Cloudflare’s Workers Launchpad Funding Program Announces Scale to $2 Billion and First Batch of Participating Startups

Cloudflare’s Workers Launchpad Funding Program Announces Scale to $2 Billion and First Batch of Participating Startups
Program Expands to 40 Venture Capitals, 25 Startups from 10 Countries Joining Initial Cohort on Cloudflare Workers

Cloudflare, the company that helps build a better internet with security, performance and reliability, today announced the follow-up to its Workers Launchpad, a startup-funding initiative in partnership with leading venture capital investors. In just under two months, we announced that 14 partners and $750 million in investment in startups based on Cloudflare Workers, for a total of $2 billion. We will also introduce 25 companies from 10 countries as the first batch of startups participating in this program.
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Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare, said, “When we first launched Workers Launchpad, we had a goal of $250 million in funding. We surpassed that goal by reaching $1.25 billion, and reaching the $2 billion mark is a huge milestone and shows the industry’s confidence in the potential of Cloudflare’s global network. With over 1 million developers building and maintaining applications on Cloudflare, there is no better opportunity to continue investing in developers who use Cloudflare. ” said.
Launched in September 2022, the “Cloudflare Workers Launchpad funding program” is a highly scalable serverless computing platform
“Cloudflare Workers” that allows developers to build and extend apps without setting up and managing infrastructure. It provides up to $1.25 billion in funding for startups building applications. Within days and weeks after the announcement, there was strong interest worldwide from venture capitalists interested in participating in this program. Cloudflare recently welcomed 14 new venture capital partners, as well as partners with regional expertise in Australia and Latin America.
New partners are:
Air Tree
Alumni Ventures
B Capital
Benhamou Global Ventures
Conversion Capital
Counterpoint Global (Morgan Stanley)
Kleiner Perkins
Nauta Capital
Primary VC
Unusual Ventures
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List of Venture Capital Partners
“Workers Launchpad” Fall 2022 Cohort
Cloudflare also announced 25 entrepreneurs selected from among hundreds of applicants from over 30 countries. Finalists for this cohort include Apyfy, which addresses data privacy, and Grafbase, which accelerates backend software development. The first batch of startups announced today includes startups from Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, the UK and the US. This cohort will have the opportunity to solicit investments from VC partners, receive technical advice and support, attend a virtual bootcamp with sessions from Cloudflare leaders and VC partners, and showcase their business at Demo Day. .
Mia Wang, Director of M&A and Strategy at Cloudflare, said, “We were overwhelmed by the engagement and the excitement that venture capital firms had in witnessing the excellence of their applicants. The selection of the first cohort was collaborative. We are excited to connect startups and venture capital directly in the coming weeks.” [Image 3d61678-36-ab96d8b9fb38870581cd-2.png&s3=61678-36-8b9012deba32b26479b051499e5e9b0a-1999x833.png
Fall 2022 cohort (25 companies)
1 million developers use Cloudflare to build
At Developer Week 2022, it was announced that 1 million developers use Cloudflare to build and maintain enterprise-ready applications. With Workers features such as Pages, Durable Objects, R2 and D1, and application services such as rate limiting, load balancing, and bot management, Cloudflare provides tools that make it cheaper, faster, and easier for developers to build and maintain applications. It offers.
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Cloudflare’s Workers Launchpad Funding Program Expands to $2 Billion, Announces First Cohort of Startups Announcing First Cohort of Workers Launchpad and Growth of Program to $2 Billion
Workers Launchpad funding program
Please note that Cloudflare does not make funding or funding decisions and does not guarantee that any particular company will receive financing through this program. All funding decisions are made by the venture capital firms participating in the Program. Cloudflare is not a registered broker-dealer, investment advisor, or other similar intermediary.
About Cloudflare
The mission of Cloudflare, Inc.
( is to help build a better Internet. Cloudflare’s platform secures and accelerates any Internet application without adding hardware, software, or code changes. Cloudflare routes all of your internet property’s traffic through its intelligent global network, getting smarter with every request. The result is significantly improved performance and reduced spam and other attacks. Cloudflare was named to Entrepreneur magazine’s Top Company Cultures 2018 and Fast Company magazine’s 2019 World’s Most Innovative Companies.
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