Comments have arrived New song EP “Cloud 9” released today! Silver Kidd’s debut performance, “Silver Kidd: On Cloud 9,” is coming next week!

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New song EP “Cloud 9” released today! Silver Kidd’s debut performance, “Silver Kidd: On Cloud 9,” is coming next week!
-November 23, 2022 (Wednesday / holiday) 19:00 PIA LIVE STREAM-
On November 23rd (Wednesday / holiday), Silver Kidd will hold a live stream “Silver Kidd: On Cloud 9” at PIA LIVE STREAM. Comments have arrived from members FUYU and Nyk.
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Silver Kid
“Silver Kidd: On Cloud 9” ticket Silver Kidd Official Site
Silver Kidd consists of FUYU (DURMS), one of Japan’s most versatile and popular drummers, Bubby (BASS), who is attracting attention as the world’s finest bass player who has performed with musicians, AI, YOASOBI, EXILE, Hey!Say! AssH (GUITAR), who is also active as a supporter for JUMP and many other artists, and Nyk (VOCAL), who has won 3 times “Nodojiman THE WORLD!” native band. Based in Japan, we gathered together aiming to be active in the world. As an
unprecedented group with international roots and a wide range of musical careers, they made their long-awaited debut in September this year.
And today, the long-awaited release of the new EP “Cloud 9” with 5 new songs. It is a must-listen arrangement that you can feel the “Silver Kidd world” that incorporates various colors centered on rock. The music video for “Cloud 9” will be released soon.
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Silver Kidd “Cloud 9”
In addition to the songs recorded in the EP “Cloud 9”, there will also be songs for the first time at the distribution live “Silver Kidd: On Cloud 9”, which will be the first unveiling performance of Silver Kidd. Member FUYU commented, “We’ve been preparing for our first live, so please come and see it!”
Tickets are currently on sale at Ticket Pia. Archive delivery is until November 30th (Wednesday) 23:59. For details, please check the Silver Kidd official site.
“Silver Kidd: On Cloud 9” ticket Silver Kidd Official Site
Silver Kid Comment
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“After about 1 year and 11 months, we are finally able to show you the reality of SILVER KIDD! While sharing the song production and vision from , I was once again convinced that it was this member.
SILVER KIDD’s first MV, CLOUD 9, is a song that gathers our thoughts. I would be happy if you could see the four people with completely different personalities!
and! The first live has been decided! We’ve been preparing for our first live, so I’d be happy if you could see it! Cheers! ”
[Image 9

“Silver Kidd’s debut concert, which we’ve been looking forward to for so long, is finally happening.
I’ve been making it carefully since last year, and now it’s like a treasure for me. It will finally reach you.
I would be very happy if I could be a very important person for everyone, like coloring each day.
At the concert, there will of course be songs recorded in the EP, but there will also be many premiere performances, so please look forward to it! We are waiting for you in the world of Silver Kidd! ! ”
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Silver Kidd “Cloud 9”
[Image 5d11710-2486-aa24bf47f53dd65d6813-5.jpg&s3=11710-2486-32924e1b569997cfd8eb9e08e4f1d316-1500x1500.jpg
Silver Kidd “Cloud 9”
EP with 5 tracks
1.Cloud 9
3. Milky Way
5.Off My Mind
Silver Kid Profile
[Image 6d11710-2486-89ee7796ffc3756cf5b4-3.jpg&s3=11710-2486-6036827ef911a21d1713726a646e9f8f-1000x1500.jpg
Started playing drums at the age of 2. After moving to New York, he started playing sessions at Harlem jazz clubs when he was 9 years old. Formed his own band, Standpipe Siamese, in 1995, and has performed at many prestigious live houses in New York, including CBGB and Knitting Factory. 1997-1998 with Shania Twain at Madison Square Garden. Since 2009, he has moved to Tokyo and has participated in many recordings and live performances by various artists. One of the most versatile and popular drummers in Japan who also does SONY and UNIQLO
commercials and jazz. Since 2016, he has been active as a member of RED DIAMOND DOGS led by EXILE ATSUSHI.
[Image 7d11710-2486-d14c56d02836e49c68c8-2.jpg&s3=11710-2486-0df06bb7cfaadabb26bf9f4e78fcf96a-1000x1500.jpg
He started playing bass at the age of 14, and his first stage was at a church in Flint, Michigan, where his father was a pastor. Aiming to become a game designer, he moved to Los Angeles, but was unable to enter due to a mistake, and decided to devote himself to music. Guided by his forward-thinking and musical pursuits, he has been recognized as one of the world’s finest bass players, performing with top-class musicians in a tough industry. He has worked with numerous big artists such as Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Lupe Fiasco, Gene Aiko, AI, EXILE the Second, and Stevie Wonder.
[Image 8d11710-2486-62d3f4e10214fe4723dc-1.jpg&s3=11710-2486-d87ae45e5482ada8c8bd9209386ac8ac-1000x1500.jpg
Guitarist and solo artist AssH is active not only in Japan but also around the world.
In addition, he is also active as a support for many artists including YOASOBI. 2022 has been selected as a tour guitarist for the singer “AI” for about a year and is participating in the tour.

[Image 9d11710-2486-c0f9789feebd62d43f99-4.jpg&s3=11710-2486-75e78a54762a1720b56bd9c7c9a48000-1000x1500.jpg
Born in Portland, Oregon, USA. In the summer of 2010, at the age of 17, she came to Japan alone to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. He won three times in the popular Nippon TV special program “Nodojiman THE WORLD!”, and now belongs to Universal Music Japan as Nicholas Edwards, not only writing his own lyrics but also providing music. Active as an artist and creator. He has a rich discography including 6 full albums so far. In addition, after appearing in movies, stages, runways, etc., he is an actor / model, and has opened a new official YouTube Nick channel to expand his activities. In addition to his native English, his commentary on the culture of Japan and the United States, which unfolds in Japanese so fluently that people mistake him for being raised in Japan, is rapidly gaining popularity.
“Silver Kidd: On Cloud 9” ticket Silver Kidd Official Site
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