Commune Co., Ltd. Released “Community Marketing Report 2022 Vol.1 Initiatives and Measures”, a survey of community trends

Commune Co., Ltd.
Commune releases “Community Marketing Report 2022 Vol.

Commune Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yuya Takada) has released a report on the “Community Marketing Report 2022” questionnaire survey conducted for 103 people engaged in marketing and community-related work. Publish. This time, it will be a report focused on the “actual situation of community measures”. We will continue to publish survey reports for each community theme. Click here to download Community Marketing Report 2022 [Image 1

Outline of “Community Marketing Report 2022”
An increasing number of companies are struggling to acquire new customers due to major changes in consumption behavior and an increase in purchasing options. While many companies are starting new initiatives in addition to conventional marketing measures, “community measures” are suddenly attracting attention.
Community measures that can be used for product development and improvement by increasing customer enthusiasm by distributing information and developing content targeting existing customers, and directly picking up customer feedback.
In addition, there are cases where community measures lead to the acquisition of new customers, and it is thought that more and more companies will be working on it in the future.
Therefore, this time, we conducted a survey of marketers who are currently implementing community-related measures, focusing on what kind of issues they are facing on a daily basis.
This is the first time, and it is a report that investigates what kind of method is used for the purpose of the community.
Survey outline
Purpose of the report
Business model and specific initiatives for community-related measures B2B and B2C response distribution for specific initiatives
Number of people in charge of community-related measures
Purpose of community-related measures
User reactions and perceptions of community-related measures Issues in community-related measures
What is commune?
in conclusion

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Click here to download Community Marketing Report 2022 ■ What is “commmune”?
“commmune” is a community success platform provided by Commune Co., Ltd. You can easily build and operate the optimal customer community for your company with no code, and it is possible to make one-stop communication between customers and users. Through the customer community, we will promote problem solving, improvement of usage, and increase of fans, and realize continuous sales improvement of the company.
commmune materials in 3 minutes:
For customers interested in introducing commmune
We are holding a briefing session for commmune. Please apply from this URL.
■ Commune Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: Commune Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yuya Takada, Representative Director and CEO Established: May 10, 2018
Business description: Operation of the community success platform “commmune” and the action platform “SuccessHub” that realizes efficient customer success
Location: Meguro Techno Building 2F, 4-31-18 Nishi-Gotanda,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
Details about this release:


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