Combine products filled with Bikkuri Donkey’s commitment to your liking! “Donkey Enjoyment Set” that can be enjoyed entirely at once will be sold for a limited time from November 25 (Friday)

Aleph Co., Ltd.
Combine products filled with Bikkuri Donkey’s commitment to your liking! “Donkey Enjoyment Set” that can be enjoyed entirely at once will be sold for a limited time from November 25 (Friday)

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The hamburger restaurant “Bikkuri Donkey” developed by Aleph Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sapporo City, Hokkaido, President: Dai Shoji) will sell “Donkey Enjoyment Set” for a limited time from November 25, 2022 (Friday). .
The “Donkey Enjoyment Set” is a hamburger dish, soup, drink, and dessert with the idea that you can enjoy the products full of Bikkuri Donkey’s attention to detail during the year-end and New Year holidays when there are many opportunities to gather with family, relatives, and friends. It is a set menu for a limited time that you can enjoy at once in a free combination.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy the “Donkey Enjoyment Set”. ■What is the Donkey Enjoyment Set?
“Donkey Enjoyment Set” appeared as a limited menu for the 50th anniversary in 2018, and is a menu that boasts Bikkuri Donkey that has been well received every year. The contents of the set can be customized to your liking by combining a hamburger dish, soup, drink, and dessert. You can choose one of 5 types of hamburger dish, 2 types of soup, 5 types of drink, and 4 types of dessert. How about finding your favorite combination by customizing it to your liking?
■ How to choose a donkey fun set
Donkey enjoyment set allows you to choose one item each from hamburger dish, soup, drink, and dessert.
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STEP1: Choose a hamburger dish: You can choose 1 of 5 types of hamburger dish Hamburger dish (150g/300g) / “Regular”, “Cheese”, “Egg”, “Grated radish”, “Pineapple”
STEP2:Choose Soup:Choose 1 out of 2 types of soup
“Miso soup”, “Corn soup”
STEP3: Choose a drink: You can choose 1 drink from 5 types
“Hot coffee”, “Ice coffee”, “Ice caffe latte”, “Taiyo no orange”, “Bubble texture strawberry milk”
*The chewy texture strawberry milk is served without ice.
STEP4: Choose Hokkaido soft serve ice cream: You can choose one from four types of Hokkaido soft serve ice cream.
“Hokkaido Soft Cream”, “Hokkaido Soft Cream (Strawberry Sauce)”, “Hokkaido Soft Cream (Chocolate Sauce)”, “Hokkaido Soft Cream (Kiwi Sauce)”
*If the soft serve ice cream machine cannot be used due to cleaning, etc., we will provide a “gateau chocolate parfait” using vanilla ice cream as an alternative product. note that.
■ Product overview
[Image 3

*If you have any allergies, please let our staff know.
*Rice can be changed to cauliflower rice. Large or small servings are not possible. (Change: ¥110 (tax included))
*You can add 1 serving of salad for the dish. (Additional dish salad: ¥ 165 (tax included))
*You can change the amount of rice. (Large size: ¥100 (tax included) / Small size: ¥55 (tax included) discount)
*Some products may be arranged differently.
*Prices vary by region and store. In addition, there are products that are not available at some stores.
*Sales of this product may be discontinued or discontinued, and product contents may be changed without prior notice.
*Customers ordering after 10:00 pm will be charged a 10% late-night charge. *Menu contents, tableware and containers for some products may differ depending on the season, time of day, and store.
*The hamburger gram number is before cooking.
*Suppliers and prices may change due to changes in weather and political conditions.
*Donkey Enjoyment Set cannot be taken out or delivered.
-Dish menu product image- *The hamburger in the photo is 300g. [Image 4

regular burger dish
[Image 5

cheeseburger dish
[Image 6

eggburg dish
[Image 7

Pineburger dish
[Image 8

grated radish burger dish
-Soup menu product image-
[Image 9

miso soup
[Image 10

corn soup
-Drink menu product image- *Set drinks cannot be changed to a surprise size. [Image 11

hot coffee
[Image 12

iced coffee
[Image 13

ice latte
[Image 14

sun orange
[Image 15

Grainy texture strawberry milk
-Hokkaido Soft Cream Product Image-
[Image 16

Hokkaido soft serve kiwi sauce
■ Bikkuri Donkey commitment
[About hamburger]
Bikkuri Donkey’s hamburgers are made with minced meat of natural beef and hormone-free pork that aim for high safety and quality raised in an environment close to nature. After being manufactured at eight processing plants nationwide, they are never frozen and served at stores, delivering soft and delicious hamburg steaks.
[About rice]
Bikkuri Donkey prohibits the use of chemically synthesized pesticides and fungicides, and we have about 500 producers nationwide supply pesticide-saving rice that is limited to one-time use of herbicides. Rice fields that do not use pesticides are rich in living creatures and sustainable environment conservation rice that considers biodiversity. There are also customers who say, “The rice is delicious.”
[About toppings]
The Bikkuri Donkey toppings that bring out the deliciousness of the hamburgers are actually filled with a lot of attention to detail. The “original hamburger sauce”, which is indispensable for the Bikkuri Donkey dish menu, has a Japanese-style base flavor that allows you to feel the umami of minced meat so that it goes well with rice. “Cheese”, which is the most popular topping and is popular with children and adults alike, is made with a special blend developed in-house, resulting in a rich and rich taste. Also, like cheese, the popular “egg” is served soft-boiled so that it can be entwined with the hamburger steak, and the “oroshiso”, which features a refreshing taste of grated daikon radish and blue perilla, is a hamburger with a rich flavor. It is popular because it goes well with Furthermore, “Pine”, which uses fully ripened Malaysian pineapples, is a dish that has many fans because its juicy sweet and sour taste and hamburger umami go well together.
■ Overview of SNS campaign
[Limited time Twitter campaign]
600 people who follow the Bikkuri Donkey official account on Twitter and retweet the designated post will be given a 1,000 yen Bikkuri Donkey meal ticket to 600 people by lottery.
☆Campaign Overview☆
Implementation period: Friday, November 25, 2022 to Monday, December 5, 2022 Campaign name: “# 200 ways of enjoyment set lottery” Twitter campaign where you can see the hit on the spot
Implementation details: Follow * the Bikkuri Donkey official Twitter account (@bikkuri__donkey) and retweet the campaign target post to win a meal ticket by lottery.
Prizes: A 1,000 yen meal ticket will be presented to 600 people by lottery. * Bikkuri Donkey official Twitter account (@bikkuri__donkey) has two underscores “__”.
*The contents of this campaign are subject to change.

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