COINJINJA Co., Ltd. Strategic partnership with NFT marketplace tofuNFT and Chain Colosseum Phoenix -Domestic Web3 game application incorporating Game-Fi elements-

Strategic Partnership with NFT Marketplace tofuNFT and Chain Colosseum Phoenix -Domestic Web3 game application incorporating Game-Fi elements-
tofuNFT supports Chain Colosseum Phoenix in many ways as an NFT marketplace specializing in blockchain games

We are pleased to announce that tofuNFT, an NFT marketplace, has entered into a strategic partnership with Chain Colosseum Phoenix. Chain Colosseum Phoenix is ​​a domestic Web3 game application that incorporates Game-Fi elements.
Chain Colosseum Phoenix is ​​a Web3 game application that incorporates Game-Fi elements. Players can earn in-game currency by fighting and defeating various monsters using heroes summoned from the Book of Summoning Beasts.
is seriously facing the issues and problems of BCG’s token economics so far, and has introduced several more sustainable and unique systems. The Soul Mining System (SMS), which suppresses excessive rewards, and the Anti-Trader Field (AT-Field), which completely eliminates speculative traders, are particularly unique.
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Player-owned heroes and earned in-game currency will also exist on the blockchain. This makes it possible to trade with other players by using marketplaces such as tofuNFT.
Chain Colosseum Phoenix Official Website: Sales information: Whitepaper:
The sales time is scheduled as follows.
・Presale November 21, 2022 10:00 (UTC) to November 30, 2022 9:59 (UTC) ・Public sale November 30, 2022 11:00 (UTC) – December 5, 2022 10:59 (UTC) TofuNFT plans to have an additional sale by OASYSChain after the public sale ends. If you purchase an NFT on sale, you will receive $100 worth of OAS as a bonus. Of the $100, 20% will be airdropped immediately after OAS listing. *OAS price is calculated based on Republic sale price.
We will provide Chain Colosseum Phoenix with multiple solutions that can only be provided by tofuNFT, an NFT marketplace specializing in blockchain games. And we will do our best to contribute to the ecosystem and community formation of Chain Colosseum Phoenix users. In addition, tofuNFT will continue to promote the mass adoption of blockchain game projects with Chain Colosseum Phoenix even more strongly. Starting with this partnership, all project members will strive to demonstrate a higher presence in the Japanese market and blockchain games.
■METAVERSE Inc. founder
I am very honored to collaborate with tofuNFT. Users who missed out on the temporary sale at ZaifINO should purchase at tofuNFT. In addition, even if you purchase in the secondary distribution, the benefits of OAS are valid as in the primary distribution, but the amount of OAS that has already been given to other users, such as the initial unlocking amount, is not eligible. The Crypto market is cold, but I would like to boost the market together with tofuNFT.
■ tofuNFT Co-founder Yu Numazaki
It is very attractive to be able to collaborate with METAVERSE and to handle Chain Colosseum Phoenix with tofuNFT. The NFT marketplace is one of the important functions of blockchain games, and we will form this partnership to support the Chain Colosseum Phoenix ecosystem and provide various support such as marketing and community formation. ■ (Chain Colosseum Phoenix operating base) is a company specializing in NFTs, blockchain technology and most importantly the Metaverse. We’re finding ways to break new ground in the metaverse. With the introduction of blockchain and NFT technology, digital items have unprecedented value, and the world we are used to is about to change. By releasing applications that seamlessly connect with the Metaverse, we aim to support people’s individual expression in Web 3.0.
Chain Colosseum Phoenix Official Twitter : Chain Colosseum Phoenix : METAVERSE.INC:
About tofuNFT
tofuNFT is the world’s largest multi-chain NFT marketplace with over 30 EVM compatible chains. Most of the transaction volume consists of blockchain games, GameFi.
It will start on BSC in October 2021 and grow into the largest NFT marketplace on the chain from December. It is also already the largest NFT marketplace in Arbitrum, Metis, Boba, Aurora, Moonbeam and Astar, with Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, Cronos, Optimism and other chains in the top 3 by volume. In September 2022, we announced a partnership with X2Y2, the NFT marketplace with the highest trading volume in the world.
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