Colopla In-house “Golfing Seminar” to Raise Employee Health Awareness

[Colopla] In-house “Golfing Seminar” to Raise Employee Health Awareness -Promoting health management through golf and revitalizing communication-
COLOPL Co., Ltd. (President: Takashi Miyamoto, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “COLOPL”) will hold a golf-themed exercise “Golfing Seminar” as an internal event in 2022 for the purpose of improving the health of employees. It was held from November 7th to 11th.
Golf Exercise “Golfing”
Golfing is a new exercise supervised by professional golfers and orthopedic surgeons. You can improve your golf by relaxing your body without dropping the club and learning to swing like a tour pro. In addition to improving golf, it is also attracting attention from business people as a health promotion program that trains the core in the office.
A limited-time event that promotes health management and invigoration of internal communication
COLOPL has been recognized as a “Health and Productivity Management Organization (Large Enterprise Category)” for two consecutive years as a company that practices health and productivity management, and has promoted health initiatives throughout the group.
In addition to promoting the health of employees and activating communication, this event was held to boost the company’s excitement for the launch of the new game “Shironeko GOLF” released on October 26th.
Mr. Takayuki Hirai, the representative of Ibuki Co., Ltd., a golfing instructor, was invited to perform swing exercises that make use of the movements of the “driver” and “iron” that appear in the “Shironeko GOLF” game. It was held in person and online so that all employees could participate. More than 30 people, from executives to employees, regardless of whether or not they have ever played golf, participated in the exercise, including swing exercises to strengthen the trunk, effective stretches for stiff shoulders and lower back pain, and lectures on how to walk. .
Participants commented, “I had no golf experience and didn’t know how to hold a club, but I could feel my core being strengthened!” My afternoon work progressed.” “I was interested in playing golf for the first time in the game, so I wanted to try real golf.” “I improved my swing by continuing to participate.” It was fun to move my body while watching how everyone was doing.” With this new initiative that incorporates entertainment, employees can move their bodies while communicating with each other and have more fun while raising their health awareness. I was.
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Comment from Takayuki Hirai, golfing lecturer (health management advisor), representative of Ibuki Co., Ltd.
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Despite the fact that remote work is widespread, I was surprised at the high level of enthusiasm for golf, such as some people
participating for five consecutive days. There were many inexperienced people and beginners, but I hope that in the end they will be able to swing and make their debut on the golf course while playing white cat GOLF.
Initiatives to promote health management
COLOPL positions the health of its employees as the foundation of its management and implements various initiatives to promote health. vinegar.
・ Health management declaration
・Established the “Health Management Support Portal Site” for internal use ・Online radio gymnastics
・ Regular holding of walking events
・Implementation of smoking cessation guidance to improve health damage caused by smoking
・Implementation of mental health care by industrial physicians, full-time nurses ・Conduct a monthly survey on physical condition and follow up on those who are not feeling well
・ Measures to activate communication such as online lunch system and club activities
・Working styles that consider work-life balance, such as a flextime system and thorough overtime management
・ Welfare program “Infinite Banana” that provides all-you-can-eat bananas with high nutritional value as nutritional supplements [Coropl Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Company name: Colopl Co., Ltd.
Location: Midtown East 5F/6F, 9-7-2 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: October 1, 2008
Representative: Takashi Miyamoto, President and Representative Director Business description: Provision of domestic and overseas mobile game services centered on smartphone apps
Provision of services for VR (virtual reality) devices
Investment in domestic and overseas unlisted companies and fund management Official Twitter:
Official Facebook:
[“Shironeko GOLF” basic information]
“Shironeko GOLF” is a golf game in which unique characters from “Shironeko Project NEW WORLD’S” appear as golfers. Aiming to provide a new game experience that is different from “Shironeko Project NEW WORLD’S” and “Shironeko Tennis”, it is a golf game with a new sensation that allows you to have a “golf experience close to the real thing”.
◆ App name: White cat GOLF
◆ Genre: Golf game
◆ Delivery date: Wednesday, October 26, 2022
◆ Supported devices: iOS, Android (TM)
◆ Price: Basic play free (with item charge)
◆ Official website:
◆ Official Twitter:
◆ Download:
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