Color and Deco Co., Ltd. Introducing “virtual interior”, which is attracting attention as a countermeasure against vacancies, at Real Estate Tech EXPO

Color and Deco Co., Ltd.
Introducing “virtual interior”, which is attracting attention as a countermeasure against vacancies, at Real Estate Tech EXPO
~ Promoting early contracts and strengthening DX by visualizing the image of life through VR / 3DCG interior production ~

At the “Real Estate Tech EXPO” to be held at Tokyo Big Sight West 2 Hall from December 5th (Monday) to 7th (Wednesday), 2022, 3DCG interior will be added to the property photos to convey the image of living. We will introduce the advertising tool “Virtual Interior” and the VR application “Karadeco 360” that creates a virtual space in 3D and allows you to tour around the property and simulate the interior of the property.
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What is “Real Estate Tech EXPO”?
This exhibition is an exhibition where all kinds of companies exhibit with technology to solve “building management issues”, “labor shortage”, “vacant rooms, aging” faced by real estate management companies and owners nationwide.
It will be held in the comprehensive architecture exhibition “Japan Build – Advanced Architecture Technology Exhibition -” targeting all kinds of buildings such as houses, buildings, commercial and public facilities.
Exhibition Background / Highlights of the Exhibition
When looking for a property, more than 80% of people gather
information online, such as through portal sites.
Also, as a recent trend, it is said that when consumers buy products, they buy “experience value”. In other words, in terms of real estate, you are buying a “living” there.
From now on, it will be necessary not only to mediate, but also to propose and support how to live in the property and ideal life. In response to this background, we have added 3DCG interiors to property photos for rental brokers who want to make early contracts at low cost and real estate companies who are considering introducing new tools to attract customers. In addition to introducing the advertising tool “Virtual Interior” that conveys information, we will introduce the VR application “Color Deco 360” that can create a virtual space in 3D and simulate the interior of the property for house builders and building material manufacturers. increase.
At the booth, you can see service examples, and you can actually operate the app and experience it. We also accept introduction consultation at any time.
For those who visit us, we will prepare novelties such as original Karadeco tote bags and original drinks that have been well received. About Color & Deco Exhibition Service
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This is a service that installs virtual 3DCG interiors on vacant and occupied property photos and 360-degree panoramic photos to create an image of the property’s charm, lifestyle, and usage.
You can easily place an order by simply sending a property photo and floor plan, and you can use it for property advertising.
[Image 3d53045-17-64ea230ecb64fab065e3-2.jpg&s3=53045-17-cd6bacb40839141af7411879ac9dbb5e-1625x850.jpg

[Image 4d53045-17-2caa185fd11cb078ce43-3.png&s3=53045-17-0102de09f55c4af35fd92edde2e4565b-323x303.png
The next-generation VR application “Karadeco 360” reproduces a 3D virtual space from drawings, CAD/BIM data, and allows you to move around in a 360-degree space.
In the space, you can switch the building materials and interior specifications, simulate the interior layout, and experience the ideal space virtually. In addition to being able to place CG data of over 10,000 existing furniture makers, it is also possible to create a list of screenshots and placed furniture.
[Image 5d53045-17-ab51dfac0e0188bb6db8-5.png&s3=53045-17-f50a4ca55d515c792a0eadbd5d7e4e13-3598x1639.png
Overview of the event
Period: December 5th (Monday) to December 7th (Wednesday)
     10:00-18:00 (10:00-17:00 on the last day only)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 2
Our booth No: 1-99
Admission fee: 5,000 yen (Free with invitation ticket)
Official URL: *Simultaneous exhibitions: Smart Building EXPO, Commercial
Facility/Store DX Exhibition, Facility Renovation EXPO,
       Building Materials & Housing Expo, Smart House Expo,
Construction DX Exhibition
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