CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. Kiyomizu-dera Temple and harmo propose a new way to use PHR – Japan’s first electronic medicine notebook integrated charm is born –

CMIC Holdings Co., Ltd.
Kiyomizu-dera Temple and harmo propose a new way to use PHR -The birth of Japan’s first electronic medicine notebook-integrated charm-
CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Kazuo Nakamura) group company harmo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Satoru Ishijima; hereinafter: harmo) In collaboration with Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture (hereafter referred to as Kiyomizudera Temple), as a proposal for a new way to utilize personal health records (PHRs), a dedicated IC card for the electronic medicine notebook service “harmo Okusuri Techo” provided by harmo. We are pleased to inform you that we have produced Japan’s first * “Okusuri Omamori” that can be enclosed.
*Based on our research as of November 1, 2022.
[Image 1d51375-10-c31576a16c3ac45793fd-0.png&s3=51375-10-c02dfdace96c3667d9b41326bb146f94-1215x605.png
Harmo has developed “harmo Okusuri Techo,” which can be used at pharmacies nationwide, and “harmo Vaccine Care,” which enables vaccination management for children. We are expanding the system. Harmo Okusuri Techo has about 400,000 users (as of November 2022), including smartphone applications and dedicated IC cards, and has been used at more than 17,000 pharmacies nationwide. Medicine notebooks and other PHRs are supposed to be used by individuals to manage their own health. There were many cases where electronic medicine notebooks were used for health management.
The thought of watching over one’s loved ones is consistent with the role of the temple’s “Omamori”. In collaboration with Kiyomizu-dera Temple, the production of “Okusuri Omamori” has been realized. The harmo Okusuri Techo offers services via IC cards or smartphone apps, but we focused on the fact that a high percentage of elderly people use IC cards, so we decided to enclose your card in a charm. We are. [Image 2d51375-10-22e370de001f26e27ee9-2.png&s3=51375-10-a162139e5565feea7828eebcb5d9e2eb-1228x621.png
The “Okusuri Omamori” has a prayer at Kiyomizu-dera Temple just like the regular Omamori, and it is possible to touch the pharmacy terminal while enclosing the harmo Okusuri Techo IC card in the Omamori. The “Okusuri Omamori” is not for sale, but with the cooperation of the pharmacies in Kyoto and Yamanashi prefectures that have introduced the harmo Okusuri Techo, we will distribute a limited number of them free of charge to users of the harmo Okusuri Techo.
Until now, the use of PHR has centered on managing one’s own health, and for this purpose it was common for people to manage their own health using smartphones or wearable devices. However, as a new use of PHR, harmo believes that PHR should be used not only for one’s own health, but also for watching over loved ones. We made it.
[Image 3d51375-10-e4494544f9acf93794b6-3.png&s3=51375-10-edbadfad13e4eb02b6aa27d35f9388f8-1241x625.png
Eigen Onishi, assistant butler of Kiyomizudera Temple, said: “harmo Okusuri Techo has been providing services to patients and pharmacies for more than 10 years. Through this service, pharmacists have watched over patients and families have watched over patients. I think it is expressed in the form of a notebook.
It is also believed that the omamori, through its visible form, has helped express the invisible sincerity to the important person. By expanding the use of PHR in new ways that take into account the role of such a charm, we hope that patients and their families, doctors, pharmacists, and other medical professionals will be able to communicate their feelings to each other. I hope more. I would appreciate it if you could use the okusuri amulet as a means to do so. ”
Mr. Ito of Neuron Network Co., Ltd., who operates the Neuron Pharmacy Mukaishima branch in Kyoto City, who cooperated in the distribution of the medicine charm, said as follows.
“Until now, pharmacies have generally been recognized as a place for patients to receive medicine. We believe that it should be a place where people can feel free to discuss matters related to.
This time, by combining Kiyomizu-dera’s “Omamori” and “Electronic Medicine Notebook”, the presence that can be felt closer to patients and their families functions as a PHR, pharmacists and patients / families I think it would be good if I could create an opportunity for people to feel free to communicate.
I hope that the spread of PHR in a new form in society will change the way we have communicated so far, and that it will be an initiative that will change the perception of patients about pharmacies. ” You can also watch the video about the background of the collaboration with Kiyomizu Temple.
URL: [Image 4d51375-10-51f816dc4077ddfaae2b-4.png&s3=51375-10-78e8bf50b9906b96c67805bea26f174d-300x300.png
From now on, harmo will continue to promote business development as a service that connects patients, families, and medical professionals, with the feeling of caring for the people who are important to them. ■ Image of actual use
[Image 5d51375-10-3b4775a98a42b3d40e41-6.jpg&s3=51375-10-e0e9c965efb714b9905de2b9d71c472e-641x427.jpg
Photo: An IC card is enclosed in a charm
[Image 6d51375-10-7d75219c58af3f0cf3e3-5.jpg&s3=51375-10-c327d0fc9f009cd76d994eb62636519e-633x422.jpg
Photo: Use by touching the dedicated terminal
About harmo
harmo develops and provides “harmo medicine notebook” and “harmo vaccine care” that allow individuals and families to use individual medical and health information.
The “harmo medicine notebook” has approximately 400,000 users (as of September 2022), including smartphone applications and dedicated IC cards, and has been used at more than 17,000 pharmacies nationwide. “harmo Vaccine Care” not only records and manages vaccination information easily, but also helps prevent vaccination mistakes. Long-term individual follow-up is possible. Currently, harmo vaccine care is installed in all 32 internal medicine and pediatric
departments in Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City, and has a track record of preventing a large number of vaccination errors.
By providing the harmo series, we are contributing to improving the health value of each individual consumer.
■ About CMIC Group
CMIC (CMIC) started Japan’s first CRO (drug development support) business in 1992, and now provides comprehensive support services related to pharmaceuticals, from development to manufacturing, sales and marketing. Currently, CMIC Group is one of the largest CRO in Japan, and at the same time provides comprehensive services in drug development, SMO (clinical site support), drug manufacturing, regulatory affairs consulting, and sales and marketing solutions. We also actively support pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies entering the Japanese market, conducting clinical trials in Asia, and supporting drug development and manufacturing in the United States and Japan. CMIC Group has over 7,500 employees and 26 group companies worldwide.
Please see the website for details.

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