COACH A Co., Ltd. COACH A announces original logos for various services on the occasion of its 25th anniversary

Coach A Co., Ltd.
Coach A announces original logos for various services on the occasion of its 25th anniversary

COACH A Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshiyuki Suzuki) is pleased to announce that on the occasion of its 25th anniversary, it has developed and started using logotypes and logomarks for various services provided by the company.
Background of the new logo
Over the 25 years since its founding, COACH-A has created numerous coaching services that contribute to organizational development and leader development. On the occasion of our 25th year, we have formulated a new purpose, and in the sense of promising to provide even higher quality services to realize that purpose, we have assigned a logotype and logo mark to each service. did.
The new logo expresses the high quality and reliability of our services, as well as the various values ​​that Coach A values, such as excitement, fun, cheerfulness, and a cheerful way of being. I tried. For corporate services, we focused on the name of the service and formulated a logotype that takes advantage of the beauty of the font. The service logo for individuals emphasizes the “C” of COACH A and the “C” of communication, and expresses fun and excitement by using colorful colors.
List of new logos
The following services and publications have developed logotypes and logomarks this time.
[Corporate services]
[Image 1

[Image 2

[Image 3

[Individual service]
[Image 4

[Image 5

[Web service]
[Image 6

[Image 7

[E-mail magazine issued by COACH A]
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■ Coach A Co., Ltd.
COACH-A is the world’s largest global coaching firm that started Japan’s first coaching school business in 1997. In addition to supporting the growth of individuals, we focus on the relationships surrounding individuals and support the growth of the entire organization through interactive organizational development in five languages ​​(Japanese, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Thai). is expanding globally. In addition, we provide evidence-based coaching based on analysis data from the Coaching Research Institute (CRI) in the research division, and analyze the rich data of coaching achievements to analyze the mechanisms of leadership and
organizational activation and the usefulness of coaching. Publishes reports on etc.
[Image 9d53380-38-2a7801baf916b34720cb-15.png&s3=53380-38-91a6ab89df3cd983e2cb30b87e5c7bda-651x591.png
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