Concluded a comprehensive membership agreement with JCB for Net Protections BNPL service

Net Protections Co., Ltd.
Concluded a comprehensive membership agreement with JCB for Net Protections BNPL service
BNPL service can be provided to JCB merchants in addition to existing payment services

JCB Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and Executive Officer: Ichiro Hamakawa, hereinafter JCB) and Net Protections Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Shin Shibata, hereinafter Net Protections) will conclude a comprehensive membership contract for Net Protections’ BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) services (NP postpay, atone, NP postpay air, NP credit payment). JCB plans to start promoting BNPL payment services under a comprehensive contract in 2023.
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■Overview of the Comprehensive Affiliation Agreement
Through this comprehensive membership agreement, JCB will start offering a comprehensive BNPL payment service that positions member store development, management, and settlement as JCB, and user credit and transaction management as Net Protections. Specifically, Net Protection’s four deferred payment services (NP deferred payment, atone, NP deferred payment air, and NP credit payment) are handled as JCB services, and JCB directly concludes contracts with merchants and manages them after the start of operation. do. As a result, JCB merchants will be able to offer deferred payment services in addition to existing credit, electronic money, and QR code payments.
■ Background and Purpose of the Comprehensive Membership Agreement [Image 2

JCB and Net Protections have started full-scale collaboration with the capital tie-up in February 2021. As the first step of concrete efforts, in August 2021, we started introducing Net Protections’ deferred payment payment service to JCB merchants (*1). In June 2022, as the second step of the initiative, JCB started introducing Net Protection’s deferred payment settlement service to some franchisees (*2) in partnership with financial institutions nationwide. Recently, the referral business by franchisees will continue, and as the third step, JCB itself has concluded a comprehensive merchant contract, which will allow JCB to promote postpaid payment services on a nationwide scale in addition to existing payment services, and further join. We aim to improve the operational efficiency of stores, expand sales, and improve convenience for users.
(*1) Click here for the press release “JCB and Net Protections Cooperate in Service Introduction Business”
(*2) Franchisees are financial institutions and their affiliated companies that have entered into franchise agreements with JCB and issue JCB cards and operate affiliated stores. Click here for the press release “JCB and Net Protections to Launch Service Introduction Business to Franchisees Nationwide”
■ Introduction of target services
NP deferred payment
“NP Payment After Delivery” is a BNPL payment service for BtoC EC transactions. With an annual circulation amount of 374.6 billion yen and annual unique users (*3) exceeding 15 million, it has grown to become a payment method used by 1 in 7 people in Japan (*4). Buyers do not need to register credit card information and can pay after receiving the product, so they can enjoy shopping with peace of mind even if they are new to the EC shop. In addition, business operators can expect to improve sales by providing about 20% of deferred payment needs (*5) in online shopping without the risk of non-collection. ▶ Click here for details
*3) Users of “NP Postpay” from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022 who have the same name and phone number.
*4) Calculated based on the population of 110.48 million people aged 15 and over (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Population Statistics, estimated figures as of April 1, 2021) and our results (15.3 million people).
*5) Based on our research.
NP payment
“NP Payment” is a deferred payment service for business-to-business transactions. We act as an intermediary between the company (seller) and the company’s customer (buyer), undertaking all settlement and billing operations, from issuing credit to the buyer to issuing invoices and collecting payments, and guaranteeing the risk of non-collection. With the introduction of “NP credit payment”, sellers can DX the entire payment and billing operations and concentrate on core operations. In addition, by guaranteeing the uncollected risk, we can stabilize the management base. In addition, it is possible to flexibly provide credit sales with a credit pass rate of 99% (*6) even for sole proprietors through its own credit screening that does not rely on conventional credit institutions, which is expected to expand sales channels and improve sales. Buyers can expect improved cash flow by using credit. As of 2022, the annual transaction volume of NP credit payment is 97.9 billion yen, and the number of annual users is 460,000, making it “a payment method used by 1 in 8 companies in Japan (*7)”. We will continue to strive to contribute to the creation of an environment where all stakeholders can freely challenge and grow through the provision of services.
▶ Click here for details
*6) As of March 31, 2022.
*7) Calculated by approx. 3.85 million Japanese companies (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry “2021 White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises”) divided by 460,000 unique purchasing companies for the fiscal year ending March 2021.
NP postpaid air
“NP Postpaid air” is a postpaid payment service that meets the diverse operational needs of individual services. You can use it for a variety of personal services, from repairs and housekeeping services to rentals. Just enter information and press a button to handle all billing operations. Invoice issuance, payment collection, and payment confirmation are performed on behalf of the customer, and the risk of bad debt is also guaranteed. Payment destinations include banks, convenience stores, post offices, and LINE Pay bill payment, increasing convenience for end users.
▶ Click here for details

NP後払いair – 回収・集金(請求)業務をまるっとアウトソース

“atone” is the payment platform of choice for clarity. Through the point program, we can approach 5.2 million (*8) customers who do not dare to use credit cards, contributing to new acquisition, repeat rate increase, and LTV improvement. With the lowest commission in the industry, it can be introduced in various industries such as EC, digital content, and physical stores. For those who use it, you can pay all at once in the next month. You can receive 0.5% of the price and use it for discounts, and you can use it immediately with a simple membership registration, and you can check the usage status at any time with the app.
▶ Click here for details
*8) Number of NP members as of March 31, 2022 (excluding withdrawals) ■ Overview of JCB Co., Ltd.
As a company that operates the only international credit card brand from Japan, we are expanding the issuance of JCB cards with domestic and overseas partner companies, mainly in Asia, while developing a network of merchants that accept JCB cards. In addition, with the aim of becoming a comprehensive payment service company, we are developing various businesses to meet the expectations of our customers and partner companies. More than 140 million people in Japan and overseas are using JCB cards (as of the end of March 2022).
■Overview of Net Protections Co., Ltd.
We are a pioneer of domestic BNPL payment services and a leading company with the No. 1 share (*9) in the domestic BNPL payment service market for BtoC transactions. In 2002, we started providing Japan’s first non-collection risk guaranteed deferred payment service “NP Postpay”, and by March 2022, the annual number of unique users (*10) will reach over 15 million, and the cumulative number of transactions will increase. The number of cases has reached 340 million. In 2011, we started full-scale sales of “NP credit payment”, which developed our unique credit know-how and operational capabilities cultivated through this service for business-to-business transactions. is growing at a rate. In 2017, we began offering postpaid payment “atone” that can be introduced not only in e-commerce sales but also in various industries such as digital content and physical stores. Furthermore, in 2018, we released AFTEE, a smartphone deferred payment service in Taiwan. Through these business operations, we have established credit and operations based on advanced technology and a wealth of
experience, and we aim to realize a society where anyone can safely and smoothly conduct commercial transactions through payment services. [Trade name]
Net Protections Co., Ltd.
(Net Protection Holdings Co., Ltd. (TSE Prime, Securities Code 7383) Group) [Representative]
President Shin Shibata
[Business description]
Operation of postpaid payment service “NP Postpay”
Operation of B2B settlement service “NP payment”
Operation of “NP postpayment air”, a postpaid payment service for visiting services
Operation of new cardless payment “atone”
Taiwan Operation of postpaid smartphone payment service “AFTEE” Operation of point programs
January 2000
100 million yen
Sumitomo Fudosan Kojimachi First Building 5F, 4-2-6 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083
*9) Refer to Yano Research Institute’s “Online Payment Service Provider Current Status and Future Forecast 2022 Edition” P86, Deferred payment service market share (FY2020).
*10) Among the users of “NP Postpay” from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, users with the same name and phone number.
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