CODEGYM Personal coaching programming learning support service “CODEGYM Monthly” Announcement of the first month free campaign limited to self-study frustration

Personal coaching type programming learning support service “CODEGYM Monthly” Announcement of the first month free campaign limited to self-study frustration
Aiming to equalize opportunities for programming education and produce high-level engineers

Click here for the special campaign site CODEGYM Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO Hiroyuki Tsuruta), which operates the first high-level engineer training school in Japan that adopts the “ISA system” for career advancement, with the mission of “investing in people’s potential”, is a personal・ We are pleased to inform you that we will start offering a free campaign for the first month of the coaching-type programming learning support service “CODEGYM Monthly” only for self-study failures (limited to the first 30 people).
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CODEGYM has been developing various services related to programming education, in addition to “CODEGYM Monthly”, which supports programming learning through personal coaching for business people who want to use their programming skills in their work and those who aim to become independent freelancers. rice field. As a new payment method for educational institutions, ISA (Income Share Agreement), which allows deferred payment of tuition fees linked to income after graduation, was adopted for the first time in Japan. CODEGYM Academy for new graduates who want to be engineers in the IT industry, etc., to support programming learning for students who have
■ “CODEGYM Monthly” Limited to self-study frustrated students! First month free campaign overview
This time, we will carry out a one-month free campaign only for those who have been frustrated for some reason, such as learning method or environment, trying to learn programming by self-study.
CODEGYM will also teach you how to think about programming and how to study efficiently to acquire programming skills, and we will fully support the “right first step” to learn programming.
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Contents provided: Enrollment fee + Light plan (1 month) free         Creating a study plan according to the customer’s purpose           Coaching experience (50 minutes x 1 time, 25 minutes x 1 time, a total of 2 times)
Available number of people: First 30 people (in order of application for free consultation)
        ※It will end as soon as the capacity is reached.
Click here for the special campaign site
( ■ “CODEGYM Monthly” service overview
“CODEGYM Monthly” resumed its provision from August this year in response to the growing trend of developing DX human resources in society as a whole and relearning business people (recurrent and reskilling).
From the students, “I can study efficiently because I can make a learning plan (programming) that suits my purpose” and “I have a problem because I have a programming learning system with a dedicated coach. We receive comments such as “It’s easy to maintain motivation because we can consult and solve things immediately”, and it has been well received as a plan that allows you to acquire programming skills to realize what you want to do.
■ Overview of CODEGYM Co., Ltd.
Company name: CODEGYM Co., Ltd.
*Company name changed from LABOT Co., Ltd. from October 1, 2022 Company location: WORKCOURT Shibuya Shoto, 1-28-2 Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Date of establishment: July 1, 2019
Representative: Hiroyuki Tsuruta, Representative Director
Business description: Operation of the programming school “CODEGYM Engineer Career Change” for deferred payment of tuition/re-education for working adults, operation of the programming school “CODEGYM Academy” for students aiming for new engineer graduates, targeting those who want to learn programming as a general education Operation of learning service “CODEGYM Programming Culture”, operation of custom-made programming learning support service “CODEGYM Monthly”, human resource solution business, financial solution business using ISA
CODEGYM Co., Ltd. is a company that operates a high-level engineer training school “CODEGYM” that adopts the first career payment “ISA system” in Japan with the vision of “investing in people’s potential”. Hiroyuki Tsuruta, a serial entrepreneur who started his business at the age of 16 and has developed Japan’s first bar code listing flea market app specializing in books such as “Bukuma!” Founded LABOT in 2019 to develop a programming school business that adopted the ISA system from the desire to create a society where anyone can take on challenges. ISA is a new contract model between schools and students born in the United States. In exchange for no tuition fees during the period from the start of the course to graduation, if certain conditions are met, the school will receive a certain percentage of the income after graduation. It is an income sharing agreement that pays to Currently, “CODEGYM Academy” is for those who aim to become new graduate engineers from beginners, “CODEGYM Engineer Career Change” is for those who want to change jobs to engineers from inexperienced people, and those who want to improve their skills and learn programming as a culture. We operate “CODEGYM programming education” for , and a custom-made programming learning support service “CODEGYM Monthly”.
I would like to contribute to Japanese society so that those who believe in their own potential and hope to play an active role as high-level engineers can realize their futures through CODEGYM.

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