost drive function” that protects data even when out of the office, and a function to check the operation of employees in real time, safe and comfortable work in new work styles such as telework. It is an application that realizes the environment. URL:
■Company profile
-Jasmy Co., Ltd.-
Jasmy Corporation is a company that develops and provides IoT platforms. When all kinds of things are connected to the Internet, “clothing, food, housing, and movement”, which are closely related to people’s lives, will change significantly. Jasmy’s mission is to create and provide a system (platform) that allows anyone to use things easily, safely, and with peace of mind. Today, important data generated from our daily lives tends to be occupied by a limited number of companies. One of the purposes of the Jasmy Platform is to restore data sovereignty to the original owner and to use individual data safely and securely. For that reason, Jasmy will combine IoT with blockchain technology and prepare a platform that can be widely used beyond the boundaries of industries and industries based on
unprecedented ideas. Jasmy’s team consists of members with diverse and rich experience in electronics, mechanics, communications, devices, system integrators, designers, etc., and we will provide the best IoT platform for each customer around the world.
-Sony Biz Networks Inc.-
Sony Biz Networks Co., Ltd. was established as a company that provides ICT solutions “NURO Biz” for corporations under the investment of Sony Network Communications Co., Ltd. of the Sony Group. Since July 2019, Sony Network Communications Inc.’s corporate cloud and network service business have been integrated, and by strengthening business in a wide range of areas from networks to clouds, we are providing customers with higher value-added services.
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