Collaborative work with photographer Shinpei Asai! Contemporary artist Takahisa Kamiya’s solo exhibition “1967 P LASTICs-2022 SDGs-” will be held at kōjin kyoto from November 26 (Sat) to December 2 (Fri), 2022.

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Collaborative work with photographer Shinpei Asai! Contemporary artist Takahisa Kamiya’s solo exhibition “1967 PLASTICs-2022 SDGs-” will be held at kōjin kyoto from November 26 (Sat) to December 2 (Fri), 2022.
From November 26th (Sat) to December 2nd (Fri), a solo exhibition by contemporary artist Takahisa Kamiya, “1967 PLASTICs -2022 SDGs-” will be held at the event space “kōjin kyoto” overlooking Higashiyama on the banks of the Kamo River in Kyoto. . Kamiya’s new -Blue Wrapping- series “Hot Air Sculpture” will be presented.
Photographer Shinhei Asai’s photo of Kamiya’s “Hot Air Sculpture” will also be exhibited at the same venue. A fusion exhibition by Kamiya and Asai will begin in the town of Kyoto, which is full of good old beauty.
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An extraordinary space is created while being enveloped in the soft light of the west. It was a quiet blue that had a certain presence that dyed my vision and pierced my brain. And the transparence that makes a mocking performance, the curves that play with each other, and the unevenness that is somewhat adorable. The distortion that is born there shows an aesthetic behavior.
Born in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture in 1951, Takahisa Kamiya spent his childhood yearning for the advanced and exciting “America.” At that time, Kamiya did hear the words of a certain man in the movie Graduation (1967).
“The future is plastic,” he said confidently.
In 2022, Kamiya will present a new work in the -Blue Wrapping- series, “Hot Air Sculpture”, at his solo exhibition “1967 PLASTICs-2022 SDGs-“.
The -Blue Wrapping- series is an artwork that Kamiya, who restarted as a contemporary artist on the occasion of his 70th birthday in 2021, started as “Shukatsu”. In the first work of the series in 2021, he presented a work that wrapped in blue tape the materials that he had cherished for many years as a professional designer, such as a large piggy bank, a wooden carving of a crocodile, a tin car and a figure. Even though they are called junk, they are objects that have lived their lives together, and there is something ritualistic and spiritual about the act of wrapping them in blue.
This time, Kamiya chose a PET bottle as the support/medium. Kamiya, who has witnessed the process of plastic being turned from a hero to a villain, turned a skeptical eye on the modern society built by “hot words” and set up a witty prank.
Hot air is applied to a PET bottle to distort it, and a part of it is wrapped in blue just like her own important materials.
Is it the act of trying to bury it like a mummy with the respect that has led the world so far, or is it the act of giving it a new shape and saving it with pity for being a troublesome person? In any case, it is certain that the coincidence-inevitable distortions and overlaps of “Hot Air Sculpture” and the brilliance of blue and transparency attract us. From the carefully arranged details, you can see Kamiya’s attitude as an artist facing things (existence) and the relationship between Kamiya and things (existence). The PET bottle, which has gained a connection with the outside world, enjoys freedom, albeit imperfectly. Also, when we realize it, we should be enjoying each and every stage here with our bodies. It is the process of being reborn from a mass-produced product into an individual existence, the process of acquiring a shape and appearing, and the expansion from the ordinary to the extraordinary.
A notable point of this exhibition is the participation of
photographer Shinpei Asai. After making his major debut in 1966 with the photo book “Beatles Tokyo”, Asai has been engaged in creative activities that transcend genres beyond photography. This time, Asai will take photographs of Kamiya’s “Hot Air Sculpture” and exhibit them at the same venue. Regarding this, Asai says, “I hope that Kamiya’s work and goals will be more objectively organized through the act of taking photographs.”
In the town of Kyoto, which is full of good old beauty, a fusion exhibition as a process by Kamiya and Asai begins. “Hot Air Sculpture” creates a noble sense of incongruity in this space, and is sure to arouse cultural and social interest.

Solo exhibition details
[Image 5d21774-305-ccd8ce348447ccd94a02-1.jpg&s3=21774-305-a7503a494f816c9d8083dc3e14a803f4-1200x1695.jpg
“1967 PLASTICS -2022 SDGs-”
exhibition period
Saturday, November 26, 2022 to Friday, December 2, 2022
kōjin kyoto
248-6 Kamiozu-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto (Kojin Bridge West end) URL
Instagram @kojin_kyoto
free entrance
・If you have cold-like symptoms, please refrain from coming to the gallery. ・Please wear a mask and practice cough etiquette.
・Please cooperate with hand disinfection with alcohol spray at the time of admission.
・Please refrain from talking in the venue from the perspective of preventing droplet infection.
・Please fill out the name book when you enter the building.

Takahisa Kamiya
Takahisa Kamiya
In 1978, at the age of 27, he founded the design company SUPER PLANNING and started as a designer, producer, and entrepreneur. Many people have been fascinated by the production of the character MR.FRIENDLY, which is loved around the world, and the launch of the unique tote bag brand ROOTOTE. In 2004, TOTE AS CANVAS won the Good Design Award in the product design category. In 2016, he enrolled in the Setsu Mode Seminar and won the 3331 Award at the Setsu Exhibition. In 2019, he started working as an artist in earnest.
[Image 6d21774-305-cb74cb621d2bfd93ca49-9.jpg&s3=21774-305-d74dcc4c23a971d93a4886ee9ae22635-625x827.jpg
Takahisa Kamiya
Shinpei Asai
Shimpei Asai
He made his debut as a photographer in 1966 after receiving attention for his unique perspective in the photo collections “Street
Photograph” and “Beatles Tokyo.” After that, he demonstrated his versatility in a wide range of fields such as cinematography, music, scriptwriting, novels, and haiku, and won numerous awards, including the ADC Award for “VAN JACKET” Hauser Sports Poster in 1977. He was also active in academic fields, such as serving as museum director and graduate school professor. He actively participates in symposia and media appearances.
[Image 7d21774-305-4de0cc57982ba1092837-10.jpg&s3=21774-305-201e22a3749eb451c2f433a2a5417193-403x582.jpg
Shinpei Asai

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