Collowide Lies or truths! ? Please use it as a conversation topic for izakaya trivia “Sakutto drinking” that you can see from the order menu

Are you lying?! ? Please use it as a conversation topic for izakaya trivia “Sakutto drinking” that you can see from the order menu ~ Colowide Izakaya Lab Survey Release Vol. 3 ~

Colowide Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President Kohei Nojiri, hereinafter referred to as “Colowide Group”) will discover, discover, and disseminate izakaya usage scenes and values ​​that match the times in October 2022. We launched the project “Colowide Izakaya Lab”.
This time, as the third report, we will introduce trivia about izakaya. An independent survey has revealed interesting results from research on izakaya menu orders and lifestyles that make you wonder if it’s a lie or not.
This year, for the first time in three years, there are no
restrictions on movement due to the coronavirus, and there are signs of a revival of “quick drinking” and year-end parties. Please use it as a topic of conversation at a drinking party with your friends or company.
[What we learned from the survey results]
Happiness and yakitori order rate are proportional
Lemon sour is recommended for team building! ?
Actually, there was a menu that people who avoid carbohydrates unexpectedly ordered!
[Survey overview]
Fact-finding survey on drinking among company employees
Survey target: 800 people living in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, 20-59 years old, male and female, office workers, self-employed, public employees
Survey method: Internet survey
Survey implementation period: May 30 to June 1, 2022
Research Subject: Colowide Co., Ltd. Izakaya Labo
1. Happiness and yakitori order rate are proportional: people with higher happiness eat yakitori!
[Image 1

A questionnaire asking izakaya chain users about the menu items they often order at izakaya and a questionnaire that scores their own happiness levels revealed that people with higher levels of happiness tend to order yakitori. It turns out that there is (Figure 1)

Yakitori also has a “assorted” menu, which is easy for everyone to eat. You can eat your favorite skewer or remove it from the skewer and share it. You can enjoy various tastes such as various parts of meat, sweet and fragrant sauce, cheese and moon viewing.
Chicken is said to be high in protein and low in calories compared to other meats. People who care about their health and can eat without guilt while on a diet may be the reason why people with a high level of happiness choose it.
■Happiness up to about twice the normal size of green onions? ! (*compared with our other products)
[Image 2

Don’t underestimate the yakitori of an izakaya chain.
Colowide Group’s “Yakitori Center” specialties are
“Yakisen Momo Negima” and “Yakisen Mune Negima”.
Yakitori with overwhelming size, about twice as large as other products, We use fresh domestic chicken and prepare each skewer carefully. At 290 yen (319 yen with tax) for two, the cost performance is outstanding. Even if one person eats two, even if you share with everyone, There is no doubt that it will make you smile and make you happier.

2. People who value their friends more should order lemon sour.For team building, lemon sour is recommended! ?
[Image 3

When we combined a questionnaire asking about drinks that people often order at izakaya with a questionnaire about their own sense of values, we found that people who value their friends are more likely to order lemon sour. (Figure 2)
Although it has become popular in recent years, lemon sour, which is not as heavy as beer and not as sweet as cocktails, may be favored by people who want to drink while enjoying conversation with friends. ■ 4 types of fun lemon sours to choose from.Relieve your fatigue with the lemon effect and spending time with friends!
[Image 4

Colowide Group’s Izakaya “Amataro” sells 4 types of lineup as “serious lemon sour”.
The citric acid contained in lemon is said to have a fatigue recovery effect. There are four types of lemon sours with distinctive tastes and appearances, and it’s fun to choose. If you drink with your friends, it might be a happy meeting with the lemon effect.

3. Actually, the more people who avoid carbohydrates, the more they order gyoza dumpling skins! ? A balanced menu where you can eat vegetables and meat
[Image 5

In addition to the level of happiness, the results of a survey on the correlation between daily health awareness and the menu ordered showed that people who “avoid carbohydrates” are about 1.5 times more likely to order dumplings than the overall average. I understand. (Figure 3) The gyoza wrapper is filled with sugar, but you can eat both vegetables and meat in the filling inside. Dumplings are lower in calories than fried chicken and potatoes, which are often ordered at izakaya chains, and the result was that votes were gathered for gyoza that was filling.
■ It’s small and you can eat as much as you want! Gyoza dumplings in an iron pot that are easy for women to eat
[Image 6

“Deliciousness” that you won’t get tired of eating every day 365 days a year, You can come every day 365 days a year at Izakaya “3.6.5 Sakaba”, which is popular for its low prices.
It’s popular because it’s so easy to eat that even health-conscious people and women want to order just a little bit.
In fact, cheese iron pot dumplings are also popular. If you dare to eat on the day “Today is cheat day!”
Melty cheese and piping hot dumplings will increase your happiness.

I learned that there is an interesting trend in each person’s sense of values ​​and awareness of health, and the tendency of menus to order at izakaya that makes you giggle.
Colowide Group’s izakaya also has a lineup of carefully selected products that match the trends and needs of the world.
How about checking out the izakaya menu for the first time in a long time, using izakaya trivia as a conversation topic?
We will never stop evolving!
・・・In the 4th installment, we will check the awareness and plans for the year-end party that concludes 2022, entitled “What will happen to this year’s year-end party? Urgent survey”! I hope that all
secretaries will be able to refer to it.
Colowide Group is taking various measures at stores to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.
■Wearing a mask: Thoroughly enforce the wearing of a mask by all employees Hand washing disinfection: All employees thoroughly wash their hands regularly and alcohol disinfection during business hours
■ Guidance to separate: Guide as far away as possible to prevent droplet infection
■Regular Ventilation: Periodically replace the air
■ Alcohol installation: Installation of alcohol disinfectant at all stores Disinfection of in-store facilities: Disinfection of tables, chairs, etc. after each customer use
[Outline of “Colowide Izakaya Lab”]
[Image 7d42434-36-343d91e0d7de4e5c8e0e-6.jpg&s3=42434-36-a650d316159c56d67f19d0b36f744632-1427x605.jpg
“Colowide Izakaya Labo” is a project to discover, discover, and disseminate usage scenes and values ​​of izakaya chains that are in line with the times. From consumer surveys and trends, we capture the world, and with the real world experience of experienced store managers who have seen the forefront of izakaya, we will conduct research and research on “izakaya chains” and “how to drink” from various perspectives. increase.
With the coronavirus epidemic and soaring prices, we will consider and disseminate the future of chain izakaya.
【Company Profile】
Company name COLOWIDE CO., LTD.
Head office location 〒220-8112 Landmark Tower 12F, 2-2-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Business contents 1. Management of restaurants 2. Purchase and sales of various foodstuffs and processed sales 3. Sales of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages 4. Management of karaoke rooms
Established April 1963
Capital 27,905 million yen
2,785 stores (as of the end of March 2022)
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